Where To Get Good Luggage

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WITH INTERNATIONAL TRAVEL back in the air, we’re all quickly sick of watching our friends, family and co-workers fly around the world on Instagram-worthy adventures. But whether your flight is booked or not, travel is on the horizon and you better be ready when it arrives (sorry, let me).

Where To Get Good Luggage

Where To Get Good Luggage

No matter what type of traveler you are—the “get to the airport five hours early” type or the “throw your clothes in your suitcase two hours before takeoff” type—we’ve rounded up the best luggage brands so you can easily keep track of your travel details. From sleek and aesthetic options that will look great on the mandatory departure sign, to thoughtfully designed options that will keep even the dullest airport staff up to snuff, there’s something for everyone.

The Best Luggage Brands To Shop In 2024

Founded in 1914 in Bury, England, travel brand Antler offers premium quality luggage, bags and travel accessories. There are many styles of suitcases and luggage to choose from – hard and soft suitcases, backpacks, handbags, cosmetic cases, packing cubes and more. Plus, they’re all designed in dreamy colors that will blend seamlessly with your stylish travel wardrobe.

As the new kid on the block, Liepa entered the market to solve the most common luggage problems people face, such as reinforced corners, better testing and warranty offers, and more meaningful travel features, creating streamlined, sophisticated, simple suitcases. . The suitcase’s exterior (available in a variety of Chic shades) is scratch-resistant, impact-resistant and lightweight, with a hidden laundry pocket, built-in TSA lock and wheels for silent gliding, and features an airline-approved battery outlet. . charge the device inside. They also offer weekenders, bags, backpacks and other travel accessories that are flexible and all without crazy mark-ups – what more could you ask for?

From ancient wood to classic aluminum and high-tech polycarbonate, Rimowa continues to search for the best innovations to make traveling easier in its 120-year history. Started as a small family business in Germany, it has become known for thoughtfully designed, carefully crafted luggage. The sleek designs come with great features like adjustable dividers, multiple wheels, telescoping handles and TSA locks. Rimowa has just launched new Petal and Cedar color lines, seasonal colors inspired by the remote island of Yakushima.

Good news: Thanks to Nere, you can upgrade your luggage into something new and stylish. the trendy travel brand offers smart features and a stylish exterior, while maintaining a minimalist aesthetic and affordable prices. Each comes in three sizes and has a number of product lines to suit every taste, from hard Stori suitcases and stylish Caypes to soft travel options like bags and boots. They also stock trendy travel essentials such as packing cubes, luggage tags and cosmetic cases. All come in a variety of soothing pastel shades (a must for beating travel stress) and there are plenty of options to suit everyone.

The 11 Best Luggage Brands Of 2024, Tested And Reviewed

Founded in 1910, Samsonite has been creating travel accessories for over 100 years. Their signature lightweight and hard bikes are plentiful, but they also offer soft cases, business and laptop bags, as well as premium and durable backpacks and everyday luggage.

Traveling with Gucci is traveling in style. The brand’s collection of travel leather goods, including bags, hat boxes, bikes, bocce bags and more, comes in a variety of styles, from bold logo prints with the brand’s iconic red and green stripes to more subtle black and white. style

Founded in 1964, Tokyo-based Echolac offers hard and soft shells with elegant geometric exteriors for precision, beauty and high performance. Smart features include Japanese-designed 360-degree swivel wheels, interior dividers and pockets, elastic cross straps and TSA combination locks.

Where To Get Good Luggage

Founded in 1933, American Tourister has continued to grow and innovate throughout its history. Hard and soft suitcases on four wheels come with thoughtful pockets and zippers, making it easy to fit all your needs.

Best Luggage Brands To Trust On Your Next Trip

Designed to bring elegance back to modern travel, SteamLine Luggage does just that. It’s your wildest travel fantasy bag with sharp edges, leather straps and stylish colors. Also look out for hat boxes, carry-on luggage, four-wheeled luggage and stylish matching bags. It’s beautiful inside, too, with sumptuous patterned linings and carefully designed zipped pockets and laundry baskets.

