Cars For Sale Hobart Tasmania

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And with 3.5t towing capacity, 4×4 and a 7-year unlimited VAT warranty, it’s a lot of bang for your buck!

Cars For Sale Hobart Tasmania

Cars For Sale Hobart Tasmania

Enjoy natural light and fresh air on your skin, a touch of sunny mountain luxury.

Ram 1500 Express For Sale Hobart, Tas (bright White (pw7))

Thanks to the hands-free rear opening and closing function, you can easily load and unload your vehicle.

The Rexton range comes standard with Rexton Ultimate rear air conditioning.

Simply select the best driving position to suit the road conditions to ensure the best grip or in the most difficult places.

Drivers confidently use the tire pressure monitoring system to ensure optimal tire pressure for safety and fuel efficiency.

Welcome To Motors Hyundai

The Rexton Smart Audio system is now equipped with a large 12.3-inch touchscreen, putting the latest technology at your fingertips.

An excellent combination of front and 10-link independent suspension at the rear allows the car to provide a high-quality ride.

The Rexton 4×4 system draws on all of SsangYong’s 60 years of experience in continuously improving 4WD technology.

Cars For Sale Hobart Tasmania

Rexton takes every surface in its stride. For greater efficiency and fuel economy, the Rexton has a part-time 4/4 option that sends power to the rear wheels for regular highway driving.

Sold 2022 Honda Cr V Vti

The Rexton makes light work of towing a large truck, boat or workhorse. It has a strong chassis that provides a substantial towing platform and a 3.5 tonne towing capacity.

When the going gets tough, the rotary knob in the center of the sun lets you easily choose the best riding position to suit the road conditions to get the best grip even in the most difficult places.

With advanced driver assistance systems, including a driver’s knee airbag, the Rexton is well equipped to protect your most valuable cargo.

LDW uses the front camera to track painted lines. In an attempt to detect a lane change without prior warning, the driver rears up.

Audi Q3 35 Tfsi For Sale Hobart, Tas (glacier White)

LCW uses sensors to detect and warn the driver of vehicles approaching from behind in the next row.

FCW helps avoid or reduce collisions by detecting slower vehicles or pedestrians ahead and warning the driver in advance.

BSW warns drivers when there is a risk of collision with vehicles in a blind corner during a lane change.

Cars For Sale Hobart Tasmania

If you are turning and an approaching vehicle is detected in your lane, RCTW will sound an alarm to reduce the risk of a collision.

Tasmanian Dealer Buyout

It warns when there is a risk of collision with vehicles in the blind spot when the driver opens the door to stop exiting the vehicle.

It grabs the driver’s attention with pop-up visuals and sound as the vehicle pulls straight ahead.

If the driver’s attention is distracted by the sensitive DAW system, it provides an audible and visual warning on the instrument cluster.

You’ll be impressed by the Rexton’s many amenities, including heated and ventilated leather seats available on the Ultimate model.

Hobart Classic Car Auction: A Rare Extreme Rally Car Is Expected To Fetch An Enormous Price As International Buyers Take Notice

The Rexton Ultimate gives you a look in the back of your head that’s perfect for hitting the trail or turning off the road.

The Rexton Ultimate makes loading and unloading your vehicle easy with its powerful handle opening and closing function.

At Hobart SsangYong, you’re given peace of mind with a full 7-year unlimited kilometer bumper and bumper warranty.

Cars For Sale Hobart Tasmania

At our Hobart SsangYong factory, we use the most modern equipment and our team is dedicated to supporting the SsangYong Customer Charter.

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