How Much Is The Cheapest

How Much Is The Cheapest – What comes to mind when you hear the name ‘Hermes’? Of course, imagine a boutique filled with luxury and dignity. Some people believe that Hermes accessories are out of their budget because the price is too high to even consider. It’s no secret that Hermes handbags are very expensive.

But how much is ‘too much’? Today we will talk about the price of Hermes bags, showing the price from the cheapest to the most expensive. We’ll also discuss some of the key fashion accessories produced by the fashion house, showing which Hermes items can be purchased for just $24. It will be a great trip! Arrival!

How Much Is The Cheapest

How Much Is The Cheapest

Determining the value of a Hermes bag is difficult because it depends on many factors. Rare and lightly used items can be more expensive than new models. Buying Hermes handbags directly from a boutique is an investment in the future as prices are sure to rise. But even in the official store, the price of the same model depends on the size, color, leather and material. The exclusive and timeless Classic is more expensive than usual.

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One of the most desirable handbags in history! You can’t just walk into a boutique and ask for a Birkin, it’s produced in limited quantities and you have to go on a waiting list for potential buyers. With this level of secrecy and obscurity, it’s no wonder that this model is the most expensive of all Hermes bags.

Fashion houses increase the price of Birkinis, depending on the size and color. For example, the Togo B35 is $12,100, the same as last year, but the price of the signature model in the same leather has increased by almost 5%. The classic Togo B30 can now be purchased for $10,900, and the smallest of the Togo B25 family costs $9,850 in the United States. The official price of the Birkinica starts at $9,250 and can reach $13,200 for various types of leather. If you’d like to learn more about this famous Hermes bag and improve your authentication skills, be sure to check out our guide on how to spot a fake Hermes Birkin.

Another famous Hermes model is the famous Kelly, named after the Princess of Monaco, Grace Kelly. Owning this wallet is not only a symbol of status and luxury, but also a good investment. In the 70s, the price of a Kelly bag increased 1000% compared to the original price, and the price of a rare ostrich leather model is astronomical today. But we’re looking for something smaller, like Togo leather. Hermes has increased the price of the Retourne Kelly 25cm model by more than 11% this year with the current official price of $9,350. Again, the price depends a lot on the color used. For example, the 28cm Epsom Color Sellier Kelly is up 3% and now costs $10,700. These are Hermes Kelly bag prices.

This bag is the choice of modern and elegant women. You don’t have to wait years to get a new Hermes bag, easy to carry on the shoulder or as a crossbody. It comes in different sizes, and everyone, regardless of height, can find the perfect Constance model for themselves. This year the price has increased by almost 7%. The smaller Epsom leather version of the Constance 18 is currently priced at $7,800, while the larger Constance 24 is priced at $10,300, similar to the Swift. , Tadelakt or Evercolor are a little better. This difference is usually small compared to the original price ($150-$200). Limited edition and rare lizard and alligator leather bags can fetch up to $35,000.

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The popularity of this bag is explained by two main reasons. First of all, it is perfect for cross-dressing and can be used in many ways. Perfect for work or dinner, great for work or day trips. Second, the cost. Compared to other Hermes handbags made from expensive materials, the Evelyne is as affordable as your entry-level Hermes bag. Currently, the third generation is available on the official website of Hermes in three sizes. Crafted from Clemence leather with a canvas strap, it’s perfect for everyday use. The cheapest is the Evelyne 29, which costs only $3,375.

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If you’re not aiming for a Birkin or Kelly, but still want to buy your first elegant Hermes bag, there are affordable models. Of course, they are made of simple leather and fabric, but this is a big step in getting a unique collection of high quality.

How Much Is The Cheapest

If you don’t want to spend money on expensive things to put on the shelf, let us introduce you to the beautiful Hermes Zip Herbag. It’s like a sister to the Kelly bag. The body is always made of fabric, so the bag is light and strong. The upper part of the bag, the handle and the strap are made of leather. The wallet can be used every day without fear of your belongings being pulled. While Kelly and Birkin are more collectible models, Herbag is designed for everyday use. The official retail price on the Hermes website is $2,600.

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Birkin is already known as the most desirable handbag in the world, but this is not enough for the fashion house. They made the most expensive bag in history, which broke the world record in 2016. The Himalaya Birkin 30 was sold at the Christie’s auction for an insane price – $300,168. What is special?

First, the weird skin. Made from rare Niloticus crocodile skin, it has a soft natural color. The smoky brown edges of the bag become a pearly white center reminiscent of the Himalayas.

However, a year later this record was broken by … a model that looked like a Hermes Birkin. The Himalayan Birkin was also named the most expensive bag in history, after an anonymous buyer paid nearly $380,000.

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But in 2021, the Himalayan record was set by the Faubourg Birkin bag, which was sold in a private sale for $400,000.

The fashion house is known for its bags, but it offers fashionistas numerous high-end fashion accessories. Hermes silk hats have been produced since 1937 and are a collector’s item to purchase as a great addition to your wardrobe. It is not soft with a logo, as you can imagine, it is elegant and attractive to everyone. It takes up to eighteen months to make one piece, as they are all handmade and decorated with silk.

Generally, the more colors you see on a thread, the more valuable it is. The models and designs are different, and so are the prices. You can buy a small mask as a hand accessory for $200 or splurge on a large fashion item. The most expensive Hermes scarf currently costs $7,800.

How Much Is The Cheapest

Hermes handbags are almost as expensive as the famous Hermes bags! And there is a reason for that! If you look at classic handbags, you will not see that they are similar to famous bags. The Kelly wallet looks like a smaller version of the wallet with a signature lock in the middle, the Constance wallet has the same H-shaped closure. Carrying a beautiful piece of leather in a tall case brings joy and pride to its owner.

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From card holders to larger models that can replace clutches, Hermes has a lot to offer. The price of Hermes handbags, like purses, depends largely on the leather used and the size. A classic Kelly bag in Epsom green is $3,525, a long Constance bag in the same material is $4,750. You can find something cheaper, starting at $1,525 in the price range for the small size and reaching an astronomical $20,200 for the large green model.

Although fashion houses are initially known for feminine and elegant bags, it is difficult to imagine our modern society without bags. This is an easy way to free your hands. There are different types of bags, the most popular being the Kelly Ado (the one in the picture).

It is made of leather and has a prominent clasp on the front, just like the Kelly bag itself. The internet was talking when Kylie Jenner bought a $12,000 pink bag for her daughter Stormi’s first date.

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