New Rc Cars Coming Out 2020

New Rc Cars Coming Out 2020 – Although it may be the year we’re looking forward to, Mattel has put together a series of products to keep us busy while we stay at home — and those products are coming fast as the holidays are just around the corner. .

The teams at Hot Wheels and Matchbox have given us some great products over the years (like the Matchbox Retro Service Center and the Hot Wheels Spy Racer Command Hauler) and one of their latest creations is the Hot Wheels RC car line.

New Rc Cars Coming Out 2020

New Rc Cars Coming Out 2020

While at Target I stumbled upon the RC car line and found two models: a ’17 GTR and a red Roger Dodger. While both are rad cars, I picked the GTR because it looks the better of the two (at least in my opinion). The price was $19.99 – not cheap for a single Hot Wheels, but very affordable if you trust the licensed “castings”.

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These 1/64-ish-scale RC cars are not the first RC cars in Hot Wheels history. In the early and mid 2000s Hot Wheels RC cars came in a variety of sizes. Some of them were larger, some closer to 1/64th scale – but nothing felt as delicate as these new versions.

Speaking of this new RC car…does it sound familiar? It could be, right. Earlier this year Hot Wheels sold pre-orders for two different RC Tesla Cyber ​​​​​​​​​​Trucks – the controller and technology from this GTR will be identical to the 1/64 scale Cyber​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ The controller is shown in the preview shot

It’s one of those Hot Wheels you have to unlock – I mean it’s an RC car! Once sealed you will receive an instruction booklet, motor, controller and track piece. The track piece technology is a simple Y ramp that connects to the rest of the Track Builder playsets between the car and the controller, and we’ll start with the controller.

The controller takes the form of a modern game console controller with two joysticks and a few buttons with different functions. The obvious joysticks are forward/backward and left/right (more on the steering wheel later), while the big center button is for syncing the car and the controller.

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Connecting the car and the controller is easy: open the paid car and press the main button in the center The indicator light on the face of the controller will flash and turn solid red after the connection is complete.

The “Turbo” button is where the R buttons are on the PlayStation controller, and the two small angled buttons are the main controls.

The turbo button no longer powers the car, but pressing the button then directs all of the car’s available power to the rear wheels – creating an amazing Fast and Furious NOSSSSSS type moment (see the video below of the turbo in action).

New Rc Cars Coming Out 2020

The controller runs on four AA batteries (not included) – which double as the car’s power source. Pull up the steering wheel to reveal a hatch that holds a USB-type charging cable that plugs into the car’s chassis.

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The car has the same body shape as the GTR ID car. Overall it has a very realistic feel with the addition of wheel arches and angled edges to aid track performance. The body is plastic, and the windows are molded into it – but the abundance of Tamposin creates a plastic look. The R35 is based on a falling style tempo and the RC Line is the main support. This car has a few fake brand stamps and a large “Send IT” emblazoned inside the hood. Since it’s a fantasy livery, I don’t care.

The wheels are gray five-spoke. The front “tires” are plastic and the rear tires are rubber, reducing the overall power of the RC.

Like other hot wheels early on, the GTR has bumpers on all corners – including the headlights and taillights. The rear end is very nice with detailed taillights, Nissan logo and profile

The front has yellow headlights, a grille and a hood insert with silver trim and marker lights. A

Getting Started In Rc

As good as the car looks, the real fun is in driving it… how many times can you say that about 1/64 scale Hot Wheels?! It’s a blast to play: it’s fast, it can be used on the track or under the kitchen, and it even has a turbo button. The car was factory charged and driven for 10 minutes with donuts and loops and the power down didn’t even start.

The car moves not only forward and backward, but also left and right. Remember what I said earlier about transportation? This confused me at first because the front wheels are fixed…so the steering is not done in the “traditional” way. The GTR drives via an intelligent rear axle that sends power in either direction, depending on which button you press. These are real tricks.

I made an unboxing/review video, pulled the turbos in the car, a ton of donuts, and tried running it through the loop – does it have enough power to pass the loop? Click below to see and experience this RC Godzilla in action.

New Rc Cars Coming Out 2020

While some small RC cars can be burdened with poor handling, I am very impressed with the performance and quality of these new RC cars and am excited to see how this new RC technology will take over Hot Wheels fans in 2021.

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: I don’t know about you, but I could use a 1/64th scale RC BTTF DeLorean Time Machine 🏁

Modelmatic sells die-cast cars and accessories in 1:64 (or as close as possible) scale. From the UK!!

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