Low Freon In Car Ac

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As soon as I got my car I found out that the AC was not working. The mechanic tried to move and fill the system and found that the pressure was equal on both sides. This means that the expansion valve or the compressor are not working, both of which are very expensive to repair. Instead of spending a couple thousand bucks to do it, I replaced the expansion valve ($20 or so) and got a reputable compressor ($100), and supplied the system myself. I have saved money, and I have the tools to deal with it in the future.

Low Freon In Car Ac

Low Freon In Car Ac

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How To Tell If A Car Air Conditioning Compressor Is Bad

Before you start ordering a vacuum cleaner, it is important to know how it works. Your car’s AC is a closed system, meaning it never needs to be “charged” or “charged” to function properly. It does not use a refrigerator. If you see that it is low, there are tumors that must be corrected.

A closed system has a few basic components: compressor, condenser, receiver/drier, expansion valve and motor unit. All systems have coolant in them at high pressure, around 40 psi or more at idle. There are two “sides” to an AC system, top and bottom. The compressor will take the refrigerant from the low pressure side and push it, pushing it to the high pressure side, which is even hotter.

The hot, high-pressure coolant passes through a condenser, which is basically a radiator. The condenser cools the refrigerant as much as possible before it enters the refrigerator. The dryer filters moisture and humidity from the line.

The refrigerant then enters the expansion valve. An expansion valve is a way to allow high pressure refrigerant to expand and change to low pressure. Radio waves, if you remember physics, create a very cold refrigerator. The cold, low-pressure coolant that passes through the engine exhaust is also a radiator. The fan blows the engine and hopefully cools your car. Then return to the compressor, which is restarted.

Toyota Sienna Ac Service: Evacuation And Refrigerant Recharge (with Video)

As you can see, it is not necessary to fill the refrigerator with a closed system. If you have cracks, you can find them by adding UV dye and using a black light to find the source.

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Vacuum charging requires a few special tools. The most important thing is to really put a lot of parameters, which are drawn on the surface. I have two Mastercool badges that I got for $70 on Amazon

Low Freon In Car Ac

, and they work hard. The measurement allows you to see the pressure on the upper and lower sides of the system, and it adds safety. Hardware stores will sell refrigerators with a cooling label on the side, but they do not give us the true knowledge of how the system works.

Common Reasons Your Car Ac Isn’t Cooling Enough

. I bought the one in the magazine, a special piece with which I had great success, and it cost a hundred bucks. They also sell inexpensive air compressors, so this may be an option if you already have a large compressor in your shop. A vacuum pump is good if the system is completely filled. This allows you to fully inhale any air in your bloodstream. The vacuum function also removes moisture. If this step is not done, the AC will not work properly and the wiring may be damaged from the inside due to the heat.

. Refrigerant conditions depend on the car – AC companies before 1994 used Freon. If your car is that old and hasn’t been modified, it must be done by a licensed professional – no one is allowed to have Freon. That being said, you can replace the Freon system with a new refrigerant, r134a. This requires replacing several critical components in the system and is beyond the scope of this article.

When you buy r134a, make sure you buy non-stop sheets! It stays leak free and is great for hitting expensive AC equipment and ruining your setup. Just say no. The above packages are from Walmart, but all hardware stores carry r134a. Also, if you install a new compressor or replace other parts, you may need more PAG oil. AC needs less fuel in the system. You can google how much oil to add to your car based on the parts you replace. If you are making something simple, you don’t need extra oil.

This is flexible, but very useful. If you fill the system for free, your vehicle will have a specific coolant charge, in ounces. The Miata I’m working on has 21. I found this simple kitchen scale that allows me to remove the scale from the can before I fill it, and then make sure it’s enough. You can also hit it with a click (like this one), depending on the temperature of the environment, but the best way to do this is to install a suitable refrigerator.

A/c Refrigerant Charge

Finally, you may need an O-ring kit for your vehicle. All connectors in the AC system have o-rings on them. If you know yours may be all original, getting a mixed bag of replacements is a good idea. You can fix small bugs you didn’t know you had, and help prevent this pattern from repeating itself.

The first thing to do is match the parameters. As shown in the picture, there are three valves, two gauges and two valves. The left gauge, the left valve and the blue hose are attached to the low pressure. Right gauge, right valve and red pipe attached to high pressure. A yellow bridge connects the two sides of the valley. To start, make sure both values ​​are changed to right/closed.

There will be two blue plastics on two separate lines that go to the firewall in the engine bay, usually on the passenger side. The smooth line will be the high pressure side. You can remove the plastic column and get the blue line on the schrader valve below.

Low Freon In Car Ac

Now, do the same in terms of high speed. For the r134a system, the values ​​and sizes are different, so you can’t mix them. This may not be the case with other types of refrigerators.

How To Easily Recharge The Air Conditioning System In A Toyota Corolla

You’ve probably taken your AC system out for repairs, so you know it’s not cold. It is very important to check this before going. At this point, both gauges should read 0 psi. Note that you do not need and should not open the index. Do not open the container.

The gauge will show the pressure if any. If the pressure is above 0 on both sides, you have coolant in the system and you need to remove it professionally. The mechanic should be able to return the r134a for you cheaply, as he maintains the refrigerant for other customers to use.

Every time you turn on the AC system, you have to replace the washer/dryer. It feels good, and replacing it with a new one will improve the AC system. It will always be placed near the condenser. In my case it’s in this hole under the plastic in front of the radiator.

Getting there can be a bit of a pain. There are two connecting holes on the side plus two connecting lines. You need to use two lines to remove the connecting line – you can apply pressure in different directions so as not to press the line. Both parts of the installation must be technically accessed through the bumper. Having a small arm in credit and a variety of long socks helps a lot.

Troubleshooting Car Ac Systems (pressure Readings And More)

Once you have removed all 4 bolts/nuts you can remove them. Substitution cancellation action. In my case, this is the second time I’ve opened the system, so I know those green o-rings are new. But the first time I did it, I replaced them with the original ones. If you have an O-ring kit, you can go ahead and upgrade there. When you do this, apply a little oil to the o-rings to help seal them and prevent them from tearing when draining the fluid from the connecting line and

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