How Much To Change Battery In Iphone

How Much To Change Battery In Iphone – Having a problem with your iPhone battery and want to know how much it will cost to replace your iPhone battery in 2024? Don’t worry, we trust you.

The iPhone battery deteriorates over time and after a while you will find yourself unable to use the device without replacing the battery first.

How Much To Change Battery In Iphone

How Much To Change Battery In Iphone

The first thing that comes to everyone’s mind is how much it costs to replace an iPhone battery.

How Much Does It Cost To Replace Iphone’s Battery In 2024

IPhone battery replacement prices vary from country to country, and your individual circumstances can significantly change the amount you pay for a battery replacement. For example, you may be eligible for a free battery replacement if it’s under a 1-year warranty or AppleCare+.

Whether you have an iPhone 15 Pro Max, iPhone 15, iPhone 14, iPhone 13, or an older model, you’ll find the right information in this article.

Here are iPhone battery replacement costs for each iPhone model. These fees apply to replacements made by Apple. Prices may vary if replacement is purchased from Apple Authorized Service Providers.

If Apple or its authorized service providers are unable to replace the iPhone battery, then you can also order DIY battery replacement kits from iFixIt. If you are brave enough, DIY kits to replace the iPhone battery at home with a special tool. Kits are available for iPhone 11 or newer models.

When Should You Replace Your Iphone’s Battery? • Macreports

Before visiting the Apple Store to replace the battery, you should first check the battery status of your device in the Battery Status section located under Settings -> Battery -> Battery Status.

You can find your iPhone’s current maximum battery capacity on the Battery Health page. If the battery level is below 80% and the device displays the following message:

The health of the battery has been seriously damaged. An Apple Authorized Service Provider can replace the battery to restore full power and performance. Learn more about service options…

How Much To Change Battery In Iphone

Then it’s time to change the battery. You can continue to use the same battery, but there may be issues with battery life and device performance. Replacing your iPhone battery can improve your user experience.

Is Iphone Or Ipod Battery Replacement Worth It?

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In this article, we will give you a detailed step-by-step guide on how to activate protection against a stolen device… Since March, Apple has increased the price of phone batteries for all models except the iPhone 14.

How Much To Change Battery In Iphone

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Here’s How Much Apple Charges For Iphone Battery Replacements

Is your iPhone charging slowly? Having trouble keeping a charge throughout the day or shutting down unexpectedly? If so, you may want to consider getting a new battery.

And you probably want to do it as soon as possible. Apple recently announced that starting March 1, you will have to pay an additional $20 to replace the battery through Apple Services (except for iPhone 14 models, because the price remains the same).

So how do you know when you need to replace your battery? We’ll show you how to check battery health through iPhone Settings, as well as what you can do to extend battery life.

Over time, your iPhone’s battery may become less efficient, and you may end up with a dead battery on your new iPhone. To quickly check for battery health issues, go to Settings > Battery > Battery health and charging. If you’re running something lower than iOS 16.1, the latest will appear as Battery Health.

The Price Of Replacing Your Iphone Battery Has Gone Up

Above you’ll see your battery’s maximum capacity, which should be close to 100% or more if you have a newer iPhone.

But what you want to look at is the maximum capacity and the sentence below that. If you find that your battery is currently supporting the normal maximum capacity, then there is no problem with the battery and there is no need to replace it.

Check what is written under Peak Performance Capability to determine if you need to replace the battery. Screenshot by Nelson Aguilar/

How Much To Change Battery In Iphone

If you see any of the following messages, you should replace the battery or at least make an appointment with Apple or an authorized service provider to have the battery checked:

Here’s The Real Reason Apple Doesn’t Want You To Replace The Battery In Your Iphone On Your Own

Depending on whether you have insurance (third-party insurance or AppleCare Plus), you may not need to spend money to replace the battery on your iPhone. If the iPhone is new, you have at least one year warranty to replace the defective battery. If you don’t have insurance, Apple charges about $49-$99 to replace the battery. Additionally, you can check Apple’s service programs page to see if there are any replacement or repair programs available for your device.

The sooner you use your daily battery life, the faster your overall battery life will be, so according to Apple, here are some tips to keep in mind:

You can change auto-brightness (left) and prevent apps from refreshing in the background to improve battery life (right). Screenshot by Nelson Aguilar/

For more tips on how to save battery on your iPhone, check out eight ways to extend iPhone battery life, two iOS 16 features to turn off to save battery, and what happens when you leave your iPhone in low power mode. Apple’s iPhone X has many new features for the iPhone, but also new challenges for people who buy it. Released in November 2017, the X boasts the first dual-cell battery in an iPhone and an internal battery. These great features ushered in a new era of technology—which, unfortunately, also led to more expensive and complicated repairs.

What To Know Before You Try To Replace An Old Iphone Battery

After two years, warranties expire for the first iPhone X units sold (this is the AppleCare+ warranty; the regular warranty expires after one year). This means that battery and screen replacements are about to get very expensive for X owners. After the warranty expires, Apple charges $69 to replace the battery, and when your AppleCare+ expires, the screen replacement jumps from $29 to $279. That doesn’t include the $7 shipping fee and the endless 7-9 day wait on the phone for customers who aren’t close enough to a Genius Bar.

Last month, we released replacement screens for the iPhone X and iPhone XS that were cheaper than Genius Bar repairs (we wrote about it here ). We’re now expanding from just parts to complete kits: along with our guides, our iPhone X battery and screen repair kits will include everything you need to fix your phone yourself. And when you need a repair, you can only be without your phone for an hour or two!

Each kit also includes a blower, opening tool and rods, suction handle, angled pliers, a screwdriver with all the parts you need, and of course a quality-tested replacement screen or two-cell battery (remember to recycle properly). old battery when you’re done!).

How Much To Change Battery In Iphone

Replacing any iPhone battery starts with the first step: realizing you need a replacement. If you’re wondering how “waterproof” your phone will be after the repair, don’t worry: all kits come with a replacement adhesive that you can use with our excellent guide to replacing the adhesive.

Turn Off These 2 Ios Settings To Help Your Iphone Battery Last Longer

Your Apple warranty may expire after a year, but all parts and hardware in these kits are covered by more stringent warranties. The batteries – because they work – have a one-year warranty. Replacement screens and unused tools (suction handle, angle pliers, driver and all other parts) are covered by our lifetime warranty.

If you want to get an idea of ​​what you’re getting for these repairs, or if you want to do some pre-repair research to prepare yourself, you can check out our iPhone X battery screen and repair guides. two minute video review.

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