How To Add Automatic Transmission Fluid

How To Add Automatic Transmission Fluid – Improves performance and reduces corrosion and oxidation with advanced anti-wear technology and premium base compounds

Valvoline Mercon V ATF is a standard automatic transmission fluid specifically designed to extend the life of automatic transmissions in vehicles with all Mercon V and additional Mercon applications. Designed with core storage and advanced additive technology, its low temperature sensitive fluid is useful for electronic and structural transmission and transmission. It provides smooth and consistent shifting performance, excellent wear protection and shock resistance, and prevents cracking and breakdown at high temperatures. The way automatic transmissions adapt to ever-changing traffic and driving presents its own unique challenges. These were specifically taken into consideration when we developed Valvoline Mercon V ATF. It fits most Ford, Lincoln and Mercury cars and light trucks (except those specifying Mercon SP, Mercon LV, Mercon ULV or F Type), as well as most pre-2006 GM cars and many imports. The following applications are particularly recommended: Ford Mercon V and Mercon; Dexron-II and Dexron-III; Caterpillar TO-2; Alison C-4; and some electrical fluid applications. Mercon V is also backwards compatible with Mercon and can be used with Mercon applications. For more shifts and more mileage, trust your transmission with Valvoline, the #1 brand of automatic transmission fluids.

How To Add Automatic Transmission Fluid

How To Add Automatic Transmission Fluid

Changed the transmission fluid in the car using Valvoline MaxLife™ ATF full synthetic. Standard transmission fluid was used for all previous changes. Will this cause any problems?

Vp Street Legal™ Multi Vehicle Synthetic Formula Transmission Fluid

Not changing to synthetic transmission fluid after using a standard product will not cause any problems. Synthetic and conventional oils are 100 percent compatible.

Yes Valvoline makes some synthetic ATFs. MaxLife® ATF, ATF+4, Hybrid, Extra Protection and DEXRON® VI are all synthetic transmission fluids.

Yes Valvoline makes some synthetic ATFs. MaxLife® ATF, ATF 4 and DEXRON® VI are all synthetic transmission fluids.

MaxLife ATF is a multi-vehicle transmission fluid that is compatible with many brand and manufacturer recommendations. Please refer to the MaxLife product data sheet to determine if MaxLife is suitable for your vehicle application.

How To Check Automatic And Manual Transmission Fluid Levels

Is MaxLife Direct Transmission Fluid an SP-III fluid? MaxLife ATF is 100 percent suitable for use in SP-II and SP-III applications.

ATF’s #1 brand, TJ Hunt, looks like Valvoline provides transmission fluid to meet the manufacturer’s specifications for most vehicles on the road today.

Each kit is built with specific materials, parts and tools to match your DIY project. So you get everything you need, and nothing you don’t.

How To Add Automatic Transmission Fluid

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Nissan Cvt Fluid Ns 3 1l Auto Transmission Fluid For X Trail Teana Sylphy Serena

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Changing the automatic transmission fluid should be done every 20,000 to 50,000 miles. Thanks it’s so easy! Look like this

Watch all of our wrenched videos for more tips on how to inspect, repair and modify cars from professional editor Larry Kosilla. While you’re at it, check out Larry Details’ other series of cleaning and car maintenance videos.

[00:00:00] [Story] Changing the automatic transmission fluid is easy and should be done every 20 to 50,000 miles on most vehicles that need service, but check your owner’s manual when changing it. What type of fluid is needed and how many gallons the system holds before starting. Here are the tools you need to do it yourself. Socket and torque wrench, brake cleaner, clutch can, scrubber pad, bucket, gasket, transmission fluid, gloves, safety glasses, basic tools, rags and rags.

Power Torque Automatic Transmission Fluid

[00:00:30] I’m Larry Kosilla, a professional trainer for the last 15 years, but when it comes to what’s on the cover, I’m the student. Follow me as the experts teach me how to diagnose, repair and modify ‘wrenched’ cars. I’ve heard of quick lube places that offer transmission replacement, service and even washing. What is the difference between the two? – Well, a fluid change would be where you drain the fluid, and put new fluid on it. The service would be to remove the pan,

[00:01:00] Put in a new filter and then refilling the liquid to the top. The fluid actually cleans the torque converter fluid, which contains several gallons of oil that you can’t drain by just pulling the pan out, so one of the best ways to do this is if you put in new fluid, new filters. , send it for a while, you will drain a lot of old liquid, mix it, and then put it back. Now it is difficult because you have to do it twice, but it is very easy to do it yourself. – [Larry] Check the current fluid to get an idea of ​​its condition, smell, color and level.

[00:01:30] Now use the same colored paper towel as last so you can easily compare the transmission fluid. Make sure you have an empty can before you start the process. With the car in the air, find the transmission and open the drain plug, or in some cases you have to unscrew a few bolts in the pan and do what is called a gentle drain before removing them all to avoid a big mess. Fortunately, this machine has a water tap, which makes the process very easy.

How To Add Automatic Transmission Fluid

[00:02:00] Now most of the external fluid, remove the transmission pan. With the pan out of the car, now is the time to do some detailing. First, remove the old plaster with a plastic knife or scouring block, making sure not to scratch the smooth surface, which could lead to future flooding. Message clean the pan inside and out, the related bolts and pay special attention to the magnetic filter. Like the oil drain plugs, the transmission also has a magnet attached to the inside of the pan

Acdelco 10 9243 Auto Trans Fluid

[00:02:30] To attract metal shavings in transmission during use. It’s scary to see all the metal parts, but I’m told it’s completely normal. Check the surface of the transmission and make sure it is as clean as the pan. This is a very important step for a perfect seal, so it shouldn’t feel rough or uneven, or have any residue. Now that everything is clean and ready to go, it’s time to replace the filter, but it’s a good idea to make sure the old and new are the same.

[00:03:00] Most filters have plastic gaskets, like this one here. Add new transmission fluid to the rubber to seal it before installing and tightening. Then put it back in the pan, but a new gasket is needed to replace the old one that we scraped off. Before adding the new gas, a sticker is placed on top of the coupler to keep the gas in place during reinstallation to prevent it from moving or slipping and possibly causing leaks down the road. Now install the pan carefully trying to avoid gas movement.

[00:03:30] Then hand tighten all the newly cleaned bolts. Once the bolts are hand tight, run in a rough criss-cross pattern to evenly crush the gasket, similar to tightening the nut. In this case, there are a few more screws. If you are wondering where to get your car’s leaky detailing, you can easily check online or at your local dealer. Take the old liquid from your old empty can and pour it into an old gallon or quart container to measure exactly how much has been removed from the sink.

[00:04:00] Make sure you dispose of the liquid that comes off properly. This is toxic and should be disposed of properly. Check with your local auto parts store to see if they recycle or can recommend where to go. Add the mask to the dipstick and replace with the same amount of old fluid, but with new fluid. Then start the car and, with your foot on the brake, go through the gears to help clear the torque converter fluid, which will squeeze the old trapped fluid left behind even after our first drain.

Aisin Automatic Trans Fluid Atf Sp4 For Hyundai Accent Elantra Tucson Kia Forte

[00:04:30] Now with the car off, go back to the water line and drain the fluid again without removing the pan. You will see the cleaning fluid that we poured a few minutes ago mixed into the old, and now everything is a little darker, but it is definitely better than our old or original fluid that we have in the car. Now repeat the last step adding the same amount removed as before. Then start the car, again in gear,

[00:05:00] And refill the liquid if needed. Most cars need to run idle for the dipstick reading to be accurate, but check

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