2006 Ezgo Txt Golf Cart

2006 Ezgo Txt Golf Cart – So here are all the improvements I’ve made to my TXT so far. It includes a 6 inch axle lift, heavy duty springs, new shocks, nerf bars, front bumper, fenders, diamond plate steering guard, towbar, stereo, mirrors…really everything.

One problem I had with the heavy springs was that the center pin did not line up properly with the spring hole. I think the new angle of the lift gear threw it off. I just drilled a new hole 3/8″ from the original and all is well.

2006 Ezgo Txt Golf Cart

2006 Ezgo Txt Golf Cart

These were really my first time doing anything… so please don’t be too judgmental about my welds. I tried to grind and touch the ones I could see, but the ones hidden under the body went over.

E Z Go Golf Cart & Ptv Parts Manuals

The welding machine I use is a Harbor Freight 110V flux – it had no problems with the steel I used. The duct tape I used on my 90 was also from Harbor Freight and took a lot of trial and error to keep the bend from pinching. Once I figured out a trick though the wind made the packs I needed. This is a 1 1/2″ diameter round tube.

Ripples in the black place where Lac rustoleum had begun to bubble. I added too many coats too quickly. It still adds the protection I want and basically fell off when I use it.

This was another excuse. I had a lot of metal left over from the nerf bars so I thought why not give it a try. Very happy with how it turned out and it’s one heck of a bumper. I am hoping to get a small winch to haul trees and firewood for our river camp. It’s bolted to the front leaf spring mount so I don’t think it’s going anywhere.

The front bumper has an open space between the frame and the actual tubes, so I wanted to add some flare to that area. I think it worked well the first time I messed with a diamond disc. I made a template out of cardboard that I could hold and then draw on the metal – worked really well!

Ez Go Terrain 250 Golf Cart, Vin/sn:3099099

The cart is called the Mini Dumpster. My boat is a trash can because the green paint matches every trash can in town. So why not follow my green cart! For $20 I cut 2 names and mocked up logos.

These were definitely needed after our first mud run. Those knee rings covered us. haha I used 1/4-20 bolts instead of the black plastic screws that come with it. I think it looks very good.

Tires – These are 23″ flights from a local cart shop. They were asking $350 for a set, but we ended up switching to a gun. 🙂

2006 Ezgo Txt Golf Cart

Engine Kit – I replaced the carb and all the filters. New plugs. Basic engine maintenance. There was no service schedule information when I bought it so I just assumed the worst.

Ezgo Golf Cart Accessories For Style, Comfort, & Customizing

The stereo is from Amazon – PolarLander Universal 1 Din 12V in-Break Car Radio – I went for this so I wouldn’t have to mess with wires and speakers. The 2 small built in speakers are really loud for what you get. We hear better walking on the road.

Golf Cart King Windshield – All American – Folding EZGO 3/16″ Acrylic Windshield – This is a nice windshield and installation was easy. I recommend. One problem was that someone rolled it over at one point, the vertical front support on the roof .The spacers were missing so the windshield was quite tight.I used the nuts as new boilers and everything slid together.

The attachment was from Amazon – 10L0L Golf Cart Trailer Hitch for EZGO TXT – It attached to my existing folding rear seat. I am very happy with it and it is interchangeable with my existing drag blocks on my truck so nothing special to buy. I pull a 2″ single axle trailer with no problems.

The mirrors are from Amazon – 10L0L latest golf cart folding side mirror and rearview mirror – I did not add side mirrors because the large panoramic mirror is more than enough.

Ezgo Txt Golf Cart Front Seat Cover Vinyl Set Staple On Replacement 1996 2013

Lights – the cart came with street legal kit – turn signals and brake lights – so I upgraded the old bulbs with LED floodlights from Amazon – LUYED 2 X 900 Lumen Super Bright 3014 78-EX Chipsets 881 LED bulbs – they are very bright so i am so happy so far. I have a small LED light bar that I can add to the bumper later. I will also add a dome light under the ceiling. The ones I found have a built in timer so after 5 minutes it will automatically turn off. There’s also an LED kit on the bottom, so the fenders glow in the color of my choice.

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Looks good! I see a big block series in your future! 🙂 Changes the whole riding experience lol

2006 Ezgo Txt Golf Cart

The bending of the diamond plate was often at hand. For the two long main arcs, I laid the main plate flat on my metal welding bench. Then after taping it with cardboard I used my 3lb hammer and started bending it to the hard edge. The rest was done with handles little by little.

It’ll Soon Be Legal To Drive Golf Carts On Miami Township Streets

This is an old axle and frame from utility trailers. I replaced the wheels and added some grease to make the bearings last longer. Our ramp is about 3 miles from camp so they go 6 miles round trip. We took it on a little obstacle course through the woods to make sure it caught on before it was over.

The axle is 5/8″ and the wheels are 10″. All the tubes are 1″ square and 1/8″ thick…I was worried that a gap like that wouldn’t hold the weight, but it still hasn’t bent. Most of the weight is over the axle – even with a 2 kayak it’s easy to lift the tongue and move it by hand. E-Z-GO vehicles have been around for quite some time and have expanded their market presence over the past few years. Some innovative designs. Their longest running model is easily the EZGO TXT (which also comes as the E-Z-GO Freedom TXT golf cart we review here). It has been around since the 1990s and has had a few facelifts in recent years with body style changes. First, the E-Z-GO Freedom TXT golf cart is an affordable new vehicle with a starting price of $7,100. If you’re looking for a no-nonsense golf cart, you’ve found the right vehicle for you.

We would like to point out that the vehicle is built and designed for golf and is not classed as a street legal vehicle. So remember that safety is the concern of the E-Z-GO Freedom TXT golf cart. Now one highlight is that the vehicle has a steel frame which makes it stronger on the road than aluminum frames. The disadvantage of the steel frame is related to its ability to rust. It is made of powder coated steel which is rust resistant.

Interested in a golf cart that is a step up from the E-Z-GO Freedom TXT golf cart? Check out the E-Z-GO Freedom RXV Golf Cart here.

Ezgo Txt For Sale In Lake Havasu

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