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Back in 2008 when I was still building equipment, I fell in love with the Smart Fortwo. I loved the little car so much that I proudly announced at my high school lunch table that the Smart was my dream car. I continued to dream despite the laughter, and to this day with the car on top

Smart Cars For Sale By Private Owners

Smart Cars For Sale By Private Owners

Of my lists is the Smart Crossblade. This car is an example of the few times a car manufacturer puts a concept car into production with little change. The Crossblade is a rare car with no more than 2,000 built, and even rarer here in America. But you can buy this 2002 Croslann for sale at Cars & Offers and own one of the wildest cars ever put into production.

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Founded in 1994 as Micro Compact Car AG, Smart launched in late 1997 with the City Coupé (subsequently renamed the Fortwo in 2004). However, it can be argued that the story goes back to the 1970s. Mercedes-Benz began experimenting with the concept of a two-seat economy car in 1972. Nothing came into production, but the automaker continued to experiment with the idea into the 1980s. A notable example is the 1981 Mercedes-Benz NAFA concept, which looks smart in the 1980s.

During this era in the 1980s, engineers in completely different industries were working on their own inventions. Elmar Mock, Jacques Müller and Ernst Thomke invented the elegant clock. Their company, Swatch, would be under the umbrella of SMH, run by businessman Nicolas Hayek. Hayek loved what Swatch (short for “second watch”) was doing for the watch world and thought the car industry didn’t share the same idea. Swatch watches were not only affordable, but stylish, fashionable and easy to customize. Hayek began work on what would become the Swatchmobile, a modern adaptable hybrid or electric powertrain that would cost around 10,000 Swiss francs.

Today we know that Smart is a subsidiary of Mercedes-Benz. And as of 2019, half of it is owned by Geely. But it wasn’t always like that. Hayek first chose Volkswagen to bring his car to life. Unfortunately, when Ferdinand Piëch became CEO of Volkswagen in 1993, the Swatchmobile was phased out in favor of the Volkswagen Lupo 3L.

I wonder how Volkswagen would have built the Smart. Thanks to a 2001 piece by Brand eins Online, a German trade magazine, we now know that Smart’s Swiss engineers didn’t like what Volkswagen was doing. Hayek’s Swiss team was reported to be of the opinion that Volkswagen’s early development proved what a real snoring party looked like:

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Although Swiss engineers, above all Daniel Ryhiner and Marc Frehner, argued for alternative concepts, VW management supported the more traditional ideas of their employees from Wolfsburg. Who will make the decision? It seems that the VW people had in mind a car “whose only innovation was to offer two seats instead of four,” says Frehner. “The thing was completely unsellable.”

The Hayek was bought and rejected by everyone from Fiat to General Motors before finding a new home at Daimler-Benz AG in 1994. Mercedes-Benz liked the concept of a modern car inspired by the Swatch design, but changed the design significantly.

The new idea of ​​a hybrid powertrain would be scrapped, as would the Swatchmobile name. According to Brand eins Online, the Swiss development team said “Today’s Petrol Smart is a product of Daimler-Benz and has nothing to do with the plans of the old Swatch team.” As the quote goes, after Volkswagen kicked them to the curb with Mercedes-Benz on the way, the Swiss team withdrew from the project.

Smart Cars For Sale By Private Owners

Despite the development disaster, Mercedes-Benz managed to launch the MCC City Coupé. In 2000, the MCC plant in Hambach, France was operating at full capacity, producing 100,000 vehicles per year. Small cars were popular in Europe and the company was looking for new ways to expand.

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In 1999 and 2000, Smart launched a design study and then a concept car for what would become the Roadster. And in 2001, Smart came to the Geneva Motor Show with another amazing car. According to an archived press release, the Smart Crossblade concept was created to show how Smart’s “minimum to maximum” philosophy can be applied to a variety of vehicles.

The Crossblade concept started life as a City Cabrio. Then, clever designers attacked the windshield, removed the fabric roof system and removed the weather protection. Smart signature Tridion Cell got a special shape and roll bar for the Crossblade.

The car’s plastic panels have also been redesigned. It may have started life as a convertible, but Smart essentially created a new car out of it. And despite the car starting out as a standard Smart product, there are some standard panels on the Crossbar.

Perhaps the best part about the Crossblade Concept is that Smart built it and will likely put it into production. And based on the public’s response, Smart decided to build 2,000 of them.

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Contrary to the norm, the production Crossblade doesn’t differ much from the concept. Minor changes include some panel redesigns and the deletion of the concept’s LED headlights, but the production version looks very close to the concept.

Being an open car with no roof of any kind, the Smart Crossblade provided a unique interior not found in other Smart cars. The seats are water resistant and the gauges and interior are weather sealed. In addition, this is a car that you can empty since there are drains in the floor. Smart even kept the HVAC system, but moved the vent under the dash.

If you don’t want to get back into the Smart Cross and sit on a wet seat, these cars had a hood that came up where the interior was dry.

Smart Cars For Sale By Private Owners

Power comes from a 600cc turbocharged Mercedes-Benz M160 Suprex triple mounted under the trunk. These usually provide 60 HP in some Smarters. For the Crossblade, Smart went to Mercedes-Benz tuner Brabus to give it an extra kick of 10 horsepower and 79 lb-ft of torque.

Smart Roadster Coupé Brabus Xclusive

That power reaches the rear wheels through a six-speed automatic manual transmission. Yes, a presentation many of you probably won’t like. Although the engine tips the scales at just 1,600 pounds, it still takes more than 10 seconds to reach 60 mph. Top speed is around 84 mph, so you can take it on the highway if you want. That said, since this is an early Smart, it’s probably an issue you should be aware of. 600cc engines are notorious for needing a rebuild well before 100,000 miles.

Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about this and that. Only 950 miles on the odometer. In fact, this car has been driven so little that it still has its original tires from 2002. It was clear that this was more of a collector’s item than a car.

Smart planned to build no more than 2,000 of these, and this car is 1,232. At launch, they were priced at €21,000, or almost twice as much as the City Cabriolet Passion. It is unknown if all the Smart 2000s were sold, but we do know that none were officially sold in America. Although this one appears to be for sale, I know of at least seven of them in the US.

And in 2027 you will be able to import it yourself without having to deal with import legislation. It is not known how he got here. That said, it comes with a clean Florida header, so you can run it if you want.

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Crossblade to cross the barrier for vehicles and offers. The Petersen Auto Museum sold another for $37,000. Doug DeMuro reviewed the car and it remains my favorite video of his. Bidding on this low mileage example is already hot and the price is currently $25,222 with six days to buy cars and offers. If you want this, you’ll have to bid against Doug DeMuro as well, so I expect this to be a spice auction. Hi Doug, if you win can I drive this thing?

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Mercedes is a lifelong fan of all things engine driven. When he’s not driving one of his five Smart Fortwos or his 14 other vehicles, he can be found in the cockpit of a Cessna 172 or perhaps swimming in any body of water he can find. He also loves buses of all kinds. Please

Smart Cars For Sale By Private Owners

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