Mazda 6 Used Cars For Sale

Mazda 6 Used Cars For Sale – Although it has always been recognized as Mazda’s flagship, it has grown stronger over the years. With the latest facelift, Mazda has further applied elements of its Kodo design philosophy, making the Mazda 6 the most impressive to date.

First introduced in 2002, it remains a popular choice among local buyers, competing against mid-size sedans such as the Toyota Camry, Honda Accord and Nissan Sephiro/T.

Mazda 6 Used Cars For Sale

Mazda 6 Used Cars For Sale

The Mazda 6 has always been one of the most stylish of the above models and has remained so throughout the generations. It’s only in recent years that its rivals have released their own models that are faster and more aggressive, emulating how the Mazda 6 has always been designed, and nothing is more honest than imitation. Or is it following Mazda’s example.

Used Mazda Mazda6 Cars For Sale

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This is the third generation Mazda 6, namely the second facelifted model, the restyling is effective from the 2018 model year. This model is equipped with a 2.0-liter engine and is available in the “Standard” configuration. In Singapore, two trim levels are available for the Mazda 6 2.0 “Standard” and “Executive”.

Standard trim lacks some of the perks of Executive trim, such as an 11-speaker Bose system and LED daytime running lights (standard-spec cars get a six-speaker system and halogen daytime running lights). something Although the 2.5-liter engine was available for the facelifted Mazda 6, it seems that the authorized dealers have discontinued it, and now it is only available in the wagon, not the sedan.

It’s a bit of a shame, as the third generation used the same SkyActiv-G engine for the rest of the model’s life, and while the 2.0-litre is smooth, it feels underpowered and underpowered due to its weight. Mazda 6in (compared to the lighter Mazda 3, which also has a 2.0-litre engine). True, the 2.5-liter engine produces more power (194 hp and 258 Nm of torque), but it requires more road tax and increases the price of the car, so it is not surprising that official dealers stop selling it due to low demand. .

No Mazda 6 Replacement Planned On New Rear Wheel Drive Platform

Like the Mazda 3, the Mazda 6’s 2.0-liter engine has a high compression ratio of 13:1, which provides excellent engine response when the throttle is pressed. The engine produces 165 hp. and 213 Nm of torque, which is not impressive, but more than enough for driving in Singapore. Power is sent to the front wheels via a six-speed torque converter automatic transmission that shifts smoothly and also has manual controls.

Like the Mazda 3, the Mazda 6 has demonstrated a high level of reliability with no mechanical problems or malfunctions reported by owners. Given the number of units in private hands, this is a testament to Mazda’s engineering prowess and consumer confidence in Mazda. With proper maintenance, i.e. every six months or 10,000 km, the Mazda 6 should perform like a Japanese car, reliably and faultlessly.

Fuel economy is good, 10-12 km/l on gasoline. The fuel tank has a capacity of 62 litres, so if you don’t drive with the desire to be a super-fast driver, you can average around 700 km per tank.

Mazda 6 Used Cars For Sale

However, there are some known problems with the Mazda 6, albeit minor ones. First, the side mirror. New 2013 and newer Mazda models have a windshield that automatically folds when the vehicle is locked. Unfortunately, after the car has been washed, parked for a while under heavy rain or hot sun, the Mazda 6 mirror cannot be folded or unfolded. While the exact problem may not be determined, a quick and easy fix is ​​to spray WD-40 or lubricant on the joint between the mirror housing and the mirror, which will get the mirror working again.

New Mazda 6 Facelift 2015 Review

The Mazda 6 uses a capacitor system called i-ELOOP that stores kinetic energy lost during deceleration or braking and converts it into electrical energy that powers the headlights, climate control, audio system and can power other electrical equipment.

This capacitor system has been used since the beginning of the third generation, and when the first units were five or six years old, the unit would suddenly have problems with capacitors, warning signs flashing headlights or warning lights. Cluster when passing 3000 – 4000 rpm. With 2022 marking the end of four years for the last updated units, capacitor issues could occur in the next year or so. Unfortunately, this problem appears only after the end of the warranty, and the only way out is a complete replacement of the capacitor, which owners have to pay out of pocket.

The battery in the Mazda 6 needs to be replaced more often than in other cars, with owners reporting that they replace the battery every six months. Research doesn’t know exactly what causes such a short battery replacement interval, but some owners have reported that not activating the start-stop system helps extend battery life somewhat.

But yes, aside from these issues, the Mazda 6 is mechanically sound and should provide the typical hassle-free Japanese car ownership experience. Before buying any used car, be sure to do a thorough pre-purchase inspection.

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So. Mazda 6 has always been a very comfortable car for the driver or passenger. Thanks to its length, the interior space is always open, and three people can fit in the back seat without feeling cramped, although it is best to have only four people in the car for maximum comfort.

Additionally, following the 2018 facelift, Mazda has improved the refinement, comfort and build quality of the Mazda6, with interior design and materials that easily meet or exceed the standards of its European rivals. Both sound insulation and ride quality have been improved over the pre-restyling unit, thanks to a quieter cabin on the move and a more compliant suspension on less-than-ideal tarmac.

The instrument panel is mostly analog, with a digital display to display a variety of information, such as the odometer, fuel limit and odometer.

Mazda 6 Used Cars For Sale

The interior is mostly black synthetic leather with soft-touch surfaces and soft-touch plastics, especially in high-touch areas like the gear lever, armrest, window sills and instrument panel. Although the all-black interior is boring, it complements the exterior color of the device, which is dark silver. Both front seats have electric adjustment and lumbar support. The headroom in the back is enough for a 1.8 meter tall person to sit comfortably.

Mazda 6 Sedan Generations: All Model Years

The infotainment system is old Mazda with an eight-inch display controlled by a rotary dial on the center console. With hard buttons for easy access to functions such as telephone or radio. The system is simple and intuitive to use and features Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, which require a cable connection.

Bucking the trend of many manufacturers today using touch-sensitive controls for HVAC systems, the Mazda 6 still retains physical controls with buttons and knobs, making it easy to adjust the climate control while driving. Being a Japanese car, the air conditioning is very good with dual zone climate control. For the comfort of passengers, there are also air conditioning vents in the rear.

The steering column has tilt and telescopic adjustment, as well as a multifunction steering wheel with controls for the infotainment system, phone and cruise control. The rear seats can be folded 60/40 using a lever in the trunk to lower them. ISOFIX points are also easily accessible and hidden under plastic covers.

The Mazda 6 is factory fitted with Bridgestone Turanza T005A tires in size 215/45/R18. These are by no means sports tires, but excellent touring tires for those who prefer a comfortable and quiet ride. Thanks to noise isolation and adaptive suspension, the Mazda 6 is a great car for long trips.

My Preowned Mazda 6 Sedan: Likes & Dislikes After 21 Months & 53000 Kms

The volume of the trunk is 500 liters, which is not too spacious, but not too shabby either. With the rear seats folded, the boot volume should increase to at least 900 litres, enough to fit several bikes.

Yes, there is a spare wheel. Additional tools are required to replace a roadside tire.

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Mazda 6 Used Cars For Sale

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