How Much Does Stitch Fix Cost Per Month

How Much Does Stitch Fix Cost Per Month – Happy Wednesday! I hope you have a great week! Can’t complain as the temperature outside was 50 degrees warmer than last week and we even got some sun! Spring can’t get here soon enough. This time, we will try to make the best of winter. Last week my daughter received the new Stitch Fix Kids Box and it was a ray of sunshine! This is the second time she received this box of clothes and we are very happy with the decision she received. Today I’m reviewing the Stitch Fix Kids Box and sharing everything that’s in this month’s box!

Stitch Fix Kids offers clothes for boys and girls in sizes 2T to 14. You get 8-10 clothes selected by the designer. To help your stylist make the best choices for your child, fill out a detailed profile. This profile includes questions about the color, type and material of the garment. You can also see if there are any clothes you like or not. Like the Stitch Fix box for women and men (you can read about my last box HERE ), you will be paid a $20 registration fee when your order is made. This $20 fee will be added to your order if you ship any items. Most Stitch Fix baby clothes retail for between $10-$20. Bonus: If you keep everything in the box, you’ll get 25% off your entire order!

How Much Does Stitch Fix Cost Per Month

How Much Does Stitch Fix Cost Per Month

The Stitch Repair Box gets some brownie points for the presentation! Bright and fun packaging makes opening fun. There is a detailed description of all the items included, a sticker sheet and a list of prices for each item.

My First Stitch Fix Review

For this second update, we looked for tops and sweaters that my daughter can wear to school and at home. We also looked for some dresses that she could wear to church or school.

One of her favorite dresses is this front dress. This will be a great change piece for the summer!

This floral dress is short! We love this style even though it almost looks like a pair of leggings that comes in the box.

She really likes this rainbow dress. Rainbow arms are so fun! The leggings were small (because we were sent a medium and she usually wears a large). Even though they fit now, I knew they wouldn’t last long.

Clothing Subscriptions: Stitch Fix Stands Out From Clothes Boxes

This simple dress is soft and comfortable. It’s the perfect amount of clothing, especially for a twin girl who doesn’t want fancy dresses anymore!

This dress is bright and fun! My daughter loves hoodies. She loves the fun prints on the leggings.

This yellow sweater was also in the box and we immediately loved it! Another bright and cheerful shirt! It’s fun to see colors and patterns. I think most moms can tell that shopping for older and teenage girls can be difficult. Some things are not too big or too big for a 9-12 year old.

How Much Does Stitch Fix Cost Per Month

The box also included another sweater, but the material was rough and scratchy, so my daughter didn’t want to try it on. In total we saved five items in the box!

Stitch Fix Plus Size Clothing January 2021 Review

This service is perfect for kids who hate shopping! However, isn’t that what most children are? My daughter was eagerly waiting for her Stitch Fix Kids box to arrive and she appreciated being able to try on the clothes in the comfort of her room. He can try things out on his own and he doesn’t have to feel as self-conscious as the mall fits!

Unfortunately, he will probably stop using this service within the next year or so! However, we will continue to book this service until it becomes available!

If you want to try the service, you can use my referral link to complete your child’s profile! Be sure to ask your child what he wants! If you try this service, please let me know what you think!

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Stitch Fix Review

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How Much Does Stitch Fix Cost Per Month

We use cookies to ensure that we provide you with the best possible experience on our website. If you continue to use this site, we will assume that you are satisfied with it. OkMy Stitch Fix #5 arrived in the mail today!!!! This is my favorite inbox to receive each month!

Understanding Stitch Fix: Finding The Perfect Fit

The best thing about Stitch Fix is the style card they send with each item – which really helps people like me who are not very good at wearing said items!

Oh my, I love this scarf! I wish it came with a writing card because the best thing I can think of to pair it with is a black top! I will have to try this and see what I have in my closet!

Next up is the Fiona Striped Maxi Dress with Embellished Grapefruit Detail – $78 and the Blue Kalie Denim Jacket – $98.

And a denim jacket. Oh my god, that denim jacket! I’ve been dreaming of getting this (although it was requested in my latest update, but I must have gotten my request in the past – it was a last minute addition). Let’s just say, I’m ready to throw a summer night party somewhere!

The Sweatman Family: Stitch Fix Box Review {take One}

(p.s. don’t worry all Daisy’s photobombs… her licking was fun though!)

And finally Tart – Brigitte Striped Thermal Raglan Jacket – $58 and Kloth Denna Skinny Jeans – $78

The funny thing about this shirt is that yesterday I just sent my husband to the store to buy me a shirt I saw on a Target ad that I had to have, are you ready? Here it is (with tags still in place):

How Much Does Stitch Fix Cost Per Month

The difference? The Target top fits better and was only $9! River! BUT… since I love colorful jeans (actually still wearing them!) and everything else in this set, it was cheaper for me to wear a copy shirt (I would also wear the Target version – planning to rock this colorful shirt will be in the mix soon!) I even thought it didn’t fit at all. And I’m sure I’ll be wearing it too – just for days off!

The Stitch Fix Business Model

Are you ready?! Can I have HALELUYA?! I finally got my perfect fix!!! The only thing I wasn’t 100% happy with was the thermal vest and because I had one that fit a little I bought it myself. Isn’t it fun?! To say my stylist hits it out of the park is an understatement!! I ended up paying about $240 to keep everything (I know… I still cry a little about it…) BUT because I kept everything, I saved $80! Can I scream!? I’m thinking about the jeans I’m wearing for free right now – and they’re great! Let’s just say I’ll be asking my stylist Natalie again next month for Stitch Fix #6 (May). And the fun part? It’s a replacement for what I originally asked for! HA!My Stitch Fix #4 arrived in the mail today!!!! This is my favorite inbox to receive each month!

If I kept everything in a box it would cost me $210. Much better than the price from the old repair!

The best thing about Stitch Fix is the style card they send with each item – which really helps people like me who are not very good at wearing said items!

(p.s. I’ve decided that I HAVE to have a denim jacket now… let’s hope one shows up in next month’s box!)

My Summer Stitch Fix Box: And Why I’ve Changed My Mind About The Service |

I was on the fence about this dress… I thought maybe if it was a little smaller I would like it? I’m not sure about that

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