What's The Cheapest Internet Provider

What's The Cheapest Internet Provider – Wondering where to get the fastest internet speed? Or do you want to avoid loading a website like watching paint dry? we can help.

We analyzed over 3 million speed tests to find out which states have the fastest and slowest average internet speeds. Here’s what we found:

What's The Cheapest Internet Provider

What's The Cheapest Internet Provider

We’ve analyzed our speed test data to determine which cities have the fastest and slowest average internet speeds in our updated report below.

Understanding Purchasing Power And The Consumer Price Index

Few American homes have access to gigabit Internet fast enough to stream movies on 20 devices at the same time. Other homes don’t have enough bandwidth to stream even one YouTube video. So which city is ahead in terms of speed? Who else is next?

Our data analysts analyzed the results of 2 million speed tests. They averaged all the cities in the United States and ranked them from fastest to slowest.

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