Where To Buy Away Luggage

Where To Buy Away Luggage – In the year Since appearing as the new kid on the block in 2015, Away has been turning heads and attracting travelers with its stylish luggage. But is it worth the price?

Some of you may have been eyeing the Away bag for years and aren’t sure if you want to put that much money into a bag that you only use a few times a year. Others of you may be looking to spruce up your travel aesthetic as you prepare for your next vacation.

Where To Buy Away Luggage

Where To Buy Away Luggage

Whatever your curiosity in guest luggage, we’ve got you covered. We’ve done the work and enlisted the help of outdoor evaluators to help you decide if it’s the right choice for you.

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We look at guest luggage in general, analyzing the many luggage options, what we like about them and where we see room for improvement.

As mentioned, Away has been around for just over five years. Therefore, compared to some luggage companies, the company is at the beginning. But don’t let his age fool you.

In just a few years, Away has developed a cult following and love for the bags it produces for a variety of reasons. When it comes to Away luggage, you can count on recognizable design and features, style, size, capacity and durability.

Thanks to these features, Away has turned your everyday running bag into an accessory you’ll want to use. According to our insider reviewers, the Away luggage gives you some “street cred” as a traveler.

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The stylish and large carry-on makes the journey from door to destination more enjoyable. The folding design allows for excellent packing capacity, perfect for a long weekend. Dual wheels, a built-in TSA lock and a fun choice of colors set this Away suitcase apart, but our favorite feature is the option to add a handy replacement battery (£20 extra) to charge your phone and gadgets. while driving.

Keeping with the iconic look of the Away bags, the Medium offers extra capacity without feeling bulky and bulky as you indulge your wanderlust. It is very popular as a separate bag, but it can be combined with other travel bags, so you can fill your bags.

Whether you’ve seen it sitting in an airport restaurant or on an Instagram influencer, Away luggage stands out for its modern yet classic aesthetic. Both hard and soft outdoor luggage are designed to be incredibly stylish and fashionable.

Where To Buy Away Luggage

In fact, at first glance you might not even notice that the Away fabric suitcase isn’t sturdy. We like this one because we feel that Away leaves the bag on the soft side in terms of style, especially when most people still prefer soft shell bags.

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The hard sided cases are made of polycarbonate plastic with a textured surface. Although their soft-sided counterparts tend to scratch more quickly, these hard-shell options are durable. Alternatively, Away’s soft cases are made of waterproof nylon to keep your stuff safe while looking fresh.

In addition to design, Away recognized a large and historic shortcoming in the luggage market: color. Even today, most luggage companies offer only a few colors, but Away has many options, each more beautiful than the last.

The company’s soft cases are more limited in their color palette, offering only four options. However, apart from classic choices like navy blue and black, Away also offers modern gray and dark green colors that give the packs a more contemporary look.

Meanwhile, when it comes to solid side options, you can always choose between 6 and 16 colors. We love that Away doesn’t stick to dark or neon colors, instead introducing a wide variety of colors and styles that are as beautiful as they are timeless.

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Oh, and if you’re feeling really cheeky, Away offers all the major hardtop cases in a slim aluminum range with a metal finish.

As Away suitcases are clamshell, each suitcase has two compartments. One is a mesh zipper and the other is a unique packing strap method. In terms of capacity, the Away luggage capacity ranges from 39.8 liters (the smallest suitcase, The Carry-On) to a whopping 106 liters (the expandable Large, The Expandable).

For our in-house reviewer, who has been carrying suitcases for guests for two years, the size of these suitcases is definitely one of the biggest pluses. “The best part of Away luggage is inside. It has tons (I mean tons) of space, making it easy to travel with checked luggage, even on long flights,” he says.

Where To Buy Away Luggage

“Since I’ve owned the Away, I’ve made dozens of trips over a week and still carry only outdoor gear,” he continued, “without using packing cubes or other travel accessories. As a bonus, this means that in recent years I’ve spent far less time waiting by the baggage carousel after a long flight.

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Baggage weight is critical to avoid eating up useful weight allowances for jet aircraft. However, light luggage is useful for any traveler.

At only 3.2 kg, the Carry-On is the lightest remote case without a battery. When placed in the bag, the battery adds up to 0.3 kg of extra weight. Among the luggage with a strong side, the largest luggage weighs only 5.7 kg.

Cloth suitcases are usually heavier than hard-sided plastic, and Away’s nylon suitcases are no exception. The smallest of soft luggage is 4.2 kg, and the largest is 6.41 kg. So if you choose soft travel bags, you will increase capacity at the expense of weight (remember, it is expandable!).

Both the carrying case and the larger case can be purchased with a replaceable battery that you can use to charge the device. Photo: Far

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Of course, all luggage shows the wear and tear of travel sooner or later (the reviewer rated the Away as in good shape, despite a few scratches here and there.) But the Away leads the pack in the durability of its wheels. You know it’s a death sentence for luggage if you screw up a wheel. At Away, the wheels are incredibly strong and will roll smoothly for years.

Far as well as smart nailed the case perfectly. Both can be purchased with replaceable batteries, so you can charge your device on the go without having to unplug it.

Battery-powered suitcases aren’t new technology, but Away has improved the idea by allowing the battery to be removed from the outside even when the suitcase is zipped up. Our reviewer found this to be very useful if you decide to check your handheld. To comply with TSA regulations, most batteries cannot be placed in checked luggage, so you can pick up your Away’s battery without having to empty your luggage at the airport terminal.

Where To Buy Away Luggage

If you can, we recommend charging your luggage battery the night before your trip. A dead battery can take up to eight hours to charge, but it will give you enough power to charge your phone several times.

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We all strive for safety when we travel. So it’s great to have a bag that meets these needs. All Away luggage has TSA-approved locks for added peace of mind.

Compared to other brands, I love that Away offers this feature in all their cases. The only place you won’t find a built-in lock is in the product’s accessory pouches.

We also love that Away really cares about comfort. Some budget brands don’t have suitcases with enough grip, but Away does. Hard-sided suitcases have top and side carry handles for easy transport, in addition to a roll-up handle.

If you choose a soft-sided case, you will not only have a retractable handle, you will have handles on the top and sides, as well as an additional handle on the bottom. So packing your luggage in the car or clearing it from baggage claim becomes child’s play.

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Finally, while most of Away’s popular bags have one interior pocket, some have a more streamlined, almost hidden exterior pocket. We love how hidden this pocket is and is great for storing documents (like passports, boarding passes and tickets) as well as electronics like your laptop or favorite tablet.

Okay, so this isn’t directly related to the luggage that Away brings to the table, but the brand does try to cover all the bases for people taking taxis, trains and planes. Away offers a wide range of accessories and other wheelless bags.

The latest Away products include The Everywhere Bag (a 19 liter nylon bag that can be carried or worn on the Away Carry-On).

Where To Buy Away Luggage

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