Brand New Honda Civic Price

Brand New Honda Civic Price – Now in its 11th generation, the fan-favorite new Civic makes every driver a breeze. The feeling of lightness from the outside translates into a tidy, generous cabin with open views, improved handling and fuel economy. The difference is exciting when every little detail is tailored to your needs. Interior Colors Interior View Interior Screen Interior Panel Luggage Space 493L luggage space for shopping, luggage and daily carry. 60/40 Folding Seats fold the rear seats to configure the extra space you need. Rear Fan Cool Comfort for all passengers. Planned Support Cushioned Seat Stability Body, first Civic. Walk long distances without getting tired. Honeycomb vents An old-school feel with metallic honeycomb mesh covering the vents. 7 inch Fully Digital LCD Display Screen See important information in high clarity. Track control Volume and cruise control buttons are all within easy reach. Cup holders keep your favorite drinks on the go. LED Daytime Running Lights for added safety. 16 inch Alloy Wheel Sporty rim for a powerful look. Fin Antenna Stylish and minimalist. Smart Door Entry Automatic door handles with keyless entry and One-Step Start. LED Type Taillights Beautiful corners, aerodynamic sophistication. Electrically adjustable door mirrors with integrated LED side marker lights Increase visibility, safety and comfort. Platinum White Pearl Crystal Pearl Black Morning Mist Blue Metallic Ignited Red Metallic Meteoroid Gray Metallic Shiny Sporty Blue Metallic

It warns the driver audibly and visually if the accelerator pedal is not pressed and the vehicle in front moves forward.

Brand New Honda Civic Price

Brand New Honda Civic Price

It is designed to detect a possible collision and warn the driver. It also reduces the vehicle’s speed to lessen the impact in situations where a collision is unavoidable.

Honda Civic: Prices In New Delhi, Specs, Colors, Showrooms, Faqs, Similar Cars

Help keep speeds constant by automatically accelerating or slowing down so the system monitors the area behind the car in front; And do all this without having to press the gas pedal.

It prevents the vehicle from accidentally drifting out of the lane by helping it stay in the middle of the lane.

Warn the driver if you see the vehicle accidentally leaving your lane or suddenly leaving the road completely.

Driver Attention Monitoring System detects and analyzes driver behavior behind the wheel to help detect and warn drivers if they are distracted.

Honda Civic Sedan Pricing

As part of the world’s first system, six quick-deploying airbags provide occupant protection and enhanced damage mitigation.

Vehicle Stability System (VSA™) regulates the engine structure and adjusts the brakes, helping to maintain traction on slippery roads. During cornering, VSA™ helps steer the vehicle back onto the road from the right lane.

Thanks to this system, you get a comprehensive view of your vehicle’s surroundings with wide-angle images on the vehicle’s navigation screen.

Brand New Honda Civic Price

The ISOFIX child seat can be easily attached to all anchor points of the seat and securely fastened on all sides for better stability.

Honda Civic Type R Price And Specs For Australia

Switch between normal mode for relaxed highway driving, sport mode for smoother response and more fun, and ECON mode for greater fuel efficiency.

Sport Edition – 17″ Wheels $5,417.70 (includes GST) • Front grille spoiler • Exhaust tip • Front, rear and side lower spoilers • Trunk spoiler • SSR 17″ silver rims • Tires: Bridgestone or Yokohama

Sport Edition – 18″ Wheels $5,821.41 (price incl. GST) • Front grille finisher • Exhaust silencer • Front, rear and side lower spoilers • Trunk wing spoiler • Black rims SSR 18 • Tires: Bridgestone or Yokohama

The price shown is indicative only. Please contact our Sales Managers for more details. Price may change.

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All-New Civic Review by SGCarMart The all-new Civic gets a major facelift that will do well to keep the competition in check. and its practical meaning.

Last updated: October 6, 2023 (4 months ago). * Use as a guide only. Final retail price may vary depending on COE premiums, features, equipment, options, financing or ownership plans. Loans of up to 70% are allowed for vehicles with an Open Market Value (OMV) below $20,000. A 60% loan is allowed for vehicles over $20,000 OMV.

For in-store deals, special offers and more, visit WhatsApp or visit 24 Leng Kee Road or other showroom locations.

Brand New Honda Civic Price

Financing from $3,080 per month (installation) $216,593 at 2.78% interest for 7 years (conversion) Road Tax: $604 (6 months) $1,207 (12 months) Certificate of Entitlement (COE): Tools: Loan Calculator    | Trade in your car

Honda Civic Fc Launched In Malaysia

The 2.0-litre VTEC turbocharged engine with a six-speed manual transmission produces up to 330 PS of power and 420 Nm of maximum torque. It also comes with 2-piece ventilated disc brake and Honda SENSING for your entertainment level and long riding experience.

