Do Lexus Dealers Negotiate Price

Do Lexus Dealers Negotiate Price – Lexus is about a month away from testing no-haggle pricing at dealerships, which it hopes will attract more buyers.

It’s a move that may be viewed positively by consumers, but it’s already met with resistance from Lexus dealers.

Do Lexus Dealers Negotiate Price

Do Lexus Dealers Negotiate Price

A recent survey by auto-shopping website Autotrader found that 44 percent of consumers don’t want to negotiate car prices, but that may not matter to dealers.

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Respondents said that their main problem was in the process of buying a car, but most of them believed that it was the only way to get a fair price.

“Many of our salespeople, philosophically, are the opposite,” Jeff Bracken — Lexus’s U.S. president — said in a recent interview with Bloomberg.

Lexus dealers have incredible power in this matter because Toyota’s luxury brand limits the number of dealer franchises it allows.

This means that each retailer has an average number of sales higher than competing luxury brand retailers with larger chains.

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Franchise dealers have become more aggressive in protecting their current business practices in response to Tesla Motors, which sells its electric cars directly to consumers.

This has led to disputes over franchise laws in several states, as well as a national public relations campaign defending the traditional dealership model as being in the best interests of car buyers.

But it also encourages consumers to think about how they currently buy cars — a process that many still find frustrating, according to several surveys.

Do Lexus Dealers Negotiate Price

Lexus parent Toyota previously tried a no-frills price with its “young brand” Scion, which will be discontinued in August.

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Inspired in part by Tesla, Lexus itself has considered switching to a traditional franchise dealership model for some time.

In late 2014, US CEO Bracken called the Tesla Mall “smart” and suggested it was a good way to attract younger customers.

That’s the main goal of the current no-haggle pricing pilot, which is part of a larger program called Lexus Plus.

The program also aims to provide customers with a single point of contact for sales and reduce the time required to complete a sale.

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