Mazda Cx 7 Turbo Problems

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Mazda Cx 7 Turbo Problems

Mazda Cx 7 Turbo Problems

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Most Common Mazda Cx 5 Problems

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Note: The 2008 Mazda CX-7 has been the subject of numerous engine and air conditioning problem reports to NHTSA, and the defect has been ongoing since 2007.

Mazda Cx 7 2011 Turbo Oil Pipe Hose Amd61012

Owners reported problems with the 2008 CX-7’s variable valve timing and timing chain failure, which caused significant engine damage – Mazda used a disruptive design, so it twisted the valve and replaced the entire engine. The Mazda dealer quoted $9,000 for the engine replacement.

Finally, the A/C compressor seems to fail at low mileage for the 2008 CX-7. Tighten the A/C compressor while driving. Mazda extends the A/C warranty to 60,000 miles, but many owners report A/C compressor failure shortly after the 60k mark.

In 2011, Mazda began a “Special Service Program” that extended the warranty to 7 years/70,000 miles, covering turbocharger oil leaks and timing chain noise, early signs of timing chain failure. But the content of the project requires all documents for additional measures and proper maintenance. Buyer beware.

Mazda Cx 7 Turbo Problems

Engine Failure Noise Engine knocking Air speed High flow coolant fluid oil sump smooth and humming noise. . There were 180,000 vehicles on the US market between 2006 and 2012. It peaked in 2007, with more than 41,000 vehicles, more than double the 2006-2012 annual average.

Mazda Cx 7 Questions

Japanese engines are known for reliability, but the CX7 doesn’t need a turbo. A common problem found with the turbocharger in a 4 cylinder, 2.3 liter gasoline engine. Under full load, the turbocharged engine produces 256 HP and 380 Nm. These are great features for a mid-size SUV. However, when the propeller fails, the power drops significantly. And no turbo is common in the gasoline CX-7.

As with most turbochargers, there is a long list of common problems that can cause a turbo unit to fail, but they are common to the CX7 turbo.

Turbos spin at 200,000 rpm, so clean oil must flow continuously. This helps keep the parts lubricated and cool to protect them from excessive wear. Therefore, if you neglect to check and change the oil and filter in your CX7, poor quality oil can cause carbon build-up in the turbocharger and related systems, such as the oil feed lines and banjo bars.

Contaminants can damage the inner workings of the turbine, shorten its life, and eventually cause the turbine to fail altogether.

Cx 7a Exhaust Leak From Between Manifold And Turbo. Is It Common And Please Give Steps To Replace

Recommendation: Use high-quality synthetic oil and oil filter every 5,000 km or less in the CX7 engine to reduce the risk of failure.

Foreign substances can damage your CX7 turbo. As mentioned above, high-speed parts can be damaged when foreign objects block the flow of oil or stop the movement of parts suddenly.

The first sign of a turbocharger is not a lack of power, but white smoke from the car’s exhaust system. Work is often reduced.

Mazda Cx 7 Turbo Problems

Mazda’s official website is aimed at car owners. The dealer believes the dirt is due to poor maintenance and caused the turbo to fail. That’s true to some extent, but the CX-7’s oil system still needs maintenance because it often creates and protects the small-diameter oil system in the turbo feed unit.

Road Test Review

But an online problem report shows that Mazda technicians admitted there was a problem with the turbocharger’s oil drain system that caused the failure. However, Mazda CX-7 can not recognize the problem of turbo.

Note: It is important to maintain your car with regular oil and filter changes to reduce the risk of turbo damage. Sorry, the page you searched for was not found or has been moved. Here is our latest news to entertain you.

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Mazda Cx 7 Turbo Problems

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