Where To Find Mac Cosmetics

Where To Find Mac Cosmetics – In the year In a 1962 episode of The Jetsons, matriarch and style queen Jane Jetson wakes up with a loud wail on her videophone. Frustrated by her lackluster appearance, Jane quickly puts on her ‘morning mask’ – an easy-to-wear version of her face – before returning the call.

And while we’re still a long way from instant facials IRL, international beauty brand MAC Cosmetics is giving its customers the Jane Jetson treatment and more. Unveiled last week, the Mac Store in New York City is a futuristic platform for beauty brands, beauty startups, and everyone in between.

Where To Find Mac Cosmetics

Where To Find Mac Cosmetics

Located in the iconic Queens Center shopping mall, the new store offers shoppers the opportunity to create their own experience. Combining sleek, space-age design and innovative digital technology, MAC’s new store has enhanced the customer experience in a state-of-the-art style.

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The store, developed in collaboration with the store, has sixteen virtual mirrors that consumers can try on without contact and without any effort.

Those looking for essentials like foundation no longer have to worry about trying multiple shades before finding the right fit. Alternatively, customers can use in-store skin-tone matching infrared touch to find the perfect shade of foundation.

The store’s new virtual features come at a time when the beauty industry is being forced to rethink in-store experiences: Before the Covid-19 pandemic, the beauty industry was seeing explosive growth in its physical footprint, driven largely by customers’ desire for touch. – and the feeling of experiences.

MAC had this preference in mind when designing the store’s “Pick and Try” feature. With augmented reality (created in collaboration with MAC technology partners), data analytics and RFID, this new digital device allows customers to pick up any lipstick in the store and instantly see it appear on glossy lips.

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If they like what they see, customers can save their look to a digital ‘Mac Pass’ profile, which can be accessed later at home or when they return to the store. The new concept offers online customers a unique ‘local’ shopping experience, with a customer’s online profile now including information about their local store.

It’s not just about opening hours, but also personal messages based on artists’ creative profiles, bookings, new products and looks, and online and retail preferences. It’s a great way to connect with customers in a local and choice-oriented way. John Hingston, Vice President of Connected Experiences

Other key features of the store include an eyeshadow station where customers can choose from 108 colors to create the perfect custom palette, as well as options to customize product packaging with images, text or stickers.

Where To Find Mac Cosmetics

Since the store’s launch, MAC Cosmetics has seen a more than 200% increase in engagement. This is the average store engagement on the same digital devices with this store (the average of all engagement rates for each experience). Additionally, MAC PASS saw strong engagement with more than a third of in-store shoppers taking advantage of this opportunity.

Mac Cosmetics Satin Black Box Display Case 4 Drawers Lipstick Foam Holders

What comes next for beauty remains to be seen, but if MAC’s new concept is any indication, the Jane Jetson morning mask might not be far behind.

We want to hear from you! Fill out the form and someone from the office will contact you. We will do our best to make the image match the current product. Occasionally, the packaging may be updated by the brand without notice, or the language may differ from what you see.

Order now and receive on Friday, February 23 and Tuesday, February 27 in Singapore with DHL Express delivery.

MAC Cosmetics Mineralize Skinfinish Natural Medium Powder 10g keeps your makeup in place and delivers a sheer, creamy beige shade with a natural finish.

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MAC Cosmetics Mineralize Skinfinish Natural Medium Powder 10g is a luxurious and versatile baked powder that sets your makeup while providing a soft, natural finish. This particular shade offers a soft, creamy shade of beige. In addition, thanks to the low content of pearl pigments, it provides a natural coverage. It is good on its own combined with makeup or as an accent for makeup. It does a wonderful job of framing the face or making it appear larger.

The light and silky texture of the powder allows it to glide smoothly on the skin. In addition, the formula is long-lasting and suitable for all skin types, especially for those with oily or combination skin. Finally, dermatologist and ophthalmologist tested and non-acnegenic. Finally, this is a high quality baking powder that will give you flawless skin easily.

