Where Can I Get A Visa Gift Card Near Me

Where Can I Get A Visa Gift Card Near Me – Visa and Mastercard gift cards are extremely useful tools for maximizing returns on credit card purchases. The cards are sold in fixed value and variable load formats, and you can load any amount between $20 and $500 on the card. They are accepted almost everywhere you can use a credit or debit card. In addition to regular sales, these cards always require an activation fee, usually between $3.95 and $7.95.

Much of the points and miles world believes that these gift cards are only good for “Made Spend,” or MS, where the gift card is somehow redeemed for cash or a money order that can then be deposited. However, there are many more ways to use gift cards, and they are a great tool for anyone trying to maximize return on spending.

Where Can I Get A Visa Gift Card Near Me

Where Can I Get A Visa Gift Card Near Me

Note – Banks have different tolerances for gift card spends. It’s best to start small and increase your spending over time. American Express cards are particularly susceptible to GC purchases. Just be careful with how much and how often you buy or you run the risk of being redeemed, run away, or possibly out of business.

How To Use My Card

No matter how you use them, the first step is to find a Visa or Mastercard gift card that can be purchased with a credit card, has a low activation fee, and doesn’t involve the risk of a cash advance. This article only covers options available in the United States. Even within the United States, selection can vary widely by region, county, and store.

Note that the vast majority of the cards discussed below support PIN codes. Even if you don’t plan to use your PIN, it’s important to know it because sometimes you’ll be asked to enter your PIN to complete a purchase. In some cases, the PIN is the last 4 digits on the card, while in other cases it must be set manually

There are often promotions to save on purchase or activation fees, or get an immediate discount when purchasing a gift card. Current promotions (if any) are listed here:

On Amazon.com (our link), the maximum face value is $200, including a $6.95 activation fee. This is a high overall percentage. If you have a credit card that earns 5% on Amazon purchases, this might make sense.

How To Get A Free Visa Gift Card Online: Apply And Win

The photo of the $200 Vanilla Visa on BJ’s website shows the activation fee as $6.95, but it’s actually only $5.45. It’s still a hefty fee, but it might be worth it if you want to maximize your club spend with the 5% off on cards like the Chase Freedom and Discover It.

Maximum order amount: There doesn’t appear to be any limit, but it’s unlikely BJ’s would fill a $10, $272.50 order for 50 of these cards.

Online gift cards purchased from GiantEagle.com are not considered grocery purchases because online gift cards are processed by the Blackhawk Network

Where Can I Get A Visa Gift Card Near Me

You do not have to live in an area where a Giant Eagle store is located to receive a gift card.

The Not So Hidden Costs Of Gift And Prepaid Cash Cards

It’s unclear who is processing payments for these cards (presumably grandma’s gift cards, but that may not be the case), although the cards themselves are listed as being issued by MetaBank.

Are there discounts on gateways? perhaps. Grandma’s gift cards may be for sale on one or more shopping portals, but we don’t know if Visa gift card purchases are tracked.

When you first purchase a card from GiftCards.com, it is recommended to start slowly. Buying too many cards in a short period of time may prevent your ability to buy more cards.

Single card cost: $4.95 + shipping. Shipping costs are $1.99 per card by regular mail and $7.45 for the entire order with tracking.

How To Use A Visa Gift Card On Amazon

Are there discounts on gateways? Yes. Gateway rates for Mastercard gift cards are sometimes better than for Visa gift cards. Find current gateway rates here (but note you must click on each gateway to find Visa/MC rates). You can earn up to $2,000 in cash back per month through the portal (this changed in July 2020).

Is the PIN valid? Yes. After activating online, you will receive a 4-digit PIN that you can change if you wish.

Order online through the Money Portal to receive a partial or full refund. It’s no secret that GiftCardMall always has itchy hands when it comes to canceling orders. If you plan to place a larger order, you should slowly increase the order size.

Where Can I Get A Visa Gift Card Near Me

Single card fee: $5.95 + shipping. Shipping costs vary based on the number of cards you purchase, and sometimes free shipping is available.

