Which Is The Fastest Internet Provider

Which Is The Fastest Internet Provider – Update: This report uses data from 2022. For up-to-date information, check out our latest customer satisfaction survey.

We survey thousands of Internet customers every year to find out which ISPs perform best. We focus on four key areas that have the greatest impact on overall satisfaction and customer satisfaction: speed, price, reliability and customer service.

Which Is The Fastest Internet Provider

Which Is The Fastest Internet Provider

For the third year in a row, EarthLink is the top-rated ISP among national brands. But this year the competition is strong and there are many outstanding providers.

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Xfinity and Spectrum had the highest speed ratings, giving cable Internet a big boost, according to last year’s survey. In the reliability category, Verizon dominated, as Verizon customers reported more slowdowns and outages than other national providers.

This year’s biggest winner may have been Google Fiber, which received the highest ratings in all categories and took first place among regional providers.

We’ve expanded our 2022 report to include survey results for the nation’s top 21 Internet Service Providers (ISPs). In order to compare these providers as accurately as possible, we have divided them into two categories: national providers and regional providers.

National providers include the largest US providers in terms of coverage and internet subscribers. There are still some big names in the regional ISP category, like Google Fiber and T-Mobile, but regional ISPs either haven’t had residential internet for a long time or have enough home internet customers to compare to big ISPs like Xfinity or AT&T. there is a t.

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EarthLink has the most satisfied customers for the third year in a row. A total of 72% of EarthLink customers said they were “very satisfied” or “extremely satisfied” with their service. Along with overall satisfaction, EarthLink ranks first when it comes to pricing and customer service.

EarthLink works a little differently than other national ISPs; It leases internet services through other providers such as AT&T. This allows EarthLink to focus more on customer interaction, which may account for most of its star reviews.

Which Is The Fastest Internet Provider

What’s even more interesting is how satisfied customers are with EarthLink’s pricing. With an overall price satisfaction rating of 3.8, EarthLink is far ahead of any other national ISP – the next best is CenturyLink at 3.5.

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Verizon has happy customers that rank first in reliability and second in overall satisfaction. In fact, Verizon’s results are consistently good; 70% of Verizon customers said they were “very satisfied” or “extremely satisfied” with their service.

Spectrum and

Google Fiber has higher satisfaction scores than other ISPs in all categories. With an overall satisfaction rating of 4.4, Google Fiber is currently the highest-rated internet provider in America.

Google Fiber offers high gigabit speeds over fiber-only networks – a solid foundation for great internet service, and it shows in the reviews. The vast majority (90%) of Google Fiber customers said they were “very satisfied” or “extremely satisfied” with their service.

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T-Mobile’s 5G home Internet ranks second with consistently excellent reviews and even outperforms several fiber-optic Internet providers in all categories. T-Mobile’s service uses fast 5G signals to offer customers wireless Internet at home, a key difference from some other fixed Wi-Fi providers that use slower 4G signals. T-Mobile’s ratings are good for this relatively new type of home Internet service.

Xfinity is the 2022 speed champion and leads with a 4.0 speed rating. All rankings are rounded to ten, but Xfinity’s ranking beats the other top providers. Xfinity demonstrated the power of cable Internet by being the largest ISP in the country, offering gigabit speeds across a large service area. Simply put, Xfinity offers the fastest internet speeds for most people.

Spectrum is the second-fastest in 2022, fueling the trend toward a comeback of cable Internet speeds. Cable Internet providers saw a sharp drop in ratings in our 2021 survey. The pandemic may have played a role in increasing Internet traffic, especially download speeds, which is one of the drawbacks of cable Internet. But with new initiatives and technologies introduced by cable providers like 10G Internet and DOCSIS 4.0 (both of which aim to significantly improve download speeds), it’s clear that cable ISPs are determined to stay put despite the bandwidth benefits of fiber optics. the country’s main internet service.

