How Much To Pay Family For Babysitting

How Much To Pay Family For Babysitting – Deciding how much to charge for your babysitting services can be a stressful decision If you charge too much, parents may refuse to hire you If you charge too little, you could lose a lot of money

Let’s start by looking at average child care rates in cities around the world, and then we’ll cover the various factors that can affect your hourly rate. By the end of this article, you should have a good idea of ​​how much you should charge for your babysitting service.

How Much To Pay Family For Babysitting

How Much To Pay Family For Babysitting

Child care rates in the United States vary significantly by city. Average hourly wages ranged from $10.95 in Las Vegas to $19.74 in San Francisco and from $14.63 to $22.44 for two children. The national average is $17.73 for one child, $20.30 for two children, and $21.49 for three children.

Babysitter Hourly Rates Increase

Child care rates in Canada vary moderately from state to state and are highest in larger cities Hourly wages can range from CA$9.75 in Burlington, Ontario to CA$15.49 in Vancouver, British Columbia. The average salary in Canada is CA$11.59 per hour

Childcare fees in the UK vary considerably from £6.65 per hour to £22.85 per hour. The average cost for a child in the UK is £11.59 per hour City center locations, where the cost of living is higher, have a higher proportion of children

The minimum wage for children under 17 is £4.55 per hour, for 18 to 20 year olds the minimum is £6.45, for 21 to 24 year olds the minimum is £8.20 and for over 25 year olds the wage Minimum is £8.72 per hour. You must be at least school-leaving age to receive the National Minimum Wage (source)

Childcare rates in Australia are very consistent between cities Average hourly wages range from $14.87 to $25.17, but most jobs are close to the national average for children of $19. 72 per hour.

How Much You Should Pay A Babysitter

Unfortunately, I can’t recommend just one number that you should use as your babysitting rate. There are many babysitting variables to take into consideration

I would say $10 per hour (or the equivalent in your area) is a minimum number to set as a base rate. In most US, Canadian or UK cities you will compete for this price. A good base salary in Australia would be around $15/hour

Unless you are a new babysitter and don’t have much experience, I would avoid paying less than $10 per hour. Otherwise, you may have sold yourself a little short

How Much To Pay Family For Babysitting

But this is the minimum In some cities, the average experienced nanny can earn $25 per hour! So you really need to consider all the factors below and see how much they can affect the charge.

Free Daycare (child Care) Contract Template

If you’re worried about talking to your parents about pay, read my article: How to Negotiate Daycare Fees.

If you are a nanny or just want to start babysitting, you will definitely have other friends in the same position as you.

Ask your nanny friends how much they get paid There’s no harm in asking, and if they’re willing to share, it will give you the actual charge you would charge yourself.

Your friends are probably the same age, experience level, and live in the same city as you. So this will be a really accurate way to know what your salary will be as a kid.

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Family members and other people you know with young children, how much money they give to babysitters

Asking parents serves two purposes Parents are willing to pay for their children and it will be a good idea to give them a different perspective Plus it shows parents that you are interested in babysitting and they might even get you a job!

As I mentioned earlier, there are many different factors that will determine how much you can charge as a child.

How Much To Pay Family For Babysitting

When you’re being interviewed for a child care job, first impressions are very important, and your visible age is a big part of that.

Why Child Care Is The Economy’s ‘invisible’ Driver

It’s really unfair, but I think most parents think you should give a 17-year-old more than a 14-year-old. But in many cases, the older child may only have a year of babysitting experience, while the youngest may have three years of experience!

I mentioned this so that you can be aware of it. As a child, you have to negotiate more and really prove that you are a mature and experienced child.

If you are younger, you may face the same problem because your parents will assume that you are younger

In the next sections I will talk about some tools you can use to overcome possible prejudices when babysitting.

This Calculator Shows How Much You Should Pay Your Babysitter

In my opinion, experience is a more important factor that parents should consider when hiring a child than age

Who would you hire? Someone who has just completed a babysitting course and has never been a babysitter or someone with 5 years of experience?

Gaining experience will lead to many incentives A more experienced child may have seen and dealt with every difficult situation a child faces They know how to put a child to bed without throwing a tantrum They have good general judgment and will be good at handling any difficult situation

How Much To Pay Family For Babysitting

They may also have more specialized skills that not all babies have, such as changing diapers or warming bottles and feeding babies (see more baby care tips here).

Free Babysitter Contract Template

So if you are an experienced baby, you have to pay a little more All that previous knowledge and experience is definitely worth something! Parents with young children will pay more for the peace of mind and experience that an experienced nanny can provide.

If you’re not an experienced baby, don’t worry! Not all parents are looking for the most qualified nanny in the world Parents with older, well-behaved children can find cheap nannies who don’t need to have a lot of experience.

If you worked at a daycare or school, list your babysitting experience on your babysitting resume! Although this is volunteer work, it is still valuable experience you can gain working with children. You can also include caring for younger siblings!

Any training you have done to improve your babysitting skills should be taken into consideration when removing the collar.

How Much Should You Pay A Teenager To Babysit?

You paid for the time to attend a class and then learned special skills that added value to you as a child.

CRP and first aid certification are the first qualifications you should aim to obtain as a child. It will train you on how to deal with most pediatric emergencies that may arise while you are still a baby. Not all babies are trained in CPR or first aid, and those who are can help give parents the peace of mind that their children are in good hands.

Parents will also be impressed if they know you brought a first aid kit to your babysitting job (we recommend this great one).

How Much To Pay Family For Babysitting

If you’ve completed an early childhood education program or are still in school, your babysitting resume is another valuable qualification.

Babysitting Rates In 2023: How Much To Pay Per Hour

Likewise, if you are going to school to become a social worker or for a program that helps you deal with disabilities or special needs, this is also a huge asset.

Even seemingly unrelated fields like psychology can be related to nannying and could be considered a reason why you deserve to be paid more than a nanny without a degree! You can mention how you understand the stages of your child’s cognitive development and any other relevant details.

If you have a Working with Children Verification (WWCC) or some other type of background check that shows you can safely work with children, that’s another credential to share with parents.

For a full list of relevant qualifications when applying for a nanny job, see my article on Nanny Certification.

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Your geographic location is probably the biggest determinant of how much you’ll earn as a child, at least if you live in the US.

In the United States, the amount paid to nannies varies greatly from city to city. Even if they are a short distance away, there can still be a big difference.

For example, a child in Detroit earns an average of $12.50. But in Boston, that child would receive $18.94! (source, resource)

How Much To Pay Family For Babysitting

In general, larger cities with higher costs of living are where children can charge more Cities in central “gateway states” have lower child care provider rates

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In Canada, childcare rates are generally more stable. In most cities, the average child receives

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