2022 Mazda Mx 5 Miata Sport

2022 Mazda Mx 5 Miata Sport – There is some big news coming out again about the 2022 Mazda MX-5 Miata. Mazda now reserves the automatic transmission for the top-end Grand Touring trim. All other trims are manual transmission only.

In addition, Mazda has developed its new Kinematic Posture Control (KPC) technology, which provides extra stability in tight turns. KPC adds some extra brake pressure to the inside rear wheel during cornering. It suppresses body roll and is standard on all MX-5 grades.

2022 Mazda Mx 5 Miata Sport

2022 Mazda Mx 5 Miata Sport

If you opt for the RF, you’ll be limited to the Club grade with the optional Brembo BBS Recaro and Grand Touring packages.

Introducing The 2022 Mazda Mx 5

It can be said that the Miata has no peers. Its shape, sporty and convertible top are a unique combination in the automotive world.

We love it for its beautiful lines, snappy manual gearbox, spot-on handling, mileage and one-handed driving of the smooth top.

Each Miata gets its power from a 181-horsepower 2.0-liter 4-cylinder engine. Standard on all but the top-of-the-line Grand Touring is a 6-speed manual transmission turning the rear wheels.

A 6-speed automatic transmission shifts cogs in the Grand Touring. However, for an extra $500, you can replace the automatic with a 6-speed manual.

Why You Should Drive A 2022 Mazda Mx 5 Miata

With the manual, the Miata gets 26 mpg in the city, 34 mpg on the highway, and 29 mpg in combined driving, according to government estimates. With a minor upgrade, the automatic transmission returns 26 mpg city / 35 mpg highway / 30 mpg combined.

16-inch alloy wheels, LED headlights, LED taillights, air conditioning and power accessories (windows, door locks, outboard mirrors) are standard on the Sport.

It also includes cruise control, keyless entry with push-button start, a tilt-telescoping steering wheel and a 12-volt power port.

2022 Mazda Mx 5 Miata Sport

The infotainment system has a 7-inch touchscreen, 6-speaker audio system, Bluetooth, voice recognition and SMS text messages. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are also included.

Mazda Mx 5

Driver assistance includes forward collision warning, lane departure warning, blind spot monitoring and rear cross traffic alert with automatic emergency braking.

A $1,015 destination charge added to the Sport’s base price brings the total to $28,315. If you put no money down and finance at 3% interest for 60 months, that would be $509 per month. Check out the 2022 Mazda MX-5 Miata Sport model for sale

The Club adds 17-inch alloy wheels, limited slip differential, rear lip spoiler, front air dam and heated seats.

Pony up another $4,500 for the Brembo BBS Recaro package. It gets Brembo front brakes, upgraded wheels and heated Recaro seats.

Mazda Mx 5 Miata

Adding the RF Power hardtop to the Club model costs $7,400 and includes the Brembo BBS Recaro package.

Adding the destination fee to the club’s base price of $1,015 comes to $31,815. Financing at 3% interest for 60 months with no down payment for $572 per month. Check out the 2022 Mazda MX-5 Miata Club model for sale

Mazda offers a 6-speed automatic transmission for the Grand Touring. The upcharge is $500 for the soft top and $550 for the folding hardtop.

2022 Mazda Mx 5 Miata Sport

Other standard features include steering wheel mounted paddle shifters, adaptive headlights, high beam assist and LED daytime running lights. Mazda also includes automatic on-off headlights.

Mazda Mx 5 Miata For Sale In Doral, Fl, Near Miami And Kendall

Other upgrades include rain-sensitive wipers, an auto-dimming driver’s side mirror, an auto-dimming rearview mirror and a HomeLink transceiver.

Mazda doesn’t offer a factory-installed option package for the Grand Touring, but you can opt for a power folding hardtop for $2,700.

