Ice Cube Put Your Back Into It

Ice Cube Put Your Back Into It – None of My Business: Answers to 3 Questions About Ice Cube’s Very Bad Day One of Ice Cube’s biggest hits is called “It Was a Good Day,” so we’re asking the question in reverse. Come on.

Not many musicians are successful enough to create a genre. Fewer people succeed as film actors, screenwriters or producers. As we know, Ice Cube is the one

Ice Cube Put Your Back Into It

Ice Cube Put Your Back Into It

One of Ice Cube’s biggest hits was “It’s a Good Day”. So we asked them to answer three questions about people having a really bad day.

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Now this is a game that asks one more thing from skilled people. It’s called “None of My Business”. There are not many musicians who have created such a successful genre. Fewer people succeed as film actors, screenwriters or producers. However, as far as we know, only one person from the first batch made a hit film starring his son. These will be ice cubes. Please wait…don’t wait…please.

Sehgal: Nice to talk to you. I mean, I saw the movie “Live Outta Compton” that you did…

SAGAL: …you and your bandmates, N.W.A. I didn’t know anything about 80s and 90s hip hop. I feel like an expert, so thanks for your help.

Sagal: But I have to ask, how did you come up with the name Ice Cube? How did it start?

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ICE CUBE: I got the name from my brother. As you know, my brother is nine years older than me. But when you enter adolescence…

ICE CUBE: …You know, I tried to hit your daughter for not being home.

ICE CUBE: They always called. So I tried to lower the temperature. He looked like a man, you know? Cover in the refrigerator. No, I put it in the freezer. you know what I mean Mom will find it in the freezer. They drag me like ice, you know what I mean? So I say, “Okay, okay.” So when I went out that day, I said, “Don’t say anything.” My name is Ice Cube. Just – please call me a hard cube. This has stuck with me since I was about 12 years old.

Ice Cube Put Your Back Into It

Sagal: One of the things that struck me when I was watching the movie was that N.W.A., you guys had a hand in creating gangsta rap, it’s so hard, so street. they say. But was this your story?

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ICE CUBE: Yeah, I literally grew up in the hood. Located in the heart of South Central LA. Then I got on the bus to the white school in Woodland Hills.

Sehgal: Yes, this scene is also in the film. So you take the bus every day from South Central…

ICE CUBE: I liked it because I could ride the bus with many of my friends. So we all went out and visited the different districts. So all the buses from different areas seemed to gather at this white school. It was kind of cool. Because we had the opportunity to see different things, see different people, talk differently, listen to different music, and find out if the world was Compton or South Central or whatever. You know, we had the opportunity to really expand our horizons…

SEGAL: All of your songs are about life on the streets of South Central, especially in the early days. Have you thought about taking a day to experience life in Woodland Hills?

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ICE CUBE: Nope. You know, it was like an old band doing something about suburban life (laughs).

Ice Cube: You know, so we were trying to understand life in the hood.

ICE CUBE: Look, this is crazy, this police is crazy, this robbery is crazy, here comes hip-hop. It was like a way for me to express myself. So we tried to make sense of everything we went through.

Ice Cube Put Your Back Into It

Sehgal: It is evident in the film. You can ask me about this movie all day. But I was surprised that you, Ice Cube, played your own son in the movie…

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Sehgal: How weird was that for you? You were the producer of the film. You go to a hotel party and it’s the best rock and roll hotel party I’ve ever seen and you think, okay, that’s what I did in my day.

Sagal: I mean, you did well with that. His son thought to himself, “Dad, I’ve never done this before?” And you say, “Yes, I did.”

ICE CUBE: … Does that mean why they brought so many guns on tour? Want to know why we brought so many guns on tour? Because we said we were in a place where gang violence was rampant. And then they talked about—yeah, I mean, we’re going to watch in Alabama, hey, we’re going to watch in Tennessee. And we thought, “Hey, we’ve got to get a gun.” He doesn’t know what’s going on out there.

Sehgal: The movie is very good. I recommend. But you had a great time, so I’d love to hear what you’re up to now. You have appeared as an actor in several films. You lived on the streets of South Central as a kid and you were into rap, all of it, one day you said to your friends, hey, can I get out of here? Will Apple appear on Sesame Street?

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Sehgal: I need to confirm this with you. We did some research and one website says your favorite movie is You Ice Cube Gangster Rapper Your favorite movie is Pretty Woman. REALLY?

Sagal: Ice Cube, nice talking to you. But please play a game that…

SAGAL: …your biggest song is “It’s a Good Day.” So I thought I’d ask three questions about people who have had really bad days. If you match two, you get a prize. Carl Carsell’s vocal rhymes are crudely added to listeners’ voicemails. Bill, who is Ice Cube playing for?

Ice Cube Put Your Back Into It

SAGAL: Well, kid — a few weeks ago, an inmate in Virginia had a good day when his wife visited him in prison. It was a bad day – why? Oh, the first thing his wife said to security was the good news, honey, they gave me the hidden money. You didn’t find…

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Sagar: … B, his other wife came to him at the same time, or C, called him bad names and broke a chair over his head.

Sehgal: Okay, that’s great. In 2009, a reporter for the London Telegraph asked, “What?” In the caption, he described his worst day. A, don’t confuse nudity with jellyfish, B, my eyes are bigger than my kidneys, or C, you need to give the guards a real hat unless you want me to run into Buckingham Palace.

Sagar: Me too. That’s cool, and seriously, those guys’ hats are hilarious. They are not real security guards. But really…

You are healthy. Failed. However, I have one more question that you can help me with. Come on. Last May, a driver crashed his car into a hydrant in Florida. That alone would be a bad day, but what happened next? A. Water spilled on a bag of cotton candy that cost $30,000. There was a hydrant outside Tiger Woods’ ex-wife’s house when she left with a golf club and yelled at him not to come back… Ice Cube Hip Hop Lyric Poster, You Can Do It Put Your Back Into It, Printed Or Framed (framed, 8.5×11

SEGAL: …or C got out of the truck to check the hydrant and was locked out of the truck. Meanwhile, a sinkhole appeared due to the water leaking from the hydrant. He jumped out the back window of the truck and got into the car to drive away, but ended up in the ditch.

SEGAL: Ice Cube was recently inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame by N.W.A. founding member of a rap group. Actor and screenwriter. produced

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