What Do I Need To Install Hardwood Floors

What Do I Need To Install Hardwood Floors – Our house is full of old wood floors, which I love. When we had to choose a new floor for our kitchen renovation, we didn’t think we would match it with the existing hardwood. Here is the purchase and installation history.

I filmed the installation and talked about the process, as well as some fun moments and painful troubles! I don’t share it on Instagram, so if you liked my videos where I share fun project information and progress, be sure to follow the video below!

What Do I Need To Install Hardwood Floors

What Do I Need To Install Hardwood Floors

Have you seen the video? I love making them and I think the video captures what the text can’t, so I promise it’s worth a watch in addition to what I’ll tell you below.

Leave Or Remove Baseboard For Hardwood Floor Install

As a backup, our original kitchen had hardwood floors. But all the boards are eaten by termites. The previous owner filled it in and then I tiled it. When we demoed the kitchen, the termites further down got worse. Creepers ate on the floor, under the floor and in the wood. It will not be possible to save the fir tree. I’m a big believer in restoring old floors, but there’s no fixing serious damage.

I am very determined to add wood to the kitchen. It’s not the most popular idea, but I love the softness of wooden floors underfoot. Do you remember that 1914? a book that called the floor “death to China”? This also applies to trees!

I spent months looking for salvaged floors that looked like what we have at home. I’ve seen old maple and reclaimed pine, but no salvage tongues and 2″ wide x 1/2″ thick white oak floors. And especially that it is not one of the perfect conditions and can be obtained from 300 square meters of wood. This is a personal quest and I’ve been trying to get it for over a year with no success.

After deciding to find the right type and size of trees, I started buying new trees. The tricky part is that most places that sell direct to consumers (big box stores, home centers, and home improvement websites) don’t sell the same type of flooring. The biggest challenge is finding split and square trees. That’s what I mean.

How To Install Hardwood Floors: Tips & Tricks For Professionals

Plain sawn and live logs are easy to find, but split and quartered logs are often in high demand. It costs more to cut trees that way, so it’s not real. But look at her beauty too! These pictures do not do it justice, but remember that square wood is one of the most beautiful woods. It literally shines.

As a home owner I cannot get this type of lumber anywhere at my local lumber yard because I need a deck builder’s license. But I want to install them so I don’t need a contractor. I hunted and hunted and found them online on a site that sells direct to consumers! Flooring.org has such a great name and has the perfect flooring I need: 2 x 25 inch split and quarter boards and random lengths of white oak. Wow! The people at atvloeren.org are great, the delivery is great, and the wood is great. I highly recommend them if you are looking for hard to find or even easy to find flooring. They are also transparent about the origin of the floor – mine was milled here in the USA.

Funny, I ordered the floor a year ago and it’s been in my room ever since. This update has been slow.

What Do I Need To Install Hardwood Floors

Here he is in front of the carpet. The bottom of the tent was full and I had to remove a million nails and put the corners back together. I still roll my eyes when I think about unnecessary chores.

Hardwood Floor Installation

It was quite a job to move the bookcase into the living room where it had been for almost a year. They were constantly reminded of the delay in innovation and began to ache. It was so much fun getting them out of the living room that I almost helped them out! But you know these puppies need to be put down!

My friend helped me install it. He is a skilled carpenter/contractor who has installed many floors. He lent me his equipment, I paid for his time and bought him lunch. His plan was just to get me started and make sure I was ready, but he ended up going all out. I am very grateful because it really is a better job for two people. One person hammers in the nails and one fixes the boards. In the video, you can clearly see the collaboration of our team.

I used this moisture barrier. It is designed to prevent moisture from entering through the crawl space into the subfloor. I played with it, adding water and trying to see how long it would take for it to drain. I don’t really remember how it was because I was bored waiting for him. Passed my test!

A roll costs $11 and covers an area of ​​250 square meters. Flooring is worth the price for peace of mind and long-term health.

How To Install Engineered Hardwood Floors

We attached the moisture barrier to the wall of the room and slowly moved across the floor. We started at the longest wall, took the longest, straightest board and continued from there. These first boards are essential for setting up the rest of the boards so that they line up and there are no wobbly lines. We nailed the first row ⅛ by ⅛ into the drywall for expansion using small size 18 nails. In the second and third row, we nailed the wooden blade with small nails similar to a nail gun. After a few lines, we were able to install the floor. See the picture below with the nail gun to see how much space is needed for the floor nails. This is shown again in the video.

Grooming and placement of pieces are just as important as quality nail work. I have some tips for choosing shelves and arranging them.

Open all the floors and rate each part. Remove any teeth with burns, knots, cavities, or tongue damage. Put them in the “Trash”. You don’t want these blemishes on the floor, but you can still use them as a finish by simply cutting away the blemishes or fixing small imperfections under the cabinet. I put a lot of these nasties under the cabinets because I don’t want them sticking to visible areas of the kitchen. It wasn’t so bad in the end because I ordered a lot of leftovers so I could use a better shelf under the cab. Oh yes!

What Do I Need To Install Hardwood Floors

When looking for damage, take the time to find out the quality of the seeds. Four sections are the best, with the second one having a checkered wire and the third one being a clean and straight wire – at least in my opinion. The purpose of separating them is to ensure an even distribution of the most unique items, so that they do not accumulate in one section, and also to make sure that they do not end up in a hidden corner or under a cabinet. See that top that looks like a tiger eye pattern? I like it, so I put it on the doorstep where I can always see. Wow, how beautiful!

Installing Luxury Vinyl Floors Over Engineered Hardwood

When you sort, sort by size. To create movement and variety, it is useful to vary the length of the boards. It’s also smart to manage by size, so if you need to cut a line on the wall, you can end up with a board that fits perfectly, or you just need to take an inch off. I don’t want to waste a long piece of wood cutting 7 inch pieces and then the pieces are too small to use in the room.

Finally, add a few more rows that will be nailed. This gives you time to make sure the result is what you want, but you don’t want to avoid duplicate connections. Avoid these red circle joints!

Once we got through the floor side, I had to move all the floor tiles that were stacked on the right side to the finished floor. When I’m on the go, why not put them in an organized pile so I can easily grab what I want?

Remember when I said it’s a good job for two people? That’s why. I spent all my time setting up the boards to my liking

Installing Hardwood Floors When Your Floor Isn’t Level

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