Online Cars For Sale In Nigeria

Online Cars For Sale In Nigeria – There are online marketplaces in Nigeria where owners can buy used cars. Do you live in Lagos or another state in Nigeria? Find the best used cars for sale in Lagos.

Before buying a fairly used car, it is better to thoroughly analyze your financial budget. The Nigerian automotive industry is well represented by a number of automobile manufacturers including Mercedes Benz, KIA, Toyota, Honda, Lexus, Peugeot, Land Rover, Hyundai, Volkswagen and Nissan.

Online Cars For Sale In Nigeria

Online Cars For Sale In Nigeria

Although buying a new car is arguably the most popular option, used cars are the most popular option in Nigeria. They are cheaper and offer more value because they have little or no depreciation than new cars.

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It is better to buy directly from the owner, as agencies add money and therefore increase the cost of the car. There are several places in Nigeria where owners can buy used cars.

Additionally, insurance premiums for second-hand cars in Nigeria can be cheaper than new cars, depending on the type of car. Compared to its neighbor (Cotonou), Nigeria’s automotive industry is constantly growing. Due to continuous growth, people continue to create local car brands.

Nigerians looking to buy used vehicles travel here from all over the country. The entire market is divided into segments where many car dealers come together as a federation.

Owners sometimes find it difficult to choose between a new or used car for sale in Nigeria because each has some advantages and disadvantages. Purchasing a new vehicle is the best choice because the vehicle has never been used before and is equipped as the manufacturer designed it. As a result, there may be nothing to worry about. But buying a new car in Nigeria can require a lot of work from the buyer.

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In addition to possible costs that may arise from the vehicle itself, high registration fees and additional fees may also be charged. The Nigerian company prefers second-hand cars. Although they are used, they offer several advantages.

It is interesting to know that up to 70% of cars used in Europe, America and certain parts of Asia are transported to Africa and marketed there as used cars. These automobile exports from countries such as Germany, Spain, USA, Canada, Japan and Dubai reach Nigerian ports every day. Nigeria, the most populous country in Africa, receives a significant portion of these vehicles from Lagos ports, which are always busy.

Lagos, Nigeria’s commercial metropolis, has one of the largest concentrations of automotive centers in the world. As mentioned in this article, vehicles are brought to Nigeria by sea and first arrive at Afpa or Tin Kan ports in Lagos State and are then transported to other cities.

Online Cars For Sale In Nigeria

As the name suggests, these used cars are used cars in Nigeria. They can be brand new tokunbos or previously ridden tokunbos. In Nigeria, these are called used vehicles.

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Nigerian car buyers prefer used cars sold by owners in Nigeria because they are usually much cheaper than new or similar Tokunbo cars. This is a popular option for consumers who have limited funds for the cars they want.

It is worth noting that the prices below are not fixed as vehicle prices change frequently. The change in prices depends on the condition of the vehicle, fuel consumption, etc. affected by factors. Since second-hand cars are sold by their owners in Nigeria, there are no agency fees and their prices are not too high. However, prices may vary depending on location.

Browse cars for the latest and up-to-date prices on second-hand cars for sale by owner

This is a very popular online marketplace where owners can buy second-hand cars for sale in Nigeria. Here you can call the owner directly and arrange a time to inspect the vehicle. You can also sell your second-hand cars.

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The largest auto hub in Lagos is Berger Automotive Market on Mile 2 – Apapa Expressway. It is often referred to as Burger Park in Apapa Lagos. Here you can buy a second hand car for sale by owner in Nigeria.

Cars sold at Berger Auto Market are imported from various countries such as Germany, USA, Canada, Spain and Japan. Berger is probably Nigeria’s largest second-hand car market after the Cotonou car market in Benin Republic. It is the second largest market in the West. Africa.

A trip to Berger Park reveals that a group of independent auto importers and car dealers have joined forces to create a thriving auto hub. The United Berger Automobile Dealers Association (association) acts as the driving force behind the group.

Online Cars For Sale In Nigeria

Car dealers dealing with different categories and brands of cars have divided the market into various areas. Luxury cars, SUVs and sedans have their own categories. It is common to find dealers who only work with a particular brand of car.

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Ojodu Berger is another place in Nigeria where car owners can buy second-hand cars. There are two well-known Berger dealers selling cars in Lagos. The first one is called Apapa Berger and Ojodu Berger.

Ojodo Berger dealers mostly sell second-hand cars from Nigeria, while Apapa Berger dealers sell only foreign vehicles. Ojudo Berger’s garage also has many foreign second-hand car dealers.

On the outskirts of Lagos is Ojodo Burger. It serves as the border between Lagos and Ogun State.

It is a favorite destination of out-of-town buyers, namely those from Ogun axis and surrounding areas.

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At Festac, you are sure to see second-hand cars for sale by owners in Nigeria. Another popular place to buy a car in Lagos State is Cars45 in Pastak, sometimes known as a satellite city by Lagosians.

Let’s say you went to Pastak to buy a car. In this case, you understand that this is a separate community of car dealers who own individual car racks and run their own businesses.

The standards of conduct in Lagos are essentially the same whether you buy your vehicle from Berger or Festac car dealers.

Online Cars For Sale In Nigeria

Although there is generally no difference in price, Berger has a more comprehensive selection of fairly used vehicles. Festac car dealers offer second-hand cars from abroad and Nigeria. Car dealers can be found in Amuwo Odofini, the most populated area of ​​Festac town.

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Frequently asked questions about second-hand cars How do you know if the second-hand car you are buying is a good one?

Check for rust in the wheel wells and the bottom of the car, which could cause problems in the future. Make sure the doors are working properly and show no signs of misuse. Look for obvious wear under the hood. First, check whether the engine block is dirty due to fluid leakage.

The ideal age to buy a second-hand car is 2-3 years because it remains “like new” and the depreciation rate is slower.

This process may take 5-10 business days. Note that the vehicle must be registered for at least six months before the owner can legally replace it.

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Not only are second-hand cars cheaper than new cars, they also allow you to learn about their service history and other issues. There is also a wide variety of used car options available across the country compared to new cars, which are few in dealerships across the country.

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Online Cars For Sale In Nigeria

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