Cost To Replace Prius Hybrid Battery

Cost To Replace Prius Hybrid Battery – A YouTuber named ChrisFix took the time to document the process of replacing a battery in a 2013 Toyota Prius, and as you can see, the whole exercise isn’t as complicated as you might expect.

​​​​​​While the cost of battery replacement in electric vehicles can easily exceed $10,000 in many cases, smaller batteries in hybrids like the Prius cost little, making battery replacement a viable option for older hybrid owners. I want to bet on a completely new model. Also, the Prius is still a Toyota, so the rest of the car holds up very well even after a decade of ownership – which isn’t the case for every generation of Prius, but more on that later.

Cost To Replace Prius Hybrid Battery

Cost To Replace Prius Hybrid Battery

As for the Prius you saw here, ChrisFix bought it for just $2,700 due to the age of the battery, but he estimates the car will be worth $8,000 once the battery replacement is complete.

Toyota Prius 1.8 Hybrid Battery Replacement (japanese New)

To replace the battery in this Prius, the Toyota dealer charged over $4,600 for the entire job, including $3,261 for the OEM battery itself. But if you have the will and experience to do the swap yourself, you can pick up a Prius battery for around $2,200 — a savings of over $1,000. Also, this aftermarket battery is an upgraded version of the original Prius.

The tools required for this task are often found in home garages, and the special tools required are built into the vehicle itself. These include the high tension safety nuts and the safety switch contains the tools needed to remove them.

Accessing the first part of the battery in the Prius is easy, and since the battery is mounted directly on the back seat, little more than pulling out the trunk is required. The orange safety plug can be removed and this will kill the voltage for safe operation of the battery.

A few more trim pieces need to be removed to gain full access to the battery. The video goes into more detail about removing the entire battery, but if it’s completely disconnected, it helps to have a friend nearby to lift the 90-pound battery out of the back of the Prius. By comparison, electric vehicle batteries in trucks and SUVs come in at an absurd 3,000 pounds, just like the Hummer EV.

This Device Increases Resale Value On Your Toyota Prius

The battery cover is removed before replacing the old cells with the new ones, but for customers who find the process too much work, you can buy the whole package with the new cells already inside. This does not mean digging into the battery itself.

The whole process involves a lot of steps, and while Crisfix did a great job of explaining each one, it’s definitely not accessible to consumers who are used to tinkering with their cars. Also, the potential savings from taking your Prius to the dealer and leaving it with a really bad battery is a big incentive to do the work yourself.

With a new battery, this Prius could easily run for a few more years, giving the owner an incredibly efficient hatchback. When new, the 2013 Prius Prime hybrid could get 50 mpg, while the regular Prius combined could get 48 mpg.

Cost To Replace Prius Hybrid Battery

While the Prius nameplate is generally associated with high reliability, our own study of the third-generation Prius shows that it’s nowhere near as reliable as its predecessor. The reported problems are related to the low tension of the piston rings used in the gas engine, high oil consumption, the hybrid system itself and the brake system.

The Tale Of Replacing My Hybrid Battery

However, we’ve found the 2010-2012 models to be significantly less reliable than the later ones, so if you’re going for a third-generation Prius, a 2013 model (battery replacement included) and up is recommended.

A late third generation Prius with a new battery and good maintenance can still go many miles with lower running costs. Hybrid car batteries are not as cheap as regular gas car batteries. Of course, the price may shock you if you are not ready for it. For example, how much does it cost to replace a Toyota Prius battery?

In this guide, I break down the cost of a Toyota hybrid battery. I also show warning signs that it’s time for a replacement.

On average, you can spend between $2,000 and $4,500 to replace the high voltage battery in your Toyota Prius. Even if you choose a used Prius battery, you can spend $1,500 plus labor to install it. It’s best to budget for these costs over the life of your hybrid vehicle in advance.

Revenge Of The Nerds How The

The most expensive option on the table is buying a new Prius battery. In most cases, this is not necessary.

You can also choose a used Toyota hybrid battery which will be the cheapest option. Otherwise, look for a refurbished Prius hybrid battery as an interim option.

You will have to pay good job fees because of the specific work that needs to be done. Also, you need a mechanic who knows how to work with hybrid batteries. It usually takes a few hours to replace the battery, but these specialists charge a high price.

Cost To Replace Prius Hybrid Battery

If you decide to go to a local car dealership, expect higher pay. Shop around to see if a short trip out of town can reduce labor costs. Make sure the technician you choose is properly qualified for these jobs!

How Much Does It Cost To Replace A Toyota Prius Battery

There are times when a Prius battery replacement is covered by the warranty. If you have a 2019 or earlier Prius, the battery is covered by an 8-year/100,000-mile warranty. If you live in a state where California emissions laws apply, this warranty is 10 years/150,000 miles.

Until 2020, Toyota extended the warranty. All new models now include a 10-year/150,000-mile battery warranty, and if your hybrid battery fails under that warranty, you’ll need to visit your local dealer for support and a free replacement.

A Prius hybrid battery should not fail before the warranty expires. Given that, it should last at least 100,000 miles or eight to ten years. Even so, you will need to replace the battery at some point during the life of your hybrid vehicle. The better you take care of your hybrid vehicle, the less likely it is to need a new battery.

There are also several ways to temporarily fix the situation, but none of them will extend the life of the battery. You’ll still have to replace the battery, which is one of the most expensive parts of owning a hybrid.

Replacing Toyota Hybrid Batteries

As with a conventional gas engine battery, a worn hybrid battery will not hold a charge as it ages. This is a warning sign that it is time for something new.

If your battery is discharging prematurely, it needs to be checked. Also, if you are not getting power from it when it should be fully charged, it would be wise to purchase a replacement.

Toyota Prius provides significant fuel economy, which is why many drivers choose this car. But when the battery starts to die, fuel economy is one of the first things to change.

Cost To Replace Prius Hybrid Battery

When you track your fuel economy, you’ll get an early warning of a problem. Things get worse over time until you replace the battery completely.

Lower Cost Hv Battery Hybrid Cell|

The beauty of driving the Prius is how easy it is to see the battery charge. Most models have an indicator that shows the level of battery charge.’

If you notice that this reading continues to fluctuate while driving, there may be a problem. If it increases or decreases without warning, you’re probably looking at a faulty hybrid battery.

If you’ve driven a Toyota Prius for a while, you know when the gas engine kicks in. You can feel the engine running and overloading the battery.

As the battery begins to fail, this event will occur more frequently. You might see this on a typical commute where the hybrid relies on battery power. If the time is frequent, the battery is clearly not working.

Toyota Prius (2004 2009) Battery Control Module

I have previously discussed how some people try to extend their replacement with a Prius battery repair. However, there are several reasons why you should avoid this practice.

Instead of trying to find a shortcut around the repair, bite the bullet and replace it. Not only will this ensure that your hybrid vehicle will continue to run, but it will also ensure that you get a lot more mileage out of your fuel economy vehicle. Budget accordingly so you are never unprepared for what lies ahead. Here is a very informative demonstration of how to replace your Prius Hybrid battery with the upgrade of your choice.

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