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About 100 Minnesotans come to New York for the start of fashion month in September. As part of the Union Collective, they are set to take over the runway at New York Asian Fashion Week.

Places To Drop Off Food Donations

Places To Drop Off Food Donations

Minnesota fashion museum Coalesce celebrates Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) designers, and Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC) designers. They first appeared at Minnesota Fashion Week almost two years ago.

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After only three runway shows as an agency, founder and producer Mao Xiong immediately applied to New York’s Asian Fashion Week. He had already forgotten that when he received the good news that the Association had been approved. “We were like, ‘Oh, we can’t get in.’ We’ll try again next year,” he jokes.

Xioning looked at the big stage from the beginning. This year, the experience in New York led to a new focus on community. “It’s always been our goal to expand and connect with other AAPI developers outside of the Midwest,” he said.

The very name of the institute reflects that mission, which involves a sense of unity and a “meeting” of creative minds.

New York Asian Fashion Week is a series of events designed to celebrate the next generation of Asian designers, talent and stories. Drawing on local talent, Coalesce brought in eight designers, more than 60 models, a leading hair and makeup team, a leading photographer and his own DJ.

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As part of New York’s Asia Fashion Week celebrations, Coalesce designer Kennedy Lor presented an androgynous, ready-to-wear line of elevated menswear, his interpretation of “quiet luxury.” Lor’s process involves sourcing and deconstructing vintage menswear, then cutting and sewing these pieces into new custom pieces that will create 10 unique pieces for the New York runway. “I strive to create high quality, luxury designer looks at affordable prices,” explains Lor. “I feel like quiet luxury is coming. Everyone wants that look now.”

Lor, along with seven other designers, exercised more creative control in New York than he usually does, which he believes helped everyone convey their stories in new ways. In the last three productions in Minnesota, Coalesce’s designers went together with their collection. That left such creative choices as modeling, hair and makeup, and music to Xiong and his co-producer, Mary Lee.

New York’s redesigned approach inspired Xiong and Lee to change things in 2024. “New York definitely went against the way we’re used to doing things,” says Lee, “but it showed, ‘Hey, we can change things.’ . good.’ “

Places To Drop Off Food Donations

In 2024, the Coalesce Collective has officially departed from Minnesota Fashion Week and plans to be a big weekend of runway shows and locally hosted events aimed at elevating the voices of individual designers. “I’ve always felt that sometimes, as an AAPI artist or as a BIPOC artist, you lose your voice,” Xiong said.

Spring Food Drive

“We didn’t want that to happen. It’s important to us to have an independent voice, but we will always support Minnesota Fashion Week.”

As for this year’s winter fashion, for Lee, it’s a neutral hat that will complement her winter outfit. And for Xioning, who recently moved to New York permanently, it’s a big skirt for anything. “I saw it all in New York. Maxi skirt made of leather, denim and corduroy. People are doing very well.”

It’s time for fish and chips and specials at restaurants and your church. (See Jason DeRusha’s Fish-Fry Favorites for 2024.) When you want to cook dinner at home—and leave out the “frying” part of the equation, turn to the healthier option of preparing fish and baking it—but add a crockpot with a coating. of nuts.

In this recipe from Twin Cities chef and cookbook author Robin Asbell, who created it for Real Food, you can use tilapia, an inexpensive but tasty fish, cod, halibut, or chicken breast if you’re in the mood. Instead of a standard bread diet, make a crunchy shell of almonds, which adds extra protein—and, to celebrate healthy nuts, because February 16th is National Almond Day. French lentils, sometimes called Beluga or Le Puy lentils, are small, dark brown or black lentils that don’t clump together as easily as regular green lentils, making them perfect for a warm salad like this, says Asbell.

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Nutrition (with tilapia): Calories: 400, Fat: 22g (Sat: 2.5g), Cholesterol: 40mg, Sodium: 460mg, Carbohydrates: 25g, Fiber: 6g, Sugar: 2g, Protein: 29g

Check out these other fried fish recipes and an easy way to add almonds to your diet.

