Mazda Rx8 For Sale Under $5000

Mazda Rx8 For Sale Under 00 – Like Highlander’s Sean Connery, you probably know what to expect after reading the word Mazda in this week’s headlines. Because when it comes to the right vaccine from the Japanese brand, there is only one

The RX-8 is both a sports car and a legend. It’s hard to argue with its merits on two counts: it’s a four-seat hatchback with a compact design, with automatic doors in the back and a Zing engine in the front. before. It’s not just the wind that gets the name like a storm

Mazda Rx8 For Sale Under $5000

Mazda Rx8 For Sale Under $5000

Mazda did not pioneer the Wankel engine, but by the time the RX-8 was announced in 2001, it was arguably the best choice for a pistonless combustion engine. During the oil crisis of the 1970s, the engine from its many sudden changes in Europe for three generations.

Used Mazda Rx 8 For Sale In Brattleboro, Vt

A sufficient number of hobbyist rotaries have come here to raise awareness of the various problems they face and, among the most common, they often involve rotor seal wear. Some owners have been lucky – I have a friend who ran a £1,500 FC RX-7 for three years and over 30,000 miles. But it is a popular and expensive problem

That’s why, before the new car, Mazda went to great lengths to assure the press that the new twin-rotor 13B RENESIS designed for the RX-8 is designed to a high standard and resistance. We even had a new team fly to Japan to show us the new Apex seal and show off the super fuel system designed to make it exciting, where we got to see the new engine in a big workshop. which was created by Hiroshima workers. Free employees (Even if the train ride is important.)

But when we ride the car’s level of pleasure reaches its peak Like the MX-5, Mazda has deliberately chosen to give the RX-8 a more flexible version than the standard sports car, but sis the Alien engine is very important. The RX-8, with its smooth turbine and exhaust, is even bigger. interesting and powerful. As it is, the noise of the operation does not correspond to the importance of the numbers appearing on the rev counter. of the piston motor So joins the warning sound that sounds good at 8,500rpm – 500rpm shy of the red line.

However, from the low model of 2003, the RX-8 did not feel fast, two engines were offered by the release, both with the same change, 6-channel turbo with 231hp and the four port type with 192hp. They all had to be thrown in to deliver these numbers – the engine revved at 7,000 rpm, the Braunier at 8,200 rpm. Torque is impressive, with both engines peaking at 146lb-ft and 156lb-ft at 5,000rpm and 5,500rpm respectively. The result is a car that feels smooth but suffers from understeer, and isn’t fast enough even when the steering wheel is pulled out. I remember the 225hp Audi TT, without a rocket on it, pulling out of the six port RX-8 during the comparison.

Mazda Rx 8 Gt Review

A few other issues have arisen for Mazda, the first being fuel consumption, which often veers between funny and dangerous. Wankel engines have always been popular, and even with new seals and good exhaust, the RENESIS has a face that would put many popular sports cars of the 1970s to shame. Economy in the EU is over 24mpg, but gets all the necessary self-control and a lifetime look behind the wheel.

The most likely to happen in the world is in the mid-teens, and how well it can be used can push the RX-8 into the single digits. My personal record is less than 150 miles on a 60 liter tank. It uses similar fuel, and the CO2 numbers are negative, with the top two engines after the 2006 road tax.

These complaints don’t detract from the car’s appeal – it’s unlikely anyone will buy it expecting the opposite of a diesel’s mpg. But as the RX-8 ages, it’s quickly becoming clear that Mazda’s claims of fixing the long-standing sealing problem aren’t worth the government’s money. In short, it did not. And although the government’s plan to blame the owners for not keeping their cars properly parked, a problem arose soon, according to many of the first cars starting to lose energy and have trouble starting to work. Even with good care

Mazda Rx8 For Sale Under $5000

In the U.S., where buyers have a voice and lawsuits, Mazda extended the powertrain warranty on the RX-8s to eight years/100,000 miles and even reimbursed some former owners. through to the cost of building the engine. But UK buyers outside of the manufacturer’s market have seen the company tumbleweeds, which has quickly led to confidence in second-hand cars.

Mazda Rx 8 Sport 6mt

Mazda uses a special edition that has been completed. Most of these are nothing more than colors and options, but a few have been significantly updated. brought 18-inch alloys, strong suspension and some tweaks. From memory, it was a bit difficult on UK roads But the next R3 launched in 2008 benefited from a softer body, stiffer and more options with Bilstein dampers. It got rave reviews when it came out, and it’s still at the top of the RX-8s list.

That’s why there are drugs There are many cars out there for under £6,000 asking for this 2009 R3, but many of them can have electrical problems. The owner selling this example seems to have a problem with formatting; The ad makes the exciting promise of HotSuperb and driftingNice But, the ad, promises both health measures and the ability to start hot and cold. The MOT history is not good, there have been many accidents in recent years, but nothing major and they have all passed straight on the day. They also ensure that the frequency is constant; It has the lowest odometer value of any RX-8 in the class with 57,769 at the last test.

The well-documented problems of the RX-8 carried it through its lifespan, but have kept it from being measured against many untroubled sports cars since. Its current price is the highest price, but it still looks competitive for the beautiful exterior. It is not difficult to imagine a future where the values ​​and love values ​​of the two converge.

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