Adding a $1,015 destination fee to the Grand Touring’s base price brings the total to $33,315. Check out the 2022 Mazda MX-5 Miata Grand Touring model for sale

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Mazda Mx 5 Miata Rf Club First Test: Still Squatty And Fun

Engine – The 2022 engine does not see any changes. The MX-5 is still powered by a 2.0L naturally aspirated 4-cylinder capable of producing 181 hp and 151 lb-ft of torque (135 kW, 205 Nm). This engine can accelerate the car from standstill to 100 kmph in about 5.7 seconds. Peak power is in the high rpm range and peak torque is in the mid rpm range. However, when driving around town, you don’t need to press the throttle pedal too hard to get the car moving. Rpms can drop below 3,000 when shifting through the gears to accelerate.

Fuel Economy – With a manual transmission, the 2022 Mazda MX-5 is rated at 9.0 L/100km (26.1 mpg) in the city and 7.0 L/100km (33.6 mpg) on ​​the highway. With the automatic, city fuel economy remains the same, but the highway drops to 6.6 L/100km (35.6 mpg). When using the car, I averaged 7.3 L/100km (32.2 mpg). The only caveat is that Mazda recommends premium fuel.

Transmission – The MX-5 Miata can be had with either a 6-speed manual or a 6-speed automatic. This demo vehicle has the former. Throws in short shifts and speeds are satisfactory when shifting cogs manually. The shifter shifts smoothly and this 6-speed doesn’t feel a “notch” in one of the gears. The clutch is light and the engine has no rev-hang, so you can control how much dynamic movement your right foot has when applying the clutch.

2022 Mazda Mx 5 Miata Sport

Braking – The GS-P trim of the 2022 MX-5 is the only trim available with the Sport Package that adds Brembo 4-piston front brakes. Unfortunately, this demo vehicle was not equipped with this package. The standard brakes feel a little softer than the Brembo brakes because they allow more brake pedal travel and modulation to stop the car. With Brembo brakes, the body doesn’t need much pedal movement to stop. Even if you hit the race track often, Brembo brakes are worth the investment.

Mazda Miata Review

Handling – The 2022 Mazda MX-5 Miata tips the scale at just 1,066 kg (2,350 lbs). That is the secret of providing an enjoyable driving experience. The MX-5 has no straight-line speed or lap times. It’s all about putting a smile on your face. Steering response is quick and direct. It gives great feedback on what the front tire is doing. The MX-5 responds well to smooth driver input, but becomes a bully’s dream toy when you get more aggressive. The MX-5 feels as playful on a twisty road as a very energetic little dog.

This GS-P trim gets a limited slip differential and Bilstein dampers for better body roll control. The Mazda MX-5 2022 features new Kinetic Posture Control (KPC) that reduces body roll through front corners. Because of the unique way the rear suspension is set up, Mazda has found that applying the inside rear brake mid-corner can reduce body drag and maintain traction. The system is controlled by the car’s computer and is active when stability control is activated. The system is subtle when you’re cruising around town, but it’s a little more noticeable when you’re driving the MX-5 at high speeds on a twisty mountain road. However, since it’s linked to the stability control system, it won’t work when you’re on the race track. Normally, you would turn off the stability control while racing. Perhaps in 2023, Mazda will not integrate this system into stability control.

Comfortable Ride – Bilstein MX-5 GS-P dampers provide a firmer ride than the base MX-5. However, the ride is firm but not completely unruly on city roads. You definitely want to go around some larger holes and uneven hole covers.

Interior Space – I’m 6’4″. This car is not designed for people taller than 6’2″-ish. So I have trouble getting comfortable with the Mazda MX-5. With the top up, my hair doesn’t rub against the roof, but it’s pretty close. If you go to the race track often, if you are tall like me your helmet will hit the roof. But if it’s a sunny day, you can drop the top for unlimited headroom. My knees didn’t touch the dashboard, but, again, close enough to do so. My right knee connected to the dashboard just to slow down and brake nearby. An inch of seat travel makes all the difference in this car for someone as tall as me.

Mazda Mx 5 Miata And Miata Rf Dealer Serving Tyler, Tx Only At Velocity Mazda

The trunk has 130 L (4.59 cu-ft) of space, which is actually enough to store small luggage.

Noise, vibration and banging – for a soft top, there are plenty

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