Vanilla Visa Gift Card + $6.95 Fee

Are there discounts on gateways? Yes. Find current gateway rates here (but note that you must click on each gateway to find Visa-specific rates). The maximum request for portal rewards is $2000 per month (see this article).

The $5.95 activation fee is quite high compared to the card’s minimum fee, and earning 4x fuel points when Harris Teeter has this promotion can save you more than you would on gas. Harris Teeter online gift card purchases are not considered grocery shopping because online gift cards are processed by the Blackhawk Network

Incomm Incentives appears to be set up to sell gift cards in bulk to businesses, so they likely have a good approval process for accepting gift cards. They offer a $500 card for $3.25, so it might be worth considering if you have an eligible business. Please note, these are regular Visa gift cards and therefore cannot be used for debit transactions over $50 at Walmart.

Maximum order size: Apparently none. This option is available for bulk purchases (if you are trying to purchase Visa gift cards worth over $10,000, VanillaGift.com will direct you to Incomm Incentives).

Vanilla Visa Gift Cards

While the $5.95 activation fee is quite high considering the card’s low tier, earning 4x points on gas when Kroger has this promotion can save you more than you would on gas. Gift cards purchased online from Kroger are not eligible for grocery purchases. That’s because, like Office Depot, the online gift card product is powered by GiftCardMall.

Online gift card purchases are powered by the Blackhawk Network, which may mean they won’t be coded as grocery purchases.

While you can earn 5x back on Visa gift cards at Office Depot with the Ink Plus and Ink Cash cards, unfortunately, that’s not the case online. This is because Office Depot’s online gift card service is powered by GiftCardMall, so payments are processed by them and not Office Depot.

Where Can I Get A Visa Gift Card Near Me

Quill, an office-only online store owned by Staples, sells essentially the same line of gift cards. Your account needs to be registered as a business to purchase gift cards. These are recurring offers associated with the card that can make buying a gift card profitable, even if there is an activation fee.

Where To Buy International Visa Gift Cards (expat Advice)

The $6.48 activation fee and the fact that it’s a regular card means buying a Sam’s Club Visa gift card online isn’t very attractive. However, if you don’t use the Amex offer to purchase a Sam’s Club membership, Sam’s Club often offers Amex offers that can make the purchase more affordable (and profitable).

Maximum order amount: There doesn’t appear to be any limit, but it’s unlikely Sam’s Club will fulfill a $10,324 order for 50 of these cards.

To purchase a Simon Visa gift card with a maximum value of $1,000 per card, you must first register and be accepted into Simon’s bulk order system (this requires Simon’s manual verification and making your first purchase in person at a Simon Mall location). Each time you add a new payment method to your account, you will re-enter the verification process. Note that you should avoid using American Express as it does not award points on purchases at Simon Malls.

This option is different from Simon selling Visa gift cards directly. The portal is run by GiftCardMall and payments are processed through them, meaning you can get rewards using your American Express card but not when buying directly from Simon Mall.

How To Check Vanilla Gift Card Balance

Single card fee: $3.95, $0.50 shipping per card ($0.50 non-trackable shipping, $6.99 trackable shipping, no matter how many cards you order.

Are there discounts on gateways? Not too possible. Although powered by GiftCardMall, it exists on a subdomain. Clicking GiftCardMall from the portal and adding “simon” may not work. Enter “giftcardmall.com” manually, but it might be worth a try.

If you pay with ChaseInk Cash (or Ink Plus, no longer available for new applicants), the $8.95 fee more than makes up for the 5x Ultimate Rewards points earned (for a $300 card, 5 x 308.95 = 1,545 points ). In fact, if you wanted, you could cash in 895 of those points, bringing the net fee down to zero, and still earn 650 points (roughly 2.2x) on a $300 card.

Where Can I Get A Visa Gift Card Near Me

The benefit of ordering from USPS is that they offer free, trackable shipping, so the activation fee is the only additional cost. Steven is having trouble trying to log out while logged in, so you may want to use the “Guest Logout” option.

Visa Gift Cards Are Now Golden

Are there discounts on gateways? No, although it is on a subdomain

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