How To Choose A Good Mattress

How To Choose A Good Mattress – If you are thinking of buying a latex mattress, you have made the right choice. Latex provides excellent support and comfort that its owners love. Value goes beyond goodness; The natural mold resistance, good air circulation and natural origin of latex mattresses are valued by many.

Because of its comfort, many people with back pain find latex mattresses to be the best relief.

How To Choose A Good Mattress

How To Choose A Good Mattress

But be careful: not all latex mattresses are the same. With so many options available, the market can seem confusing. Rest assured that this latex mattress buying guide will help show you what’s important (and what’s not) when buying a good latex mattress.

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First, there is the origin of latex: natural or synthetic. In natural textile fabrics, latex only comes from the Hevea Brazilsis rubber plant. This is the best option if you are a strong supporter of using only natural resources. A mattress made of pure latex is usually more expensive.

A mattress made from pure latex can also be organic. In terms of performance, organic corresponds to natural latex. Its attractiveness depends on the nature of the product, which attracts customers. Organic latex mattresses are usually more expensive than regular natural (non-organic) latex mattresses.

On the other hand, synthetic latex is made by polymerizing monomer. A monomer is a molecule that combines chemically with other molecules to form a polymer, which is made into a latex that looks like a natural substance.

Note that mattresses are made from pure latex or a mixture of natural and synthetic latex. In practice, there is no perfect synthetic fabric.

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A mattress made from natural/synthetic latex is not inferior to a mattress made from pure latex. Many textile manufacturers continue to develop and produce a mixture of natural and synthetic latex. By combining synthetic latex with natural latex, they are able to control and maintain the “perfect mattress” that is superior in comfort and support. Some of these manufacturers keep this “combination” secret from their competitors because they don’t want their process copied.

If you as a consumer decide to buy a natural/synthetic latex bed or even a latex bed or all synthetic materials, make sure that the bed store can show you the certificate that is available. Different types of mattresses. These certificates are important because they show that the latex fabric has undergone rigorous tests according to international standards such as Oeko-Tex, Eurolatex, LGA and Morton Thiokol to show that the latex material has good durability and elasticity. and no harmful substances. and there is no danger to the interior or the environment.

Latex (either natural or compound) can be processed in two different ways to create latex barriers. One of them is called the Dunlop series and the other is called the Talalay series.

How To Choose A Good Mattress

We don’t need to know all the chemistry behind these methods. However, it is important to note that these methods of making a beauty are somewhat different. The Dunlop method creates a firm mattress effect and creates a single block of the mattress size. A soft feeling when lying down can be achieved by adding a small amount of low density to the mattress head. In contrast, the Talalay system results in a mattress that is softer and less expensive to produce.

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The point is not that one way is better or the other is worse, but that everyone has their own preferences based on what they want to try on these mattresses.

Third, there is a difference between a latex mattress and a latex mattress that is covered (or supported) with another material, which is usually polyurethane foam (PU), memory foam, innersprings, or a combination of the three. In general, latex mattresses are considered more desirable than latex combined with other materials. This is because PU foam can leach out (i.e. give off a chemical smell), which is unpleasant. In addition, latex mattresses are more durable compared to other mattress materials without losing support or lightness.

Although these different types of latex mattresses may seem confusing, remember that 100% natural or natural/synthetic latex mattresses are often considered the most desirable. These mattresses can be made using one of two structural methods (Dunlop and Talalay), which are not “better” or “worse,” but result in a different effect and stability. of the cloth.

You will need to try different levels of stability to decide which is right for you. Like other fabrics, latex also offers different levels of hardness. These range from soft mattresses that provide a soft “climbing” feeling to firm mattresses.

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Note that you should not get confused or worry too much about strength and hardness. Strength is usually measured by mass per volume (kg/m3) and stiffness by kPa (kilopascals) or ILD (indentation load change). You can learn more about the difference between the density and firmness of latex mattresses on this website.

You’ve probably seen from pictures online that latex mattresses are engraved with hollow patterns. These spaces serve two purposes. The first is to ensure good ventilation for proper hygiene. This keeps the fabric cool and allows water to drain easily, which is a big problem in a hot and humid climate like Singapore.

The second function of the holes is to improve strength. Although the firmness depends largely on the latex composition of the mattress, the holes also play a role. The size and number of pins affect the comfort and stability you get. In fact, some latex mattresses have holes that are arranged in different ways in different parts of the mattress, allowing you to have different types of softness and firmness for the best support. Other latex mattresses have a single pin design. When you are trying out a mattress, it depends on what you are looking for and what you think will be the best for you. You don’t buy a mattress every day; In fact, the opportunity to do this only comes every 10 years. So treat yourself to something that gives you the best relaxation and stress relief. For some it may be a latex mattress with a flexible pin design, while for others it may be a latex mattress with a pin design.

How To Choose A Good Mattress

Rest assured, you don’t have to count the holes to find out if you have a good latex mattress. You can tell by lying down: you’re comfortable on a high-quality latex mattress with enough space.

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You may have noticed that some latex mattresses are single layer (one block), while others have two or more layers. The multi-layer mattress is covered with a durable, removable cover. At first glance, single layer and multi-layer latex fabrics look the same. However, if you are really interested, you can easily check the multilayer fabric by opening the lid.

Multi-layer latex mattresses offer some additional benefits over single-layer mattresses. The first of these is personalized comfort. Different levels of softness and firmness can be combined to create the perfect sleeping experience for you. When the bed is packed, a soft layer is placed on top to ensure comfort and a hard layer on the bottom to provide a good base of support. However, you can create the bed as you wish; Stacking gives you many different combinations to try. The important thing here is to find a structure that works best for your body.

Another advantage of a multi-layer mattress is the ability to change the mattress later if necessary. For example, there may be a change in your lifestyle and you decide you want to change one of the levels to a different intensity level. This is easier and better for you than replacing the entire mattress.

However, the question of whether you need a multi-layer latex mattress is a personal decision only you can make. All other things being equal, a multi-layer mattress is considered more desirable than a single mattress. For example, a 15cm plus 5cm layer is generally considered better than a 20cm layer. This is due to the personal reasons mentioned above. Ultimately, there is no right or wrong here; you have to test it by lying on different fabrics.

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The best latex mattresses come with certification. Certification is a sign that the mattress has passed some rigorous tests or met some international standards. Certificates may be issued for specific manufacturing processes.

Certification bodies set strict standards and do not issue these certifications easily. Therefore, if one type and type of latex mattress is approved, it is a good sign of it

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