How To Tell If Your Cervix Is Closed During Pregnancy

How To Tell If Your Cervix Is Closed During Pregnancy – The cervix is ​​the muscular canal or opening that runs between the uterus (also known as the uterus) and the vagina.

The cervix is ​​located in the pelvic cavity. It is located behind the bladder and in front of the rectum. Its position is maintained by strong and flexible ligaments.

How To Tell If Your Cervix Is Closed During Pregnancy

How To Tell If Your Cervix Is Closed During Pregnancy

There is a canal in the cervix called the “cervical canal”. Through this channel, the sperm can enter the uterus. Menstrual blood leaves the uterus through this channel.

Cervix Positions: What They Mean & How To Check Them

During ovulation, the cervix secretes a stretchy, elastic mucus. This type of mucus makes it easier for sperm to reach the egg and fertilize it.

When there is no ovulation, the consistency of the mucus becomes thicker. This makes it difficult for sperm or germs to enter the uterus.

The cervix plays a crucial role during pregnancy. Protect your growing baby from conception to birth.

From the early period of pregnancy, the mucus on the surface of the cervix becomes sticky and thick. This creates a mucus “plug” that prevents microorganisms and germs such as bacteria and viruses from entering the uterus and potentially harming your baby.

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Some women have a short cervix (short cervix) during pregnancy. This can be detected during a routine pregnancy ultrasound. A short cervix may increase the risk of preterm birth (birth before 37 weeks of pregnancy).

If you have a short cervix during pregnancy, your doctor may recommend treatment to reduce the risk of premature birth. They will also closely monitor your cervix during pregnancy.

During childbirth, the cervix undergoes significant changes. This is called “erasure” or “ripening”. The cervix changes from long and hard to soft, thin and more elastic. The cervix also begins to dilate (open).

How To Tell If Your Cervix Is Closed During Pregnancy

Cervical changes are caused in part by uterine contractions, which help open the cervix. As your cervix begins to open, you may see a clear, pink, slightly bloody, or spotty discharge (sometimes called a “show”). You may also notice a plug of mucus coming out of the cervical canal.

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The time it takes for the cervix to open (or dilate) in the first stage of labor varies.

During the “active phase” of labor, the cervix dilates to about 8 cm. This is followed by a “transition phase” when the cervix is ​​fully dilated (called “fully dilated”).

The second stage of labor is the birth of the baby. The third stage of labor is delivery of the placenta.

It is complete when the cervix is ​​fully open (called “fully dilated”), the baby moves in the pelvis, and the mother can begin to push the baby out. Full cervical dilatation may not actually correspond to 10 cm of cervical dilation, but instead occurs when the doctor or midwife cannot feel the cervix during vaginal examination.

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Sometimes doctors recommend induction of labor (initiated with medication). Artificial cervical ripening treatment may be performed. There are several ways you can get started.

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How To Tell If Your Cervix Is Closed During Pregnancy

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During pregnancy, a woman’s body undergoes many changes to adapt to this new situation, including the cervix.

Below is an index with 7 points that we will discuss in this article.

How To Tell If Your Cervix Is Closed During Pregnancy

During a woman’s menstrual cycle, the cervix can undergo subtle changes as a result of changing hormone levels. These changes affect the following settings:

Cervical Os In Pregnancy And Childbirth

For example, during menstruation and ovulation, the cervix is ​​more open to allow blood to flow out and sperm to enter, respectively. During the remaining days of the menstrual cycle, the cervix will be closed.

Likewise, in early pregnancy, the cervix may also undergo several changes that vary from woman to woman. For this reason, the position of the cervix is ​​not a reliable indicator of pregnancy.

Cervical changes in the first weeks of pregnancy should be assessed by a gynecologist during a consultation.

Most of these changes are related to the position and texture of the cervix. They are discussed below:

The Cervix: An Owner’s Manual

All these changes in the cervix become more pronounced as pregnancy progresses and in the third trimester, when the cervix begins to prepare for childbirth.

The mucus plug that forms after conception has a protective function, serving to seal the cervical canal and prevent microorganisms and more sperm from entering the uterine cavity during pregnancy.

This stage can last for several hours and lasts from the beginning of contractions until the cervix is ​​fully dilated, which is usually about 10 cm.

How To Tell If Your Cervix Is Closed During Pregnancy

At this stage, the cervix gradually descends as a result of labor contractions. Cervical excision may also be called

Checking Cervical Position

Cervical effacement usually does not occur until the day of delivery and has a highly variable duration, from 2 to 8 hours.

However, this reduction may begin a few days earlier due to irregular contractions that are painless and imperceptible to the woman.

For new moms, the cervix usually takes longer to fully clear because the body is experiencing this process for the first time.

In addition to contractions, another symptom of uterine exhaustion is the expulsion of a mucous plug in the form of a very thick and viscous discharge.

Do You Need Cervical Checks During Pregnancy?

The cervix has now completely disappeared, acquired the shape of a ring and begins to grow in diameter. Contractions become more frequent and stronger, which causes the cervix to dilate.

It is formed by the reorganization of collagen fibers, as a result of which its resistance is sharply reduced, which contributes to its expansion up to 10 cm. It should be taken into account that in women with multiple children, cervical dilatation and dilatation occur simultaneously. However, for women who are pregnant for the first time, there are two distinct stages: First:

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