Where To Order Car Paint

Where To Order Car Paint – Updated 9/23/22: I recently found Paint Scratch’s website and found out they changed their order quantity limit before offering free shipping. It has now changed from $99 to $149.

When you plan to touch up your car’s factory paint or any color, you will find that one of the most popular companies is Paint Scratch. Not only do they have a reputation for providing quality auto paint that matches your vehicle’s factory paint color, but they also offer relatively fast mixing and shipping (even during the COVID-19 pandemic).

Where To Order Car Paint

Where To Order Car Paint

I have personally ordered spray paint and touch up paint from Paint Scratch several times over the past decade and have had great experiences with them. On my last few orders, I had issues with the paint being mixed by the paint scrap shipping partner. This caused incorrect mixing and several delays in my project. However, I admit that it wasn’t exactly the fault of the paint scratching. In the end it was that they did the right things with me that allowed them to regain my trust.

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Paint Scratch operates from an online village in Nevada and works with San Leandro Paint, which has over 50 years of experience mixing automotive paint. I have ordered OEM color match paint 6-7 times over the past decade for several cars. I have had no problems with paint scratches on most orders except for a few recent orders, which they fixed and offered to refund me for the defective paint. More on that later.

Before covid, it took a day or two to process an order and 3-4 days to ship it to me. Since it ships from San Leandro, California, I usually receive it very quickly since I am also located in the San Francisco Bay Area. During the covid pandemic, surprisingly it took only a few days to process the order and about 5 days to ship it to me. I was pleasantly surprised because the time from the time I placed the order to when it arrived at my door was very quick. Compare that to its competitor, AutomotiveTouchup.com, which took about a month during the pandemic.

One of the reasons I chose Paint Scratch for my recent orders is because they only require a minimum of $99 (as of this writing) to qualify for free shipping. I didn’t know if I needed to order more paint to finish my project. You may need a small order and don’t want to pay for shipping.

As far as packaging orders go, it really doesn’t get any better than this. Each aerosol can is bubble wrapped, taped and protected with foam inside each box. Therefore, it is incredibly well packaged so you don’t have to worry about the paint getting damaged during transport.

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It’s easy to order a color that matches your vehicle’s OEM color. On its home page, you enter the year, make and model of your car and then choose your car’s color code. They offer some tips on how to choose the right color code based on your build; You also have the option to enter your VIN number to make sure you get the right color for your specific vehicle.

In addition to paint, Paint Scratch also offers other products you may need, such as primers, clear coats, bumper repair products, and more. They even offer small touch-up sizes for primer, paint and gallons. bright

I have been very satisfied with their paint quality as with most OEM paints I have received over the years. I recently had some paint issues due to a mistake by San Leandro Paint, which has finally been resolved. Other than this issue, I have had no complaints about the paint causing scratches.

Where To Order Car Paint

Recently, I had to place several orders for paint to complete a project of mine. The first paint order I received didn’t seem out of the ordinary. I used it as planned and then ordered a second batch of paint. When I received and used the second batch of paint, I immediately realized that this second batch was exactly what the paint was supposed to be, and that the first batch was actually a slightly different color than what I ordered.

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I called Paintscratch’s customer service number (800-225-2855). It went to voicemail and when I tried to leave a message it hung up on me. I tried again and it stuck again. Then I booked the ticket through their site. I also sent a message through their contact form.

Meanwhile, I needed to order a third batch of paint from them, so I had to place the order before the first problem was resolved. When I received the third order, the color was worse than the first batch. The color was incredibly runny, bright without much color and obviously not what it should be.

I contacted PaintScratch again through their contact form, but this time they finally returned my message via email. According to them, they have not received the ticket sent by me. They investigated the problem I had with my first and third orders and apparently discovered that San Leandro Paint used the wrong formula when mixing the paint.

They delayed my project by a few weeks and I had to repaint some parts I had already painted. It was incredibly frustrating, but at least Paint Scratch said they wanted to refund me for the defective paint because it was a mistake on their part. The whole fiasco still caused me a lot of pain and wasted time, but at least they tried to fix things with me.

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When you’re looking to buy auto paint to match your vehicle’s OEM color, you’re usually left with a small number of companies to choose from. The most popular of these is Paint Scratch. And there’s a good reason: they have fast processing and shipping, great customer service, they’re a popular auto paint company, and they have everything you need to paint your car. And even though I had some issues with my recent orders with paint scratches, they fixed the problem and made things right. For this reason, they have earned my business and I will likely order my next touch up paint from them.

Hello! I’m Scott and I lead the way. My goal is to provide useful articles and tips related to car maintenance and detailing based on my experience and research. When I’m not writing and working at my day job, you can find me spending time with my family and working on home and car projects. Frequently Asked Questions 1. Who are we? We are a professional Maclon auto paint manufacturer from Guangzhou, China, established for more than 20 years with fully automatic painting system, mainly producing auto paint, clear coat, hardener, primer, thinner, etc. 2. How can we guarantee the quality? ? We have the best technical team in the world, procure the highest quality raw materials from all over the world and manufacture the best products through advanced technology and pioneering and innovative spirit. 3. What support can you provide to any distributor? We provide ink chips, mixing machines, formula systems, promotional items such as t-shirts, caps, etc. Additionally, customers can come to our training center for product training. If the customer base is very large, we will offer training to everyone in your country. 4. Can you provide us samples for testing? Yes, we can offer you some samples for sample testing 5. How about your payment terms? We usually use T/T method 6. What is your MOQ? We can help you grow your market and better serve your current business model through tailored consulting and purchase volume. 7. Does the system have different OEM paint formula recipes? Yes, please note that the system includes all combinations for the car market, for example Nissan, Honda, Toyota, Ford, Chrysler, Fiat, Citroen etc. Our Service 1. OEM service is provided. We can design and manufacture for customers. Own brand

2. Fast delivery. We can finish production and deliver products within 7 to 10 days after order confirmation.

Where To Order Car Paint

4. We offer promotional gifts to customers. If the client has his own brand, the promotional gift will be with his own brand and design.

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5. We will provide full support to customers. Introduction of international cooperation: Meklon focuses on users who are used to low-intensity mixing systems, is our most popular brand at home and abroad and currently has the largest market share in China. Our products are subject to strict quality control. Agent Requirements: Distributors with an extensive sales network and classified distribution.

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