M.A.C Cosmetics Mineralize Skinfinish Natural Powder Medium 10g Apply the large powder brush to the desired areas of the face. Be sure to start with a small amount of flour and add as needed. Then use a light hand when applying powder to avoid disturbing the foundation or concealer.

Where To Find Mac Cosmetics

*Cre to Beauty regularly updates its product listings. But the list of ingredients is subject to change by the brands without any notice. Therefore, read the list of ingredients on the product packaging before use. Inside Mac Cosmetics, Mac Cosmetics’ first interactive experience center in Shanghai is the result of six months of research to understand the shopping behavior of Generation Z in China.

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MAC Cosmetics’ first interactive experience center is the result of a six-month study to understand Gen Z’s cosmetics purchasing behavior in China. Courtesy photo

MAC Cosmetics China has entered the ‘new retail’ space by establishing an experience center that integrates online and offline brand experiences.

The center combines product discovery, social engagement and shopping into an immersive journey, making it one of the most advanced interactive shopping experiences in the beauty category in China.

Founded by Wunderman Shanghai and led by managing partner James Bay, the center is the result of a six-month study of Gen-Z’s beauty shopping behavior. This was done through cognitive walks, exit interviews and focus groups.

New Mac Cosmetics Store Opens In Westwood

Upon entering, Digital Totem greets customers and invites them to search for WeChat login, after which they immediately display a personalized greeting. MAC’s WeChat mini program will be the focal point for the entire shopping experience.

In the lipstick section, customers can try on 18 MAC lipstick shades in a virtual make-up mirror in 30 seconds.

In the eyeshadow department, customers can choose from six palettes created by influencers and then customize to their own taste, via the brand’s WeChat mini program, which also handles payment and receipt of their custom 3D printed palettes.

Where To Find Mac Cosmetics

The second floor of the center has open space for keynotes and KOL (Key Opinion Leaders) events.

Mac Cosmetics X Selena La Reina Collection

Marc Jiang, chief brand manager of MAC Cosmetics, said that although the brand has a strong presence in e-commerce, “the true MAC experience is rooted in the traditional retail environment. I am thrilled to be working with MAC Cosmetics again! I have worn their makeup for dance competitions since I was a little girl; And they have great products that I use when I’m on the air and for everyday use.Below is a list of products that I use and love!

Skin: (Note: I always apply makeup, then eye makeup, then go back to foundation!)

Note: I use a peach shade under my eyes before applying foundation because these dark shades also give a nice look!

PS: I’ve been wearing this every day since I got it! A perfect everyday neutral color with a hint of pink.

Mac Cosmetics Store At Galeries Lafayette Haussmann

Note: This has been my favorite MAC product since my dancing days. It gives your makeup a nice glow and makes sure it lasts all day! It is also very good for moisturizing the skin.

Make sure you get your MAC products today and tag me in your posts! You can follow MAC and MAC Pro on Instagram… and you won’t want to miss the product launches and exciting things coming in 2021! Whether you’re looking for a basic everyday product or products to add a little sparkle for special occasions, MAC has what you need and more! Makeup is magic. It has the ability to give a person’s face a new look and let the whole world know who they are. MAC Cosmetics is one of the best-selling cosmetics and makeup brands for women in Singapore and the world. Mac Cosmetics also offers specialized cosmetic expertise.

All of the brand’s makeup products are effective and affordable, available from other luxury makeup brands like Huda, Rivage UK and many more.

Where To Find Mac Cosmetics

Makeup is a way of self-expression. Just like clothes, cosmetics and makeup, everyone can express their character and personality. Everyone around the world believes that they can change their appearance with makeup, from full makeup to no makeup; It’s all about fashion and allows women to express their feelings for the day.

Mac Cosmetics Store Editorial Photo. Image Of City, Business

When it comes to fashion and makeup, Singaporean fashionistas are also in the running. Women and men in Singapore love to dress up and do everyday work or party activities. Singaporeans believe that makeup empowers them. When you wear beautiful clothes, you move more confidently.

Among the many makeup and cosmetic products available in the market, MAC Cosmetics is a huge success.

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