New Video Game Consoles Coming Soon

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Nintendo, known for its secrecy, has not said anything – or not at all – about its next game console. As the Nintendo Switch approaches its seventh anniversary in March 2024, the question naturally arises as to how long it will last: seven years is the typical life of a console generation, Sales of it is declining rapidly, and the technology that powers the console is showing its age. . But Nintendo refused to answer these questions.

New Video Game Consoles Coming Soon

New Video Game Consoles Coming Soon

However, behind the scenes, Nintendo is preparing for the release of its new device by giving its partners information and providing development kits. The information has leaked in and it is becoming clear what kind of console and when we can expect to hear it and when we can buy it.

Nintendo Switch Online

No wonder Nintendo is proceeding with caution. The Switch was a huge success – it’s the third best-selling console of all time, behind the PlayStation 2 and Nintendo’s DS handheld – and it presents both huge opportunities and huge risks. In the past, Nintendo has struggled to maintain its popularity: the Wii and DS followed the decline of the Wii U and the disappointment (in sales) of the 3DS. Nintendo’s usual insistence on updating the hardware has proven that it is likely that the audience will find another one. Will Nintendo break with tradition and follow the Switch with a strong force of the same formula, or will it try something different?

While initial reports predicted a fall 2024 release for Switch 2, a new source from February 2024 states that Nintendo is targeting an early 2025 release date. However, Nintendo has not made any official announcements.

It’s also new that Nintendo’s next console will “probably” use a standard Nvidia chip instead of a standard one, according to a Reuters report on Nvidia’s future plans. This will continue the company’s partnership after the Switch based on Nvidia’s Tegra X1 mobile chip. The report does not provide more information other than confirming that the console is expected to be launched this year.

However, tech rumors revealed the chip in question a few months ago. As detailed in this November 2023 Digital Foundry report, leaks and other evidence indicate that the Switch 2 uses the T239, a special edition of Nvidia’s T234 chipset used in robotics and automotive setups. The T239 is integrated with a graphics card based on Nvidia’s Ampere architecture. It appears to be a lightweight technology, supporting features such as ray tracing and the ability to use DLSS scaling technology and machine learning to enhance it. eat the performance. It is similar to the reports from Gamescom 2023 that the Switch 2 hardware could be used on Epic.

Video Game History

As for his name, the answer is: we don’t know. It is important to note that Nintendo did not name its consoles in digital format, although they were direct versions of a previous generation, such as the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, the Game Boy Advance, and the Nintendo 3DS. If you ask us, the Super Nintendo Switch (or Super Switch!) has a certain ring to it. But for now, “Change 2” is a simple workaround, and that’s what we’ll use in this article.

The answer here seems to be yes. A recent report from VGC, which cited several sources after the development kits arrived at partner rooms, said that the console “can be used in a portable way, similar to the Nintendo Switch. “

It is not known whether the console will feature Joy-Con controllers that can be used like the Switch or a handheld like the Switch Lite. However, the first signs indicate that Nintendo wants to follow in the footsteps of the Switch, which sold 120 million.

New Video Game Consoles Coming Soon

However, it can be a little bigger. A 2024 report from a Japanese researcher suggests that the console will have an 8-inch screen, compared to 6.2 inches in the original Switch and 7 inches in the Switch OLED model.

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At first, many sources reported that the console was planned to launch in the second half of 2024. However, the news suggests that Nintendo is aiming for a release date in the quarter first is 2025.

The Brazilian game writer Pedro Henrique Lutti Lippe was the first to publish the story, saying that many sources are working on games that will be released together with Switch 2.

Although this is more than what we previously expected, it is consistent with the interview with Nintendo President Shuntaro Furukawa in October 2023, who added that the company will remain focused on the Switch until until the end of Nintendo’s fiscal year in March 2024. Continue to support the Switch with new titles in the future. The change from “focus” to “support” for the Switch means that a new console will be released next to Nintendo, between April 2024 and March 2025.

This is also consistent with what we know about the decline in sales of the Switch, the current state of development of the Nintendo console, and the announcement of the series of Switch games. Nintendo has stopped releasing a new console before the end of March 2024 and is currently planning Switch games until by summer 2024; this is the latest version of the current software

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, which is slated for summer 2024. (Also worth noting is the recent re-release of Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door

This means that Switch 2 will miss the 2024 holiday, but the company will have more time to put together some of the first titles, according to VGC information.

This is a big question because many users are hoping (or hoping) to transfer their game library to the next Nintendo console, as common in the new generations of Xbox and PlayStation consoles. The answer remains unknown and not easy to predict.

New Video Game Consoles Coming Soon

The VGC report states that the connection behind the device is “unclear.” Some third-party publishers were reportedly concerned about the impact on sales of next-gen titles if they were backward compatible. Nintendo, for its part, said (in a statement not familiar to the public) that it aims to bring Switch users and Nintendo information to the new level; In theory, if the Nintendo Account system goes live, it will be easier for users to get pre-orders. But it’s not the same as a virtual console that can.

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Nintendo has a good, if not flawless, track record of supporting backlinks. The Wii played GameCube games and the Wii U played Wii games; The Game Boy Advance was backwards compatible with the Game Boy and the 3DS and DS. But the Switch marked a clear break with the past with its new gaming model, and Nintendo followed suit, releasing Wii U games on the device and selling 55 million copies.

While the device uses the same configuration as the physical versions (see below), Nintendo’s documentation indicates that the Switch 2 is are being tested. However, technical difficulties remain in the implementation of the communication back and much will depend on the architecture that Nintendo chooses for the Switch 2, which is currently unknown.

Of all the console makers, Nintendo’s ties to sales are probably the strongest – even stronger than Sony’s – so it’s highly unlikely that Nintendo will go digital-only with the Switch 2, although it is suitable for a mobile device.

In fact, the VGC report stated that the new console will have a graphics card for physical media. This is the highest certification we can achieve with Switch 2 – and it also happens to be supported by devices that are similar and look the same as Switch, increasing the chance of backward compatibility.

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Thanks to Microsoft’s problems with its purchase of Activision Blizzard and Nintendo’s demos at its Gamescom partners, we are starting to get a sense of how much equipment the Switch 2 will have.

The issue revealed that Activision executives met with Nintendo in December 2022 to discuss the console and their feelings that the performance will be close to “Gen8 platforms,” ​​that is, the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. (However, Activision Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick said he had not seen the device’s specifications.)

Well, the “Gen8” comparison seems to underestimate the potential of the Switch 2. According to reports from Eurogamer and VGC about closed game consoles, Nintendo released hardware based on the specifications of the console. is in use.

New Video Game Consoles Coming Soon

Unreal Engine 5 tech demo with ray tracing and “models similar to current consoles from Sony and Microsoft.”

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This does not mean that the Switch 2 will be as powerful as the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. But, Nintendo will use smart ways to reduce the demand.

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