New Children's Books Coming Soon

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New Children's Books Coming Soon

New Children's Books Coming Soon

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Christmas Picture Books For Preschoolers

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Prices shown include GST. Final charges may vary by delivery address. Learn more about GST. Between the tongue-in-cheek humor, early 2000s vibes and age-old themes, kids and adults alike won’t stop talking about Pixar’s “Feel the Revolution.” This cartoon covers topics like puberty, the parent/child relationship, and being a teenager in a way that students can understand.

The Complete Novel Of D.h. Lawrence 4 Books Collection Box Set

If your students love the movie “Turn Red,” they’ll enjoy these progressive stories that deal with similar themes like family expectations and physical development.

Celi Rivera’s body is changing. She has her first crush and her best friend is exploring gender identity. When Celi gets her period, her mother wants her to have a Mexican moon party, but Celi is not happy. Share this story of sex, love, and coming of age with students to help them define their identities on their own terms.

13-year-old Moth Hush’s hometown of Founder’s Bluff, Massachusetts, has a history of witchcraft, and her family is at the center of it. When Moth’s new powers emerge, things get completely out of hand. Students will relate to discovering their own feet as young adults as they read weird and wonderful stories about the evolution of magic.

New Children's Books Coming Soon

City girl Maddy spends her first summer in a beautiful and mysterious bay. As her grandmother shares her wisdom and words, Maddy wonders if she is the only one in her family who will continue her magical work. When an incredible disaster threatens the bayou, does Maddy have what it takes to be a hero? Share this book and teach readers how to celebrate the magic within.

Jojo Adventure Books 祖兒歷險記 By Emily Shan — Kickstarter

An unusually large and strong Yanka was found in the bear’s den when she was little, so the 12-year-old girl often wondered who she really was. She is not at home in the village, she feels like she is somewhere else. So when Yanka wakes up in the morning and suddenly finds she has legs, she leaves her village and risks everything to discover the truth. Share this transformation story with students who loved the “Turn Red” animal transformation scene.

High school is hard without a goddess to put you under a spell that tells the truth! Socialite Yuni relies on small, harmless lies to make her loved ones happy. That is, until she was “blessed” with the gift of truth. Can June find freedom in the radical truth, or will her life fall apart? Share this article to encourage students who are struggling under the weight of other people’s expectations.

Share this magical middle grade story about an African-American girl who suddenly starts singing and dancing when she feels a big feeling. When everyone around Sonali gets a glamorous Bollywood makeover, can she learn to control her emotions and get her life back together?

Every year the people of Kariya leave a child as an offering to the witch who lives in the forest. But they were all wrong. The witch Xan takes the children to the families on the other side of the forest. Xan accidentally gives one child dangerous powers. When the little girl, Luna, turns 13, her powers are revealed and her life is in danger. Share this unique adult fantasy and inspire your magic-loving readers.

Quotes For Reading & Books

Hazelton High does not have enough menstrual products or adults who care about these situations. The second four girls are tired of their concerns being ignored and decide to stop walking and start a revolution. Teach your students about advocacy as you share this inspiring story.

Which of the following stories do your students relate to the most? Are there movies you want to list? Tell us in the comments below! Today we are sharing picture books about immigration and moving to another country. Downsizing and moving to another country can be sad and sometimes scary. But it is a joyful moment when one finds a home; when you enter a new community and it embraces you with both arms. We have also included titles on migration and refugees. Cover images and summaries are provided by permission of the publishers.

Celebrating the special bond between a father and his daughter that never ends, this striking and moving book by author Michelle Sterling and illustrator Sarah Gonzales follows a little girl’s year with her mother in America as they wait for her father to join her. them Philippines.

New Children's Books Coming Soon

New country, new school, new friends. A lot can happen in a year. But one thing is certain: Maribel will not forget her dad, even if he is eight thousand kilometers away in the Philippines. At the end of the day, dad is there. It is the memory of feeding the koi fish in their pond every morning. He is the map of the stars where Maribel dreams of showing him her new world. There are the packages and letters that are sent back and forth.

The Best Books To Read Right Now

He is everywhere except his favorite place. But the relationship between Maribel and Papa goes beyond the ocean. So when the snow melts and the rain falls, when the flowers bloom and welcome the kissable days, and when the leaves begin to change and the snow begins to fall again, can Maribel wait just a little longer?

A story about family ties, cultural pride and the success of writing a bee of a young boy who bonds with his beloved Abuela over Spanish love.

How a child prepares his Spanish school

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