2012 Mazda 3 Key Fob Battery Type

2012 Mazda 3 Key Fob Battery Type – If your Mazda 3 key fob battery dies, you will no longer be able to use the key fob to unlock the doors. Replacing the batteries yourself is easy and saves money at the dealer.

Depending on the model year of your Mazda 3, you will need a CR2025 (2004-2008 and 2014-2018) or CR1620 (2010-2013) battery. They cost about $1 each and can be found at most stores that sell batteries.

2012 Mazda 3 Key Fob Battery Type

2012 Mazda 3 Key Fob Battery Type

CR2025 coin batteries can be found at most stores that sell batteries, including grocery stores, department stores, and drug stores. Prices vary by brand. The average cost is about $2 to $5 per battery.

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If you have to press the button on your car key fob too many times or the doors don’t lock or unlock properly, the key fob battery may be dead. Some vehicles may have a warning light on the dashboard to warn of a low key battery.

Before you begin replacing your Mazda key fob battery, make sure you have a small flathead screwdriver, a new CR2025 battery, and the key fob. We recommend wrapping a flat screwdriver with tape to avoid scratches.

Keychains are available in one of three styles: smart keychains, flip keychains, or rectangular keychains.

2010-2013 2010 key fobs require a CR1620 battery. You’ll also need a 3.00mm or smaller precision screwdriver, toothpick, or other thin tool (a thin metal cake tester will also work).

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Cheryl and her husband operated the repair shop from 1994 until their retirement in 2007. Since 2004, she has also worked as a lawyer and writer. I used my management skills, automotive background and paralegal experience to write for several publications. Remote control batteries last longer. For a while, at least 4 years. Keychain batteries are also fairly inexpensive, and manufacturers make them so that anyone can replace them with a few tools. And the Mazda 3 Keychain is no exception, regardless of which generation we are talking about.

To replace the key fob battery in a first generation Mazda 3, you will need to open the key fob with a small screwdriver to access the battery. In the second generation, you have to press the shift key down on a small plastic loop to disconnect the remote.

2012 Mazda 3 Key Fob Battery Type

In the third generation, remove the additional emergency key and open the console. And in the current model, you push a little lever on the key fob holder that unlocks the key.

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2003-2007 The Mazda 3 key fob has no physical key and is very easy to replace. However, you will need a flathead screwdriver. Battery required is CR2025. The code 2025 means that the battery has a diameter of 20 millimeters and a thickness of 2.5 millimeters. You can try installing batteries of different thicknesses, but there is no guarantee that they will fit.

Before opening the key fob, you must remove the key fob or anything else that the keys are hanging from. You can attach the pendant with a key chain attached, but it cannot be detached.

Use a wide flat screwdriver to push the key into the slot at the bottom of the key fob hook. You can see that the slot is only installed on the top side. Once the screwdriver is inserted, the best way to separate the two parts is to squeeze the screwdriver. When the top half of the console starts to pop out, you can pull it out by hand. Be careful not to damage the house.

Once you have removed the top plastic case, the battery is inside. There are two tabs on the top of the battery that hold it in place. It is not intended for bending, so please do not touch it. Instead, lift the battery from the bottom and pull it out from under the tab.

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You can use a thin screwdriver, knife or nail for this part. If you use a knife, be careful not to get it under the battery when it starts to rise. You may suffer some damage.

When you have a new CR2025 battery, insert it the same way you just inserted the battery. First slide the battery under the two plastic tabs and then press it into place. Also note that the letters on the battery must be facing up or the battery will not work. Then put the plastic case on top and you’re done.

To help with the replacement process, watch our great video on how to replace a 2003-2007 key fob battery. Mazda 3 of

2012 Mazda 3 Key Fob Battery Type

Replacing the key fob battery in your 2008-2013 Mazda 3 is a bit more complicated because there are more steps involved. But you can still do it in 10 minutes. You’ll need a very thin screwdriver to open the key chain, but you can also try using a pocket knife, a plastic toothpick, or whatever you think will work. Battery required is CR1620.

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This generation of Mazda 3 has a flip key and below that is the tab you are looking for. To access it, you need to unlock it. There is a small hole at the bottom where the key fits when folded. The hole is at the top of the key. There is a small plastic tab in this hole, but it is not noticeable without light.

If there is enough light, direct it to the hole under the key slot. Then press something down to release the plastic tab and remove the top of the key housing. This upper case can be removed all together. If you haven’t replaced the battery in a while, the plastic case can be difficult to remove, but you can always do it yourself if you have a screwdriver.

Once the top is off, remove the bottom with all the buttons. Where it fits on the top is a small slot that is perfect for inserting a screwdriver. Press the screwdriver and open the top.

Remove the top for easy access to the battery. Again, use a thin screwdriver to remove the battery. Note the two metal loops on one side and the screwdriver on the other. The battery will come out immediately. However, as always, the small metal tabs are sensitive, so be careful not to use too much force.

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After removing the old battery, insert the new battery by sliding it under the metal tab and pressing down. For the battery to work, the words on the battery must face each other. Snap into place without leaving the plastic housing tools.

The replacement isn’t too difficult if you know where all the plastic tabs and slots are, so this video explains the whole process more clearly.

Replacing the key fob battery in your 2013-2018 Mazda 3 is very easy. A flat head screwdriver is helpful but not necessary. I think you can open it with your fingers. Otherwise, a CR2025 battery is required. Now the preparation is complete.

2012 Mazda 3 Key Fob Battery Type

This generation of Mazda 3 key fobs has an integrated emergency key. Emergency keys are standard keys that can be used with standard locks. To remove it, there is a lever on the back of the key fob, in front of the button. Move this lever with your finger and pull out the key fob loop while holding the lever in place. A loop key is also included.

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When the spare key is pulled out, the two parts of the key fob immediately separate. A screwdriver will come in handy at this point. Slide a screwdriver between where the top and bottom console housings meet. You can use a thick knife or try to tear with your hands. However, it is more convenient to use a screwdriver because there are several clips next to the key fob.

Removing the key fob gives you access to the battery. Removing the battery is very easy as it is not held in place by a clip. Just flip the key fob and the battery pops right out. Then pop in a new battery and you’re good to go. As always, the letters on a new battery should face up. The key will lock when it is put back together.

Here is a quick video guide.

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