Antique Paintings For Sale Online

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Looking for vintage and antique art for your home without the price tag of the rich and famous? I show you the top 7 sources online where you can find cheap wall art.

Antique Paintings For Sale Online

Antique Paintings For Sale Online

When I was looking for a beautiful piece of vintage art for our kitchen in the barn, I asked my friends on Instagram for sources of favorite art that could be delivered to the home. Baby delivery!

Original Art Vintage Oil Painting A. Bozza Frmd Italian Alberto Bozza

However, we love to decorate with old furniture and decorations! For all you vintage lovers out there, follow our Pinterest board for inspiration

This was a fun video to post! We hope you enjoy watching it too!

Most of these sources are online stores where you can print and create cheap artwork yourself. You might enjoy reading my post on how to choose cartoons the whole family can enjoy!

Vintage art is a home decor purchase that can add to your kitchen, dining room, living room and bedroom. For affordable prices, check out vintage stores online.

Abstract Paintings For Sale Original Oil, Canvas & More

Among the best ideas was an online store called Vintage Supply, where I bought the same thing for my kitchen.

It only cost me $15 and then I was able to get it printed at my print shop for $25. If you’ve seen something as small as 24 x 36″, you know it’s an amazing value! This wall art complements our kitchen design perfectly and I couldn’t be happier with it.

What I really like is that you have the option to print with them or just buy a digital file.

Antique Paintings For Sale Online

Direct printing from Vintage Supply costs more, but it’s printed on high quality cotton paper, which I think looks amazing. However, I have been very happy with the prints in my shop.

Monet Painting To Go On Sale At Paris Auction For First Time In Decades

Another highly recommended source I check out is BFF Print Shop. They have a variety of styles from vintage, modern and quirky.

Another great place to find printed artwork is Society 6. You’ve probably heard of this shop where artists and designers can submit their artwork and turn it into merchandise. There is an entire section dedicated to art prints where you can purchase files and print as you wish.

I think the best way to use this platform is to find an artist you like, see their entire collection and publish them.

My favorite would be an offering made of lovely mustard seeds. He is very talented!

How To Shop For Art At Antique Stores, According To Experts

It can be fun to search and find art that catches your eye and see what the artist has created.

Another print shop that my Instagram followers highly recommend is Juniper Print Shop. They have beautiful collection of vintage and many other collections.

I was very interested in these sisters paintings because I have three daughters and I have three daughters growing up in my family.

Antique Paintings For Sale Online

Etsy can be a great place to find vintage pieces. When you shop around, you’ll find options including digital downloads and options to bring original artwork into your home Knowing what to look for will help you find what you like.

Antique Art Buyers

I’d also like to take this opportunity to share what my talented neighbor Chad has created for his Etsy shop. She sells watercolor paintings on her sales page which I think are really beautiful!

She made this beauty especially for me – at my request and you can find it in her shop.

I want to use this cute horse when it comes time to decorate my daughter’s room because she loves horses.

Another great source for all kinds of digital content – ​​including vintage art – is Shutterstock Again, you’ll want to dig around with keywords and find specific groups of artists you like.

Sales Of Paintings

Shutterstock is great because you can buy subscriptions to get more prints each month, or you can buy download bundles, which can save you a lot of money if you want to buy multiple downloads.

Finally, while researching, I found a website called Great Big Canvas. It was hard to browse the site to find what I liked, but I also found that if you look for a specific group of artists, you can find a lot that you like.

They don’t offer digital downloads, but you can order prints for very low prices or print on canvas or prints for good prices. Options abound.

Antique Paintings For Sale Online

I liked that I could also search by time. I found my interest in the Romantic and Renaissance periods.

Venetian Landscape Painting

Let’s take a quick look at finding art online. Once you’re on the sites I mentioned, especially Etsy or Shutterstock, it’s important to know what to look for to find what you like. The key is to be honest.

Searching for “vintage” or “antique” art can be very broad. You may find something, you may not. I find that when I type in other things, like 1820, I get a lot of overlap in my results.

, to name a few. If you’re looking for a location or image, make sure you use these keywords

So be specific and you can find keywords that will help you find what you’re looking for.

Large Stunning 19thc Arcadian Landscape Oil Painting In The 18th Century Manner

I suggest you look around your area and see what printers are available. Most of them will let you print same day and you can get it right away. I believe that small print shops are the easiest way to print art. I can analyze them to see which paper and print quality will give me the best results and best value.

They used their best Canon printer and best matte paper for these beautiful prints. It looked so beautiful that I didn’t want to cover it with glass.

You can choose a large store like Staples to print and ship to you. I just love the turnaround time and customer service of the smaller publishers in my area.

Antique Paintings For Sale Online

I always recommend using matte paper for vintage prints. As a result, it will look more realistic.

Marketplaces Where You Can Buy Art Online

I will stop printing capital letters. This is the cheapest option, but in my experience, the quality is very low. You can probably get away with a black and white print or sketch.

Finally, my last piece of advice is to pay close attention to the print size offered for purchase. If converting to digital downloads isn’t enough for mass printing – you won’t succeed. You should check the resolution and print size of the item before purchasing the download. It can be a little frustrating when you find the right printer, buy it, and then find out that it will print the biggest 8x 10, and you hope to fill the biggest old frame you’ve ever held.

It was a lot, but I hope it helped you find some art you’ll love in your home! My style at the moment is very old world, European, so I gravitate towards vintage pieces. But you can use these tips and resources to find the art that best suits your home and style.

This is part of a blog partnership we call the Simply Home Series Today’s post is all about wall art! I hope you enjoy seeing what my friends share!

Where To Buy Vintage Art Online

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Antique Paintings For Sale Online

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