It’s not all about traveling abroad – sometimes you need a few smaller pieces to add to a larger suitcase or take for the weekend. Everlane has sorted its ReNew Transit collection, made from 100 percent recycled polyester. Complete your weekend with suitcases, backpacks, totes, bathroom trunks and more, all in minimalist colors.

Another brand suitable for a soft bag, ideal for a few days or combined with a larger suitcase, Longchamp is a classic. The instantly recognizable Le Pliage bag comes in a variety of sizes and colors to suit all needs and can be folded away when not in use – so it doesn’t take up space in your wardrobe.

If your more active backpacking days aren’t over, The North Face is perfect for adventure seekers. They’ve got over-the-shoulder pants, roll-up softshell bags, large and small rucksacks, rucksacks, totes and more—everything you need for your next hiking adventure (or just for those of you tired of the cramped conditions of roll-up bags). paved street in Europe).

Best Carry On Suitcases: Hard Sided Hand Luggage For Packing Everything In

Designed in New Zealand and completely handcrafted in an organic atelier, the Deadly Ponies travel collection is designed for work, leisure and weekend escapes. Backpack, weekender, bike – all the essentials are dressed in soft pebbled leather and eco-friendly neoprene textile.

ABS luggage, made from thermoplastic (acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene) is the lightest option on the market and often the cheapest. Aluminum is the most durable, although on the heavier side. And if you want a good gap, polycarbonate is a durable yet lightweight combination.

A luggage set consisting of matching suitcases and bags of different sizes can be a good investment, but can also be useful for creating your own set of travel essentials. To make sure your bases are covered, we recommend the following investments:

Where To Get Good Luggage

Softshell luggage has more strength and can be more easily squished into space if that’s a concern (and easier to fill if you’re carrying a heavy load). Hard shell cases, on the other hand, can better protect fragile contents and are considered quite secure as they cannot be torn easily. In the end, it all comes down to your wants and needs – as well as the aesthetics and design features you want in your luggage. If you also like to travel, raise your hands! Traveling the world and exploring new places is always exciting, but there are a few important things to keep in mind before you go. Of course, one of them is your luggage! Quality, durability and lightness are three things you should always look for in your luggage. After all, you don’t want to lug around a heavy suitcase or, even worse, damage your belongings while traveling! So where can you find these travel essentials? Start here with these 9 travel shops for the best luggage in Singapore!

The Best Luggage Brands On The Market Right Now

If you are an avid traveler, you may have heard of Samsonite. Revolutionizing travel with innovative luggage that has been constantly evolving since 1910, Samsonite has been the traveler’s friend for over 110 years!

Samsonite prides itself on four things: strength, safety, lightness and environmental friendliness. Their hard shell made of Curv® material can withstand maximum force, very light so you can pack more stuff, and the 3-point locking system is secure! Samsonite will protect your belongings while traveling the world. So, if you’re looking for durable travel gear, Samsonite is one of the best places to buy luggage in Singapore.

Looking for something fun, colorful and trendy? American Tourister can be your favorite travel store to buy luggage in Singapore! As a globally recognized and trusted brand, they have quality luggage at great prices to make your trip even more exciting! Not a fan of hard cases? Don’t worry, they have soft luggage too! This travel store has everything you could ask for…and more! So at American Tourister, you’ll find durable, stylish and, most importantly, affordable luggage to meet all your travel needs.

Planet Traveler is a one-stop shop for everything you need to travel the planet. Shop from over 80 international brands such as Briggs & Riley, Echolac, Sandqvist and Bric’s. You can even find travel gear from Bellroy, Fuman Gear, Lewis n Clark, Sea to Summit and more! for sure

Discover The Best Luggage Store In Manhattan: Altman Luggage

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