Which Is The Fastest Internet Provider

Some ISPs will benefit from a closer look. If you look at CenturyLink’s fiber-optic customers alone, the speed figures vary. The average speed rating of CenturyLink fiber customers is an excellent 4.2, with 96% saying their speed “always” or “usually” meets their needs. These are the best numbers from a survey that shows that CenturyLink fiber and DSL services are two different experiences.

The Fastest Internet Providers In 2022

Does the ISP with the highest speed rating have the fastest internet service? Not mandatory. Satisfaction ratings reflect the perception and feelings of Internet consumers, not actual recorded performance. Check out the Fastest ISPs report for a quantitative overview of top-performing ISPs in real-world speed tests.

97% of Google Fiber customers say their internet speed “always” or “usually” meets their needs. Kayla Fisher |

Customers rated Google Fiber’s speed as the best, with an impressive average score of 4.3. Google Fiber only offers very fast gigabit plans, with 97% of Google Fiber customers saying their internet speed “always” or “usually” meets their needs.

T-Mobile’s landline service also received excellent overall speed ratings (4.1 average), placing it in second place. Customer reviews show that T-Mobile’s speeds are consistent, with 90% of customers saying they “always” or “usually” get the speeds they pay for, more than any other provider.

Average Internet Speed By Country And Territory

Price is usually the lowest-scoring category in the survey, and this year is no different. When asked how satisfied they were with their plan, consumers rated it an average of 3.3, the same as last year.

EarthLink is again in first place with an overall price rating of 3.8 – well above any other national ISP. This doesn’t mean that EarthLink’s prices are the lowest (they aren’t), but it does mean that customers feel they are getting better value for their money from EarthLink.

CenturyLink comes in second, likely due to its simple pricing and lack of price increases — 82% of CenturyLink customers reported no price increases, significantly better than any other national provider.

Which Is The Fastest Internet Provider

Regional providers fare slightly better in terms of price satisfaction with an average rating of 3.4, but are still the worst rated category. Customers will certainly appreciate the modest price. Consumers almost always gave ISPs high satisfaction ratings because of reported price cuts. That’s why Google Fiber leads in terms of price satisfaction, with 82% of customers surveyed reporting no price increases.

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Verizon received the strongest customer feedback on reliability. Not only does Verizon receive the highest reliability rating, it also outperforms all other national ISPs. Most Verizon customers (70%) said they “never” or “rarely” experience outages. Verizon also reported the lowest slowness among national providers with Sparklight.

Verizon’s product lineup is varied; We surveyed Verizon’s fiber, DSL and 5G home internet customers. Its large fiber footprint may contribute to this ISP’s excellent reliability ratings, but Verizon’s other Internet products also stand out. Among DSL customer reviews, Verizon DSL customers reported the highest overall satisfaction rating (3.9) and were tied with EarthLink DSL customers for the highest DSL reliability rating of 3.8.

Google Fiber’s reliability rating is consistent with 80% of Google Fiber customers “never” or “rarely” experiencing outages. Google Fiber customers also reported more slowdowns than other providers: 66% said they “never” or “rarely” experience slow speeds.

Consumers rated T-Mobile’s fixed wireless service as the second best provider for overall reliability. However, when asked about outages and slowdowns, 14% of T-Mobile customers said outages were “always” or “often” — one of the highest reports of outages in the survey.

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Wired Internet services, such as fiber and cable, have advantages over wireless services because cables shield the signal. However, T-Mobile’s high valuations show that mobile technology is pushing the limits, although there are still problems to be solved.

EarthLink receives the highest rating for overall customer service — not surprising given that the provider places a high priority on quality customer interactions. EarthLink’s high performance in these surveys (in all categories, not just customer service) demonstrates the value of providing a simple and thoughtful customer experience.

Astound customers say they have the easiest customer service experience. When asked how difficult it is to get help, 84% of Astound customers said it was easy to get their issues resolved. Verizon customer reviews suggest a similar experience: 83% said it was easy to get help.

Which Is The Fastest Internet Provider

Many ISPs offer online chat and support programs where customers can get help. And customers who use these services say they find it easier to get help and receive better customer service ratings.

Mbps Vs. Mbps

The vast majority

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