Cook Healthy Fish with Crust Baked Cod Sandwiches with Chipotle Mayo and Pickles, Cod with Lemon Veggie Zoodles + 5 More Fish Recipes

Places To Drop Off Food Donations

Lightly toasted almonds make a delicious sauce with crunchy toppings and an easy side dish.

Cafe Holiday Food Drive

I love fried fish. It’s one of the things I miss most about living in Wisconsin, where the fish fry is part of every Friday, not just Lent. But it’s time to go. Follow it for the next 40 days! And drop your favorites in the comments!

GABE’S in St. A few years ago they partnered with Brad Glynn of Lift Bridge Brewing. Brad is a great cook in his own right and he worked with Gabe’s team to incorporate Lift Bridge Farm Girl into the dough. Brad grew up in Milwaukee, where his family ran one of the largest seafood restaurants: Clifford’s, in Hales Corners. You can fry fish and you can taste it. It’s not just Gabe either; you can find a similar recipe in Manitou, White Bear Lake. More here.

RED COW: I recently tried Red Cow’s riff on a McDonald’s Filet O’ Fish sandwich, created by new Executive Chef Adam Lerner and Executive Chef Travis Langley. They call it the Filet R’ Fish Sandwich (R instead of O, as in Red Cow…get it?!). It’s mahi with beer, American cheese, shredded lettuce and tartar sauce. Crisp, juicy, good balance here. Very nice things. Beer-white whitefish is also back on the menu, which is also amazing. More here.

MY HAMBURGER: I love my burger, and you can’t beat a $9 fish sandwich that includes fries! More here.

The Best, Local Places To Donate This Holiday Season

GROVELAND TAP: Freehouse, along with all Blue Plate restaurants, fry fish every day, but on Lent, Groveland Tap also gets in on the action. They use Freehouse No. 1 kölsch in beer battered cod. That is good. A meal of walleyes and asparagus is a good choice for those of us who watch our numbers too. More here.

YANKEIA TAVERN: This is a $13 fish fry with two pieces of hand-baked Icelandic cod, fried, with coleslaw and fries. More here.

LEXINGTON: They have fish fry, but I like the basket melt. These tempura-enhanced flavored fries cost $18. More here.

Places To Drop Off Food Donations

328 GRILL: All you can eat fish fries aren’t very common, but check out Mik German’s great work at the American Legion in St. Louis. The buffet is $18 on Lent Fridays. More here.

News Flash • City Of College Park, Maryland • Civicengage

ST. BIG ALBERT: It’s back! Gone a few years after COVID, the $15 fish is back with former church pastor, Joe Gillespie. This is the flagship fish shop of the Twin Cities, serving baked and fried fish, fries, coleslaw, spaghetti, bread and a variety of desserts on Fridays. More here.

Ukrainian Communist Center: Food is back at UCC. I’ve been making drive-thru fish and pierogi dinners for the past few years. cool Order online to download. It’s $15 for a fish and pierogi meal, or $15 for pierogi only. More here.

TATTERSALL RIVER FALLS: Get $3 off a bib sandwich with fish and chips every Friday from February 16 to March 20. Book here.

KENDALL’S CHOPHOUSE: Twelve hand-cut haddock fillets served with fries and coleslaw for $22. More here.

Food And Coat Drives

Rabbett Before the Horses Strickland (Red Cliff Band of Upper Lake Ojibwe), “Looking for Nokomis,” 2002-07 (oil on canvas)

A new exhibition at the University of Minnesota Katherine E. Nash Gallery entitled “Dreaming of our Futures: Ojibwe and Očhéthi Šakówiŋ Artists and Keepers of Knowledge” presents an incredible range of ideas and aesthetic approaches through the work of 29 Native painters and multimedia artists. This major exhibition marks the opening of the George Morrison Center for Native Arts and will tour Minnesota in 2024.

The title of the exhibition, “Dreaming Our Future”, reminds us of important positions such as Indigenous futurism and, in particular, Diné photographer Will Wilson’s “remembering the future”. If linear colonial

Places To Drop Off Food Donations

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