Dubbed the ‘Gentleman’s Racer’, the 2023 Honda Civic Type R FL5 is a masterpiece that takes you from important meetings to exciting roads within a day’s drive.

From easy-to-use navigation to help you find your way to a rich multimedia experience for your entertainment, the Honda CONNECT display keeps you informed and entertained.

With real-time traffic updates and response to unwanted calls and messages, you can focus more on the driving experience and less on distractions.

Honda Civic Hatchback Review

It also gives you access to your favorite smartphone apps via Apple CarPlay or Android Auto, allowing you to enjoy your favorite music, podcasts and more on the go.

This new hot hatch features distinctive Honda TYPE R seats that promise endless comfort along with sporty aesthetics.

These seats are ergonomically designed, tailored to the occupants’ envelope and provide maximum support during high-speed cornering.

Brand New Honda Civic Price

Chairs produced with attention to detail are comfortable and durable. At the same time, the attractive designs corresponding to the Type R logo highlight the sporty character of the vehicle and further increase the cabin space.

Honda Civic Type R Price Clocks In At $43,990

At the heart of the 2023 Honda Civic Type R FL5 is the exceptional performance of intricately designed modified 19-inch aluminum wheels.

Lightweight and robust, these wheels of impressive dimensions 19 x 9.5J are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also play an important role in excellent handling and ride quality.

Precisely engineered, it offers an outstanding power-to-weight ratio that delivers a dynamic, fast driving experience, while unique contrast designs give it a sharper, more aggressive appearance.

The 2023 Honda Civic Type R FL5 is equipped with the Type R’s unique rear spoiler finished in gloss black, enhancing the car’s sporty aesthetics and improving its aerodynamics for maximum speed stability.

Honda Civic Type R Fl5 Launched In Thailand With Eye Watering Rm520k Price Tag

Supported by a strong yet lightweight aluminum strut, the spoiler maintains its stable position even at high speeds. It’s a testament to Honda’s commitment to marrying form with performance, delivering a bold visual statement while enhancing performance.

With three outdoor spaces, this environment isn’t just about sound; It makes a significant contribution to the driving power of the vehicle.

The larger, centrally positioned exhaust pipe works in concert with two side ports to increase exhaust flow, improving engine performance, providing more responsive acceleration and contributing to better fuel economy.

Brand New Honda Civic Price

Additionally, the unique configuration of the triple exhaust system produces a pleasant tone that will attract attention and make its presence felt.

I Drove The New 2022 11th Gen Honda Civic

Honda SENSING is an advanced suite of safety and driver assistance technologies designed to make your driving experience safer and more comfortable. It includes features such as the Brake Reduction System, which can apply brake pressure when an accident is detected.

Lane Keeping Assist and Lane Keeping Assist ensure your vehicle stays on the road, while Adaptive Cruise Control keeps the central monitoring system under control for carefree driving on the roads.

The interior of the 2023 Honda Civic Type R FL5 is a testament to Honda’s mastery of combining sportiness with luxury. Ergonomically designed TYPE R seats provide comfort and support, while the easy-to-use Honda CONNECT display enhances connectivity and convenience.

The driver-focused layout and ambient lighting enhance the driving experience, making the cabin a blend of sportiness and everyday usability.

Latest Price Of Honda Civic 2023 Reaches 1 Crore +

With sophisticated design elements and high-quality materials, the interior exudes a welcoming, premium feel that matches the vehicle’s high-performance spirit.

Like a badge of honor, the Type R logo reflects the vehicle’s high-performance lineup and Honda’s racing heritage.

This model is a tribute to the car’s high-performance capabilities and a testament to Honda’s commitment to technology and speed. It’s a brand that says you’re looking for a machine designed for exceptional performance.

Brand New Honda Civic Price

Every time you look at this logo you will be reminded of the power, precision and passion that the Type R represents.

Honda Civic Type R Review, Pricing

This console panel is a practical design element that increases interior harmony and sustainability.

Its metallic finish adds a subtle touch to the vehicle’s interior, in perfect harmony with the sporty designs of the Type R series.

The console panel features key controls for easy access and operation, making your driving experience easier, while the tactile quality of the aluminum surface adds to the overall tactile experience, giving the cabin a premium feel.

Constructed with extreme precision,

Honda Civic Type R

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