Blue Book Value For 2008 Honda Accord

Blue Book Value For 2008 Honda Accord – Thinking of selling my coupe. Nothing wrong with 63,000 miles on the clock. Dark black. Run hard. Adult owned 10 years ago. Just change the tires and battery. Nice car–

Do you think this model will go up in value in the near future, especially since no V6 has been put in the Accord before with the 6 speed tranny?

Blue Book Value For 2008 Honda Accord

Blue Book Value For 2008 Honda Accord

I wish I could buy it. I couldn’t find an eighth (or ninth) generation 6-6 coupe when it was on the market.

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Now since I gave up my beloved 09 EXL i4 (automatic) for the abandoned ’14 EX 6spd sedan. They started popping up all over the place. One day I will win… One of my “dream” cars is a 2012 6-6 coupe.

Sometimes people want to find these 6-6 Coupes so the blue book can put a higher price than what you are told.

I don’t think it will increase in value in the future. After all, this is just a deal. Maybe special, but I personally think it means you have less depreciation.

ID is 10-15K. It has very low mileage. They are very rare. Most of the people who are looking for them are not in their area, so they cannot find them. Usually people go abroad to find one. I am thinking of buying another one. Flashtech Bright Blue Led Halo Ring Headlight Kit Compatible With Honda Accord 08 12

Would you appreciate it? I mean, all modeling deals have a good chance for you. That is, Some low-mileage sixth-generation Civic Si models sold for their original asking prices at a recent sample auction. I think it will take some time for the 90s to start appreciating as a car. So if you’re thinking of selling, be prepared to put it away for a while (keep it in a warehouse. So take the lowest possible trip.) Stick with it and the price will never go up.

Lots of luck, and how well your car resonates with others. for example, In a few years from now, I’d love to own a 1984 or 1985 Accord hatchback to connect with my childhood and I’m willing to spend a little to make sure I get it. Was it an irrational decision on my part? Yes, But you can’t underestimate the importance of emotion in driving someone’s purchase.

Check JD Power for retail value in your area. Will sell for top dollar; Do not exceed $100. However, one of two possibilities is 1. Someone looking for a long 6-6 or 2. Will sell him quick. I think it will be a long time before I buy another one. I thought it would hold its value again, but it didn’t.

Blue Book Value For 2008 Honda Accord

I’m thinking the same thing about my 2017 6-6 because I want something “different” in a few years. I’ve talked to several dealers and they put me down $16,000 to $19,000 depending on the dealer.

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The last dealer surprised me and told me to keep it because these bone stocks are in high demand and will be hard to find. Then I went out again to look at the 1998 GS-R. It’s bone stock; Absolutely flawless and beautiful.

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