How To Choose Foundation Color For My Face

How To Choose Foundation Color For My Face – Starting today, I’m starting a new feature on the blog: Wise Wednesday, where I’ll be sharing tips and tricks that will make your men smarter when it comes to makeup and skin.

Today on Wise Wednesday we help you choose the right foundation shade. Let’s face it. We all have false foundations. Sometimes it forces SAs, sometimes it collects illumination. Whatever the reason, at least we all get the basics wrong and then hit ourselves over the head.

How To Choose Foundation Color For My Face

How To Choose Foundation Color For My Face

I have 3 bottles of foundation and mine is lighter than my skin tone. I don’t understand why SAs would try to sell you a foundation that is lighter than your actual skin tone. I call them Indians obsessed with “Gora honey”.

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This is a big mistake you have made. Trust me face and body color will never differ. In my case, my armpits are 2 shades darker than my face, so if my foundation matches my armpits, I buy a darker foundation.

I’ve seen girls reject foundation on their jawline, but it didn’t work for me. I am always looking at my cheek foundation. There you can see the exact foundation color.

I have to explain this to every woman in the house. Really! Girls Foundation not only makes you look beautiful but also hides your imperfections and makes you glow better. There is no way foundation can make you look lighter. If you go for a lighter foundation, it will obviously look red, which you don’t like. So puuhhllleaaaazzeeee!!!! Choose the shade that suits your skin tone

1 foundation I bought two years ago matched my skin tone perfectly in store lighting, but was lighter when I tried it at home. In fact, shops have yellow lights and always check the shade under natural light. So step out of the store and check it out.

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Choosing the right foundation plays an important role. There are basically 2 types of undertones: pink and yellow. The third one is pink and yellow but we don’t have this type of foundation in India so let’s buy 2. If you google it you can find a blood test to know the whisper. But green and blue veins have never worked for me, l stand in natural light and look in the mirror. If you gravitate towards pale pink/pink, you have a cool/pink undertone and if you look yellow, you have a warm undertone. So always choose a foundation with undertones that suit you. Otherwise, the purpose is wasted.

If you feel the swatches aren’t helping you, ask an SA to do a full face test for you. This way you can see the exact shade and how it looks on you. Why are you embarrassed to spend your hard earned money on this?

YES!!!!! Take several photos in different lighting conditions. The natural light of shop lighting is white light. From different angles; flash etc. without flash. It looks like a shadow and returns the flash. No you will know. When I went to MAC for the foundation, I did a few photo trials, took 5-6 photos, trusted that shade and walked out, went back to MAC and took the shade again.

How To Choose Foundation Color For My Face

Finally, not yet. Don’t buy any foundation due to construction pressure of SAs. If you tested 5 colors and didn’t buy even one, that’s perfectly fine. There is nothing to worry about. I’ve been to MAC three times; I tried different foundations and came back feeling confident. Similarly, buy a foundation shade but after knowing it’s my shade and match it to a T. This means many visits to the shops. ok

Wise Wednesday: How To Choose The Right Shade Of Foundation

Here are some tips on how to choose the best foundation shade. I hope this helps you.

Note: All images in this post are randomly selected by Google and I do not own/claim any titles. color and sound; Is it the same? No! When describing skin tone, I usually say light, medium skin tone, dark blah blah blah blah. However, undertones are the colors below your skin tone.

Have you ever seen an orange-yellow face or ghost mask? Yes, maybe it’s because I don’t appreciate the basis of their whispers. It may match skin tones but not interiors.

There can be a variety of reasons for this, but the key to choosing a foundation and makeup color that matches your skin tone is knowing your undertones.

How To Find Your True Match Foundation Shade

Do the words “yes,” “natural” or “hot” mean something to you? These are the foundation and words used to describe your sales pitch.

First, you should look for skin that has not been exposed to anything that could change its color. For example, the sun may be on your wrist or on the inside of your arm.

If you see blue/purple veins; You have a “posh” accent. In a cold whisper, if you stay in the sun for a while, you tend to burn more than you do. Cool undertones are also complemented by silver jewelry.

How To Choose Foundation Color For My Face

If you see green veins, you probably have “warm” undertones. Because of the warm undertones, you’ll be basking in the sun instead of lying in the sun for a while. Warm clothes are decorated with gold ornaments.

Your Ultimate Huda Beauty Complexion Shade Matching Guide

You have blue, purple, and green veins so if you can’t decide one or the other, you most likely have a “neutral” undertone. Neutral tones work best with gold and silver jewelry.

For cool bases, I like to stick to blue eyeshadow, red rose or purple lipsticks and light pink lipsticks. *For the basics, you want to stick to the “cool ones”.

For audible sounds, you’re in luck. Just like jewelry, all types of makeup go well with your voice. * For foundation, see comments below.

You can use earth tones for warm undertones; I want to continue with coral blush and black lipstick. * For foundation, you want to stick to “temperature”.

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*When you choose a foundation in your category, you always want to test it first. Just because it matches your undertone doesn’t mean the shade matches your skin tone. You can go one shade up or down on the color scale. Always test the foundation on your jawline. A less noticeable foundation is your ideal shade.

I hope this helps a bit. Finding your perfect match is never easy. However, when you find your whispers, your job becomes easier. Then when you find your perfect match, viola! I’m getting angry. Keep in mind that depending on whether it’s winter or summer, you may need to go in the shade.

I think I love my job, but right now I have a job and it’s a very difficult job for me. Na jaren zoken ve sjotet zijn, zavoyde ik de witte vlog ve jag ik nu mijn passis na – Beauty, fashion and entertainment. Glamor by Christine with Christine Using the right foundation color and formula with the right technique is the best way to keep your skin flawless. Therefore, it is important to know how to find your foundation shade as there are so many products available in the market. Foundations come in many shades and each shade suits a different skin tone. When applied correctly, foundation can make you look flawless, but when applied incorrectly, it can completely ruin your makeup. So using the wrong foundation tone can make you look cakey or painted. Understanding your skin tone is the first step to choosing the right foundation shade. So let’s start there. Below you will find some tips to help you choose the right foundation color for your skin tone. Continue.

How To Choose Foundation Color For My Face

The purpose of foundation makeup is to help your skin look good and not look like you have layers of product on top of it. Here are some things you can do to enhance your makeup.

Foundation Match Up

This is an important step to help you choose the perfect foundation formula. To choose the right formula for you, you need to understand your skin’s needs and concerns.

If you have oily skin, use a powder foundation or an oil-free liquid foundation. They contain oil-absorbing powders to create a smooth, matte finish. Mineral foundations work best on oily skin;

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