Toyota Prius Catalytic Converter Price

Toyota Prius Catalytic Converter Price – Screengrab from a YouTube video showing the apparent theft of a translator in East London. Image: YouTube

When Neil Taylor* started the engine in his Toyota Prius in a Morrisons car park in October, his heart sank. The noise from the car was terrible, but Taylor knew exactly why.

Toyota Prius Catalytic Converter Price

Toyota Prius Catalytic Converter Price

His catalytic converter was stolen – and not for the first time. Just three months earlier, an old convertible had been stolen while his Prius was parked in the driveway of the family’s home in south-east London. Now her insurance is up for renewal, and her company, Direct Line, has told her they no longer provide insurance.

Catalytic Converter W/oxygen Sensor For 2010 2011 2012 2015 Toyota Prius 1.8l

The epidemic of catalytic converter theft, especially in gasoline/electric hybrid vehicles, has become a major insurance concern for their owners. After the car owner is denied insurance, finding coverage elsewhere is difficult. When Guardian Money obtained insurance quotes for Taylor’s car – a 14-year-old unclaimed car – as soon as the theft was revealed, the premium rose to £2,200. Taylor wonders if he wrote it. a fully functional and environmentally responsible car.

Every major insurance company has told Guardian Money that claims are on the rise. LV= said: “Between 2018 and 2019, we saw a 600% increase in the number of complaints related to catalytic converters, with an average cost of about $1,000.”

The Admiral said: “Every year we see a quadruple in the theft of electrical transformers, many of them from hybrid vehicles.”

Thieves can steal converters from under a car in minutes – and they usually return when a new one is installed. Aviva said: “We recently replaced a London customer’s car after it was stolen, and it was resold within six hours by the customer returning it to the garage.

How To Unclog A Catalytic Converter (easy Diy Methods)

Behind the epidemic of theft is the increase of metals used for catalytic conversion, rhodium and palladium, and criminal groups remove parts and sell them overseas. In 2008, palladium sold for $180 (£135) an ounce, but this week it was trading at $230, up from $300 in the past month alone.

Last week, the price of rhodium is above $10,000 an ounce, about six times the price of gold. This time last year it was around $2,500. Some older hybrid owners have said that the metal removed from their catalytic converter is worth more than the car itself. Traditional blends are targeted because they contain more precious metals than the new varieties.

Thieves make up to £300 to £500 per stolen convertible, which has been banned from scrap metal dealers, with carmakers warning that a loophole in the Scrap Metal Dealers Act 2013 will mean the wrong dealers buy them without the checks required in Scrap Metal. Dealers Act 2013. origin. Unfortunately, this crime only happens in Great Britain, and outside of California there are new laws. Jenny Sims, Deputy Constable in Cheshire, who is in charge of the crime, said this week that the police were dealing with the matter urgently, saying: “There is a link with SOC [serious and organized crime] which is clear and possible. clarity. too bad for the victims.”

Toyota Prius Catalytic Converter Price

The failure to find new converters has increased costs for insurers, who have been paying weekly to rent a car while they search the country for a conversion.

Catalytic Converter Thefts Lead To Long Waits For Prius Part

Taylor’s first robbery happened at 10:00 pm when the Prius was on the highway. “My wife saw some men in the car, but when I escaped, they were gone in an instant. They do it at the speed of a Formula One wheel change. When the conversion is finished, it looks like the worst diesel tractor in the world.” That burglary and a subsequent one in October cost around £1,200 each, with Taylor paying an extra £250 each time.

Karen Gardiner from Sidcup in south-east London had her 2009 Lexus stolen last week while it was parked in her driveway. “The alarm didn’t go off – I didn’t hear anything. But when I started the engine, it was like a moped. It could only do 10 mph when I took it to the main Lexus dealer.

“They say the theft is so bad it will take six to eight weeks before they get another converter. I called and found a garage that had it. I paid £1,300 for a £5,000 car. Now I have a lock of cat attached, so it can’t be easily stolen, but the insurance doesn’t cover this. It also means that the car has completely changed – it’s louder and vibrates more. I don’t think it’s the same car.”

On Toyota’s UK website there are almost 1,000 reports from customers, many angry about a vulnerability where converters can be stolen without warning from the car manufacturer. Every day there are new reports of theft.

Stop Catalytic Converter Theft On Toyota Prius With This New Protective Shield

Sarah Hardy had her converter stolen in Leeds on Tuesday. “My car and four others had their converters stolen in the park of Temple Green, Leeds. It seems that this is a story that has been going on for a long time and nothing has been done to prevent this. Toyota said that this was a problem when I did. I bought the car.”

Why are owners of potentially dangerous vehicles not warned that their vehicles will be targeted by thieves?

The article, “Will”, said on Wednesday this week, his Toyota Auris car was targeted. “In the afternoon, residential, it seems that everything is done in less than five minutes. Why are not the owners of potentially dangerous cars contacted directly and say that their cars will be targeted by thieves? Many of us took the initiative and bought hybrids, and now we are left only at the mercy of thieves, insurance companies and garages”.

Toyota Prius Catalytic Converter Price

Toyota said it worked closely with the insurance industry and “we are not aware of any cases of insuring the Prius for theft.”

What Is A Toyota Catalytic Converter Worth?

Toyota admits that the “big and rapid spike” in crime has taken it by surprise, and there have been delays in finding spare parts. In 2018 Toyota GB was asked to replace 60 converters, but last year that number increased to 4,800. But he received a new product, he said: “Now we are not behind the order, and people must be able to get a real Toyota. as soon as possible from their dealer.”

The police advise that the easiest way to prevent the theft of a catalytic converter is to park in a garage, if you have one, or an area with busy lights. It is also recommended to install a special security device to lock the switch – known as a cat lock. A Thatcham approved alarm must detect and activate when the vehicle is tilted or raised. For all Prius 1.8L models from 2010 to 2015 with heat exchanger. Replaces factory spare parts. The first unit is 1-piece with Heat Exchanger; designed to be used with the factory Heat Exchanger after cutting out the old bathroom unit and reinforcing or welding the unit. The hybrid conversion principle powered by OBDII ensures a long life and efficiency.

In an effort to provide our customers with the best of both worlds, we offer a flexible warranty on most of our products.

90 days ( GOOD ) – this option is preferred by used car dealers, people who are not looking to keep their car, or people on a budget. This article is always built from high quality materials, it is reduced only to show the minimum warranty period and offer the customer the lowest price. The warranty converters are always built using OBD2 core to ensure that the premature check engine light is not checked and the market can refer to it as a standard OBD2 quality unit. ALL models feature stainless flex connectors (if applicable), stainless converter bodies and stainless O2 sensor bushings.

Catalytic Converter Prius Toyota 2012

1 year / 35,000 km (OK) – this is our most popular option. These products come with a warranty of one year or 35,000 km compared to the manufacturer’s warranty with unlimited kilometers. Converters with this certification have a premium designed for the OBD2 conversion base with a high metal load and/or a large amount of substrate inside. These items are designed to last beyond the industry standard.

2 years / 70,000 km (OK) – this is our first line of exhaust products. Select converters with this warranty (2 years or 70,000 km) have a high-load catalytic converter core and are usually finished with a stainless steel tube construction. These are also called our OEM quality parts. These units feature increased substrate capacity or an overload of California indoor grade substrates and protective coatings. Although it is not officially the content of California, the content substrate is made based on its standards.

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