How Do You Know Where To Put A Decimal Point

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Secunda rules your life and you can’t imagine your day without them. They feel almost eternal. You believe they are always knocking on the door with dancing eyes and swaying when you come home.

How Do You Know Where To Put A Decimal Point

How Do You Know Where To Put A Decimal Point

No dog would die if our love could keep it alive. But we all know that love is not enough. Sooner or later we have to say goodbye.

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As I tried to avoid hyperventilating through my tears, the vet entered the examination room. Dante, the beloved German Shepherd, was still in the room receiving pain medication through an IV.

I could feel the blood pounding in my ears as my heart pounded, tears streaming down my face in rivers.

“First, we surgically remove his spleen. This surgery, even if I could do it, would be very difficult and very painful for an older dog.

“However, if you decide to operate and we open it up and the tumor looks cancerous – which I’m 90 percent sure it is – you should know that I will kill it on the table in the middle of the operation.”

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“It was cruel to be brought back from anesthesia when he had only had a few painful weeks trying to recover from the loss of his spleen before dying of cancer.”

“Your second choice is to kill him now surrounded by his family rather than hurt him further.

He’s bleeding, so you need to make a quick decision. However, based on the lab work and symptoms, I highly recommend the second option.

How Do You Know Where To Put A Decimal Point

My mind was racing. My heart is broken. He was fine an hour ago. The vet confirmed that he is healthy a week ago. None had a tumor.

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This dog saved my life from an attack by protecting me from mine. This dog is my shadow, my protector and my best friend.

My husband and I had little time to make this heartbreaking decision in the middle of the night.

You would know if they had surgery, he had a painful recovery ahead of him when he was already showing signs of arthritis and hip dysplasia.

At worst, he will get cancer and die on a cold operating table far away from us.

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The vet took him back to the exam room and I tried to stay calm so he wouldn’t be startled.

I touched his head and kissed the black diamond on his forehead like he had done every night for the eight years we were together.

I whispered “I love you” into his ear so those were the last words he heard as loud as I could project from the collapse of my chest.

How Do You Know Where To Put A Decimal Point

My husband clung to his side and hugged him tightly, and we held him close as the vet’s injection cost him his life on the clinic floor.

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As we weigh this terrible decision, we think of the honor Dante held even in his old age. We owe him a death equal to his brave life.

So, despite the pain, even though we’re not ready to lose him, we want a few more months with him to make him feel better, we want him to take his place, we give him. Gift died with dignity surrounded by people who loved her.

To this day, I can’t remember that moment without tears. However, given the vet’s advice and what we know, we would make the same decision again.

Dante had never experienced not being able to walk. He never lost control of his bowels. He was too weak to move and never needed to be carried.

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Except for the few minutes it took to get him to the vet’s office and start him on pain meds, he never suffered.

We loved him to the end and were there to help him catch his last breath with the loving act of letting him go before life got too dark.

It was then that I realized that euthanasia is a gift when it is done in the best interest of the dog.

How Do You Know Where To Put A Decimal Point

One of the cruelest aspects of pet ownership is that, in most cases, you will outlive your dog. The average lifespan of a dog is from 10 to 13 years. The average human lifespan is 71 years.

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Considering how much love we feel for our pets, these numerical odds seem pretty brutal. You will most likely have to say goodbye sooner or later.

There are many reasons why pet owners need to euthanize, but here are some of the most common:

Often, even in the best of circumstances with high-quality care, the inevitable results can only be delayed.

You’ve probably heard people say that your pet will tell you when it’s time. Unfortunately, this is often not the case.

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You know that keeping your dog alive every day gives him existence, not enriches his life.

As dog owners, we hold their lives in our hands. We often face this emotional breakdown of what to do when our beloved friends go down, if they don’t slip safely into the night.

Dogs and humans have similar organ systems. When they start to fail, they feel the pain in the same way that humans do.

How Do You Know Where To Put A Decimal Point

I find this helpful when dealing with the question of when to put them to sleep, as owners can figuratively put themselves in their pet’s shoes.

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As humans, euthanasia is not an option. However, many terminal human patients would voluntarily choose to do so rather than remain in a drug-induced coma and suffer in a vegetative state while awaiting the end.

Although euthanasia may seem devastating to us, it is actually the last compassionate gift we can give our suffering canine companion.

Although it may seem counterintuitive to consider this factor, many owners do not have pet insurance, or if they do, it may not cover such expensive treatments.

When age, expense, suffering and bad results gather in a perfect storm, it makes sense to stop fighting the inevitable outcome.

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However, on the contrary, if your dog’s quality of life is good and he is not in pain, even if it is not easy, try to do what is best for his interest and care. Or cheaper.

Unlike Dante’s story, his successor has a happy ending for us. This story illustrates that you don’t have to be afraid to try therapy if the dog can continue to live well in the process.

Our German Shepherd Soren was diagnosed with disintegrating aspergillosis. The fungal infection has spread to his lungs and leg bones, giving him a poor prognosis for survival.

How Do You Know Where To Put A Decimal Point

One of the reasons for such a poor prognosis is that many pet owners put their dogs down because of the extensive treatment protocols and poor outcomes associated with this disease.

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Antifungals are not only expensive, but they take months or years to completely clear the infection. Usually the drugs still don’t work and the dog ends up dying after consuming thousands of dollars worth of drugs.

However, Soren is only four years old and has a long life. We know he’s a fighter. His pain was controlled during treatment, and his quality of life and appetite remained good.

We are ready to put him to sleep when it is clear that he has lost the battle and is no longer enjoying life.

However, despite the bad prognosis, we got a chance. After thousands of dollars, six months of anti-fungals and long-term care, it paid off.

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Soren miraculously survived against very slim odds. Today he is a happy seven-year-old puppy with no signs of fungal infection.

In this case, we weigh the quality of life and decide if we can manage the pain and start to recover, this sacrifice is worth being with us for a decade.

Ultimately, only you can answer this question about when it’s time to put your dog down. You know your dog better. You can see the suffering in their eyes and the change in their personality.

How Do You Know Where To Put A Decimal Point

For some people, it is difficult to separate the need to keep their pet alive from the needs of the dog.

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For others, it is difficult to separate the cost and inconvenience of the care required to give them a fighting chance with the convenience and cost savings of the euthanasia option.

As their owner, it is your job to protect them from unnecessary suffering, even at the cost of your own grief.

However, it is your job to help them if they have a good chance of recovery

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