How To Get Cheap Hotel Rates

How To Get Cheap Hotel Rates – Although you can save money on other things like food, coffee, or attractions. But hotels aren’t an option because you need a roof over your head while traveling. But how to find cheap hotels?

You will soon find out that there are many factors that influence the price of a hotel. Like airplane tickets As I said in my complete guide to booking cheap flights, But this shouldn’t stop you. Because there are several tips with which you should be able to book cheap hotels.

How To Get Cheap Hotel Rates

How To Get Cheap Hotel Rates

In this guide, we’ll look at the best days to book a hotel. How to find cheap hotels The Best Budget Hotel Websites and More You Should Know!

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With all the resources and platforms available online. It’s easy to find great deals all year long, so let’s get started.

Because many sites offer loyalty programs and best price guarantees, the short answer is that the lowest prices are online.

In theory, hotels should adjust their rates and offer lower prices on social media. and cannot offer a lower price on the website.

However, you can always try your luck and call or email the hotel to negotiate a better price. This is because the hotel doesn’t charge a commission from the website if you book directly.

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For example, if you book a stay at the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas for $300 per night on or another platform. You can call to see if they will agree to a discount.

If they refuse I usually offer something like a free upgrade. breakfast voucher or anything related

The cheapest option is to book online. But you can get a good deal by negotiating with the hotel. But please note that this is not guaranteed.

How To Get Cheap Hotel Rates

It’s also important to note that when you book with a site like, their customer service is excellent.

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For example, let’s say you arrive at a hotel and there is no room. These online booking platforms will help you find alternative locations.

But if you book directly with the hotel Everything will be between you and them. And no one will be there to help you if needed.

In addition to the best way to book a hotel. You also want to know how to get a better room for free.

Yes, it’s nice to be nice to the receptionist and ask for an upgrade. But there are many other ways. Let me explain to you the most common methods.

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First, your chances of getting a free room upgrade increase significantly if you book off-season. It is understandable that when the hotel is full they will not be able to upgrade.

But when you travel outside of peak season Hotels often have more rooms available. And that’s when they’re more likely to offer free upgrades.

Second, you can apply for credit cards that offer hotel upgrades. For example, the Platinum Card® from American Express and Chase’s Sapphire Reserve® are the best (expensive, but worth it) credit cards for free room upgrades.

How To Get Cheap Hotel Rates

Additionally, you can tell the hotel that you’ll be attending a special event like a birthday or honeymoon and you’ll have a better chance of getting a room.

Avoid Powerful Booking Sites

Finally, if you are a social media influencer like me on Instagram. You can contact the hotel and request a free accommodation partnership as a blogger or influencer.

You don’t need thousands of followers to work. Just send them an email and offer to advertise them on social media for free returns.

It’s a win-win situation for both sides. You will be able to reach thousands of people. and you will be free

However, the best way to book a last minute hotel is to check online. In fact When the hotel is not fully booked and the check-in period is nearing its end. Hotels often lower their prices. Helps you save money

How To Get Cheap Hotels In Las Vegas?

However, don’t expect to save tens of dollars over regular rates. Because the average price drops just 13% when you book last minute. Compared to the price when you book months in advance.

According to Forbes , you should wait at least until 4:00 PM to book a hotel and get the best deals.

We recently talked about how to find cheap hotels at the last minute. So now let’s see how much you should book your room at.

How To Get Cheap Hotel Rates

See To find some places, like La Digue Island in the Seychelles, it’s important to book in advance.

The Best Ways To Find Cheap Hotel Room Rates

Some remote areas sell out quickly. And last minute booking is not an option. In these cases You should book at least 5 weeks in advance, especially during peak season.

In addition, if you are traveling to see the exhibition You should find a hotel for your event as soon as possible. which usually sell out quickly

We’ve all been there, wondering what day is best to book a hotel. And what is the best way to book a hotel?

There are many things to consider from the time of booking to the season and more.

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But what if you don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars and risk not getting these benefits? Applying for a hotel loyalty program is also a good option.

These loyalty programs are great and help you enjoy a free welcome drink. Early check-in or check-out, free breakfast and more.

For example, if we use Accor’s loyalty program, they offer cards from Classic to Diamond (the best).

How To Get Cheap Hotel Rates

If you’re looking for a cheap way to book a hotel, Accor’s Classic offers you member rates instead of society rates. It’s no big deal. But you will save a few bucks. Which is better than nothing.

How To Book A Cheap Hotel In 2024

The Gold Card entitles you to a free early check-in or late check-out. and free upgrade This depends on the hotel’s availability.

Additionally, the Platinum Card guarantees a room 2 days prior to arrival. It will also give you access to the hotel’s executive lounge, where available. You will be upgraded to a suite for one night. which is great

Lastly, you get free breakfast. €100 dinner voucher and all the other card benefits with the Diamond card.

Even though it’s good But you have to pay at least €10,400 (more than $11,500) per year to buy it.

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In addition to Accor, other networks There are also loyalty programs – according to US Travel News, the best networks include:

Of course, there’s more and you’ll want to check out the best at your favorite chains.

You can cancel your booking for free. Although prices are often higher than non-refundable bookings. But it will also give you time to look for better prices over time.

How To Get Cheap Hotel Rates

For example, if you book a hotel with free cancellation and your arrival date is three months away, you’ll have more time to find a better deal. If not then You are still getting your reservations ready for your vacation.

Cheap Hotels 2023

No need to say You should review your cancellation policy carefully to avoid penalties when the time comes. And if you finally want to cancel

My personal advice is to ask to change the policy from “free cancellation” to “no refunds” if you don’t see a better offer after booking.

Long-term bookings are the perfect answer to finding cheap hotels when you have extra time.

For example, a regular rate might be $80 per night, but when you’re staying for a week, That rate can drop quickly to $70 per night or less. Depends on hotel and season

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Plus, after leaving Airbnb, seeing the discounts offered, and sometimes up to 40%, is worth a try, right?

Comparing prices between accommodations is the basis of finding a cheap hotel. And we already know this. But to save more money You will need to check out the bundle.

These vacation packages offer almost everything you need for a vacation. Whether it’s flights, hotels, food, and so much more.

How To Get Cheap Hotel Rates

On the other hand, though, it adds another layer of convenience. But you wouldn’t go to a local restaurant. And that’s just as unrealistic as booking everything separately.

How To Score Cheap Hotel Rooms

If you are good at haggling This is the best way to book a hotel.

The first part is comparing prices online and directly with hotels. You are reasonable in negotiating if you see the same price. (or cheaper) online than on the hotel’s website

You can also play with the fact that hotels pay commission on social media instead of direct bookings.

Additionally, if you book during the low season, it is possible that the hotel will not be fully booked.

Extended Stay Hotels With Weekly And Monthly Rates

Hosts often want to lower their prices rather than not receive any bookings. So consider this an advantage.

Additionally, on Airbnb, you can contact the owner before booking. This is good for trying to get better deals than the ones published.

We’ve all been there, done something.

How To Get Cheap Hotel Rates

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