Tools To Remove Watch Links

Tools To Remove Watch Links – This guide guides you in sizing the watch band by removing the links, specifically for the Citizen Eco-Drive Stiletto Watch, model AR3015-53E. This may also apply to other style watches with similar metal bands.

A block of wood with a 1/8″ hole drilled in it (very useful for supporting the band and providing a place for the connecting pin to come out without scratching)

Tools To Remove Watch Links

Tools To Remove Watch Links

This is a picture of the two links together. I took three off my watch to fit my wrist perfectly. I removed two from one side of the grip and one from the other. Try to balance both sides of the clip so that it is as centered as possible when finished.

How To Remove Links From A Fossil Watch

Note the small arrows inscribed at the top left of each link. These indicate the direction in which the link pin should be removed. You should only work on the links with these arrows, leave the others.

Once you’ve decided how many ties to remove, start by placing the tie pin over the hole in the wood. Make sure you select the link with the arrow on it. You remove the connecting pin in the direction indicated by the arrow.

Use a large pin, hold the pin, and tap gently with a hammer to push the connecting pin through the links, into the hole in the wood block. Do not press it all the way, half way should be enough.

Then, use your fingers (or pliers) to pull the connecting pin the rest of the way. Be careful not to bend the pins.

How To Remove Watch Links

This allows connections to be split. Be careful not to lose the small eyelet collar on the link (see following photos).

It is the collar that is cut in the right place. The second picture shows that it has been removed. It may come out when you share the links, so be careful not to lose it.

It is located in the hole in the upper right part of the connection, on the wide tab. This is important because it creates a fit to hold the pin in place when the links are assembled.

Tools To Remove Watch Links

Step 5: Once you’ve removed the target links, it’s time to reattach the band.

Watch Band Adjustment Guide

Now, with your fingers (or carefully with tweezers), slide the connection pin in the opposite direction that you pulled it (from bottom to top, as it is placed in this picture). Don’t force it, get enough distance to keep the links together.

Finally, tap the pin with a hammer. I recommend using a block of wood as a base. Use the hammer very gently and be very careful not to hit the links with the hammer as the pin is close to the links as this can scratch them. It is better to use another piece of wood or something similar to plastic as a block. Push the pin until it is flush with the edge of the link. Getting the right fit on your watch is important, not only for your comfort and to ensure your watch looks its best, but also for safety; If your watch band is too big, you run the risk of your wrist slipping and your dial is more likely to crash.

While many watches have a sizing function that allows you to tighten or lengthen the bracelet, some require further adjustment to find the perfect fit. In that case it will be necessary to unlink the watch. Find out how to remove watch bands and start wearing your favorite timepiece with confidence.

Before you begin the process of unbinding the watch, you should determine the number of links to unbind by measuring the watch against your wrist. If you have another watch that fits better, you can compare the length of the bracelet to find the correct number of links. Alternatively, you can place it on your wrist in the position you prefer to wear it, collect accessories and count additional links.

How To Remove Scratches From A Stainless Steel Watch Case

Avoid removing all links from one side of the watch bracelet as this will change the positivity of the clip. Instead, take an equal number of links from each side of the clip. For this reason, you should try to remove an even number of links. However, when in doubt, remove a smaller link; It is much easier to remove other links later than to add them back.

Do not remove the watch links until you have all the necessary tools; This can easily lead to damaged or missing parts. You can purchase a complete watch band removal kit or individual tools that include:

It is best to use a tray and a white cloth for the clock parts and work on a clean and tidy workbench or table so that the parts do not go bad. Like taking apart jewelry, removing watch links requires space and patience.

Tools To Remove Watch Links

There is a wide range of styles of watch bracelets. Depending on the style of bracelet, a different pin is used, and therefore a different removal method.

Hands On: The Longines Spirit Automatic 40mm

Among luxury watches, the most popular bracelet styles include the Oyster, Jubilee, Lauder and Royal Oak bracelets. The main types of pins are straight pins, U pins and L pins.

Straight pins are more common. There are many ways to remove them. A simple method is to use a pin pusher:

As long as you have the right tools, resizing your watch is easier than you think. However, if you’re worried about replacing your favorite watch yourself, take it to a professional; Investing money to ensure that your luxury watch does not break down helps the watch retain its value.

Another way to protect your watches and other luxury jewelry is to insure them. If you’ve had problems in the past with homeowners or renters policies that didn’t fully cover your pieces, you’ll be glad to find a 21st Century Co™: jewelry insurance provider that can help protect your investment. Start protecting your watch today with a free jewelry insurance quote.

Watch Strap Unique Stainless Steel Watchband Tools Men Watch Band Wrist Strap Bracelet Bracelet (color

Dustin Sitar is director of marketing and operations at the company, which is dedicated to continually serving and empowering customers through education and inspiration. Prior to joining the company, Dustin was a senior analyst on the business strategy team at, focused on bringing new products to market. He wrote to W.P. MBA in Finance from Carey School of Business. As you already know, a watch band is one of the most important choices when considering a watch.

Choosing a car with a metal clock face is good, but difficult in terms of size. Even if the case diameter is perfect for you, it’s rare that the watch band fits perfectly.

This problem can easily become a thing of the past when you remove the watch links to lower them into the correct position.

Tools To Remove Watch Links

If you don’t want to go to a watch repair shop, this guide will walk you through the steps to remove watch bindings at home.

S1 Deluxe Watch Metal Bracelet Link Pin Remover With 3 Pusher Pins

Before you begin, you may want to know the complexity or simplicity you are getting.

With the right tools, removing watch links is a simple watch care and use operation. You don’t need any technical knowledge to cut your watch’s many links to the perfect size.

Get it right once and you’ll never regret buying the watch you want because now you’re sure to get it in the right size in no time.

This arrow will show you which direction to push the pin. Doing so may also damage the watch pin or band.

How To Fit, Adjust Or Shorten A Watch Strap

P.S. Make sure you don’t completely remove the watch links with the arrows on either side of the watch unless the arrows are all over the metal band. This will come in handy when you want to add or remove more links from the watch in the future.

Since this operation depends on the exact fit, you’ll want to measure how many links you need to remove. Before removing any pins in the watch bracelet links.

P.S. We recommend evaluating an even number of bindings to remove while you have a comfortable fit. Thus, the same number can be removed from the right and left side of the clip for better balance.

Tools To Remove Watch Links

Otherwise, one side of the clasp may take too much weight and the watch may slip on your wrist.

What Watch Strap Should I Wear?

The average metal watch band comes with a variety of delicate, precision-made components that you won’t want to miss. Be careful not to damage or disturb the watch when removing the watch links.

You can place a small, soft cloth on a part of the table/counter to hold the clock. This type of work area protects the watch crystal from scratches and damage, keeping all the watch pins close to you.

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