Mazda 2 For Sale By Owner

Mazda 2 For Sale By Owner – I bought my 2016 three weeks ago. Mazda2 Neo from a large Mazda dealership and so far I’m very impressed.

I bought my 2016 three weeks ago. Mazda2 Neo from Mazda dealer and so far I’m very impressed.

Mazda 2 For Sale By Owner

Mazda 2 For Sale By Owner

I received the original model – Neo. It has 15 inch wheels, basic air conditioning/climate control, dash mounted radio with circa 2007. Bluetooth, cruise control and not much more. If you’re the type of person who likes a lot of “features” on a car, you should probably look elsewhere.

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The lack of features was a selling point for me. I like “basic” cars. It does everything I need; I can stream music via Bluetooth and the air conditioning is just right for the North Queensland heat.

It gives me driving experience. In short, it’s great. The engine has more than enough power (79kW or 108bhp if you prefer) for a reasonably brisk progress. The 1.5 liter Skyactiv engine is also phenomenally fuel efficient. Drove from Townsville to Cairns on Friday and averaged 4.8L/100km on the highway according to the car’s trip computer. Average 5L/100km from what I found.

The 6 speed is generally excellent and the clutch feels good, not too heavy or light. It can be a little hesitant off the line and only really picks up when you hit the middle of the rev range and shift into second.

Ride and handling are excellent – better than they really have any right to be. It’s on the firm side, so if you’re expecting a limousine, you’ll be disappointed. It can be a little tricky on the extra cushioned tarmac lanes that are so common in the FNQ.

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The steering is very direct and although it’s a little lighter than I’d like, you always know which way the wheels are pointing and there’s pretty good feedback from the powertrain.

All of this helps create a car that’s fun to drive around a twisty road. It put a smile on my face more than once.

However, there is quite a lot of road noise, especially on the highway. It’s basically a cutting tire. The engine itself is relatively quiet, cruising to 100km/h at just 2200rpm in 6th gear, which is great for a 1.5-litre engine. Mazda has added noise reduction to the latest versions of the Mazda 2, but it’s still not a quiet car.

Mazda 2 For Sale By Owner

No wonder it’s big in the city. Light steering allows you to turn, park and everything.

Mazda 2 (2007

It’s also a very nice little thing, especially in Mazda’s beautiful Soul Red paint. Even the plastic hubcaps covering the steel wheels are pretty attractive, as plastic hubcaps can be.

Inside, the front is quite spacious – I am 192 cm and it fits without a problem. I lower the chair and back. If you are taller than me, it might be a little difficult for you. However, the back seats are very busy. There is very little legroom and the sloping window line makes it a bit claustrophobic. My dog ​​who loves looking out the window in the car was not impressed!

The interior is quite attractive. The instrument panel is well laid out, logical and easy to read, with a central speedometer with digital tachometers on one side and a fuel gauge and trip computer on the other. The HVAC controls are basic but easy to operate. The rear stereo is a bit underwhelming, and higher spec models come with Mazda’s MZD connectivity system if that’s your thing. However, it works well and is quite easy to use. It’s also easy to control from the steering wheel, which is very useful as it can be a bit difficult to reach.

The trunk is also quite small – other cars in this class have much more space for cargo, especially the Jazz. The 60/40 split rear seat helps a bit, but the narrow boot opening means it can be difficult to pack larger items.

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Safety wise it has ABS, traction control, automatic low speed emergency braking and the usual set of airbags – I think 6! It received a 5-star ANCAP safety rating when the model was launched in 2015. No lane keeping assist, fatigue warning r, radar controlled cruise control or anything like that. Which is good because the whole thing was driving me crazy! But for some, they are important.

Overall, it’s a simple, basic car that looks good and is a lot of fun. However, in some areas it is very simple and straightforward. I personally like it, but if you’re looking for something a little more subtle and refined, you’ll probably want to skip this one. Bermaz Motor today unveiled the new facelift of the Mazda 2, which continues to be introduced as a fully imported (CBU) model from Thailand. Still offered in hatchback and sedan, the B-segment car is priced at RM108, RM670 without insurance, up to RM5,000 up front.

In terms of styling changes, the Mazda 2 gets a new grille that features a black honeycomb insert with a slight red accent for contrast. There’s also a black grille surround and the lower intake looks slanted.

Mazda 2 For Sale By Owner

The aforementioned red accent is also used on the mildly modified rear bumper, which is placed discreetly on the chrome exhaust. The Mazda 2 also gets a new design for the 16-inch alloy wheels, which come in two colors – black and chrome. LED headlights continue to be standard, but now have an auto on/off function. Other versions include rain-sensing wipers as well as auto-folding side mirrors.

Mazda2 Owner’s Manual

Once inside, the Mazda 2’s dashboard remains familiar, with all the controls where they’ve always been. New features include an auto-dimming rearview mirror and cruise control, while the dashboard is now finished in black, along with black leather and suede seat upholstery with red contrast stitching.

Apart from these changes, the rest of the Mazda 2 remains unchanged from before. You still get bulb-type tail and rear fog lights, immobilizer and start, four rear parking sensors, single-zone automatic air conditioning, six speakers and a reversing camera. The last two items relate to the infotainment system, which sticks to a 7-inch touchscreen rather than the newer, larger 8-inch unit.

The B-segment car is also equipped with dual airbags in addition to a host of passive safety systems such as ABS, EBD, Brake Assist, DSC, Traction Control, Seat Belt Reminder, Emergency Stop Signal. The aforementioned cruise control is joined by hill start assist and traction control.

The powertrain hasn’t changed either, with the Skyactiv-G 1.5-litre naturally aspirated inline-four petrol engine continuing to produce 114bhp at 6000rpm. and 149 Nm of torque at 4000 rpm. It drives the front wheels through a six-speed Skyactiv-Drive automatic transmission with manual shift mode and paddle shifters. It features Mazda’s idle start/stop technology with G-Vectoring Control Plus (GVC Plus).

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The Mazda 2 is offered in six colours: Soul Red Crystal, Platinum Quartz and Snow White Pearl are available for both hatchback and sedan body styles, although the standout red is a RM500 option. Exclusive colors for the hatchback are Polymetal Gray and Airstream Blue, while Aero Gray is exclusive to the sedan.

Every purchase comes with a five-year 100,000km warranty, free maintenance, and customers can also opt for window film (Activ-e Film) for an additional RM1,900. So what do you think of the updated Mazda 2? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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Mazda 2 For Sale By Owner

Coming from a background in business, finance and economics, Gerard’s strong love for cars led him to enter the automotive media industry. Only then did he realize that the car had more than just horsepower. The Mazda 2 hatchback and sedan enter 2021 unchanged, with the exception of a limited 100th anniversary model.

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Cheapest 2020 Mazda on sale in Australia initially received a significant facelift with new safety features and a redesigned design to match the exterior of the latest Mazda 3 and CX-30.

The range starts at $20,990 for the G15 Pure hatch and manual sedan and goes up to $25,990 for the G15 GT automatic hatch and sedan.

Mazda 2 is unusual in that it is a proud tradition

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