How Can You Tell If Its Your Battery Or Alternator

How Can You Tell If Its Your Battery Or Alternator – While there are many ways to see exactly how much battery life is left on your iPhone, you can do all the work by having your iPhone verbally tell you the current percentage every time you turn it on or let it charge. Best of all, this trick works whether you’re using a wired or wireless charger.

In most cases, you may see your iPhone’s battery status appear on the screen every time you start or finish charging, but it’s there, and it’ll be dead before you know it. With custom automation, you can get verbal confirmation of your iPhone’s battery status, so you don’t have to worry about manually searching.

How Can You Tell If Its Your Battery Or Alternator

How Can You Tell If Its Your Battery Or Alternator

To get started, go to the instructions below. If you want to get paid and do automated actions that you don’t otherwise get charged for, here are some things your iPhone can do:

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To get started, open the Shortcuts app. You can reinstall it from the App Store if you deleted it. I’m using 16 for this guide, but it will work on 14 and 15 as well. And if you’re wondering, it will also work on iPad models with iPadOS 14-16 – the process is the same.

On the “Automation” page, click the plus sign (+), select “Create your automation” and select the “Insert” trigger. Then select “Connected” and “Disconnected” if you want Siri to tell you the battery status when you start charging your iPhone and when it stops. You can do one or the other if it suits you better.

For automatic operation, click “Add Action” or the search field below, then search and select “Get Battery Status” or “Get Battery Status”.

You’ll see “Get Battery Status” in version 16.2 and later, and “Get Battery Status” in version 16.1.2 and earlier. The actions are the same, only the new version 16.2 allows you to change “Battery Status” to “Charging” or “Connected to Charger”, which you don’t need to do.

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Click on the search bar and find and select the second action, “direct text”. If you stop there, Siri will say the battery level as a number. For example, if it’s 46%, Siri will say “46”; To change this, see step 4.

You can add more to what Siri says if you want. When I go back to the 46% example, I want my iPhone to say, “My battery level is now at 46%.”

To do this, press the field after “Speak” to place the cursor in front of “Battery level” or “Battery level” and type what you want. For me, this is “This is my current battery level”. Then move the cursor behind “Battery Status” or “Battery Status” and enter more. For me, it’s a “percentage”.

How Can You Tell If Its Your Battery Or Alternator

If you haven’t already, click the chevron in the Speak action box to see more options. If you want, you can turn off “Wait for completion” in the extended menu. It doesn’t matter whether this automation is on or off because the result is the same. You can also customize the pace and volume of Siri’s voice, change the spoken language, and even choose a different voice.

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Click “Next” after customizing how Siri will say the text, and turn off “Ask before acting” on the next page. Right away, tap “Don’t Ask” to automatically turn Siri on instead of asking if you want to tell you the battery level or not. Click “Done” and you…

Now all you have to do is test your new device. Plug your iPhone into a power source or place it on a wireless charger, and within seconds, Siri will speak what you’ve programmed. Turn off your iPhone or remove it from wireless charging and Siri should tell you the new status. If it doesn’t work, here are some common troubleshooting steps:

If you can’t hear Siri speaking, you may need to turn up Siri’s volume on your device. You can do this in two ways. First, you can tell Siri to “speak.” Second, you can activate Siri as usual and use the volume buttons on the side of the device to increase settings while speaking. Siri should now remember your voice preferences for spoken conversations.

There’s no shortcut to changing Siri’s voice, but maybe one day…if we’re lucky.

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Sometimes, Siri may tell you that the volume level is a low number. For example, “41.38495873” instead of “41”. I’ve rarely encountered this, but you can automate Siri to speak round numbers if it’s annoying enough.

To do this, place the Round number action between the Get battery level and Say text actions. Then type “Battery level” or “Battery level” in the Say text field and click “Clear Variable”. When it disappears, move the cursor to where it was and select “Round Number” at the top of the keyboard. Save your changes and it should stop spitting out weak numbers. As impressive as modern smartphone technology is, batteries still rely on chemical reactions. This means that these parts have other problems, one of which is battery swelling. This is not a common problem for many, but it does arise from time to time. Apple, Samsung and even Google devices have had problems with this in the past. Besides being an inconvenience, a swollen phone can be dangerous. That’s why today we show you what to do if your phone’s battery is swollen.

If you find that your phone’s battery is swollen, you should pay attention to it, because it can be dangerous and technically a fire hazard. The best thing you can do is stop using it, turn it off and go to a professional to replace the battery. This can be expensive if the phone is still under warranty or not covered by insurance.

How Can You Tell If Its Your Battery Or Alternator

If your phone is beyond repair, you should safely recycle it. You can find recycling centers at

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There are several reasons why a lithium-ion battery can swell. However, there is usually a reason why this happens. Batteries tend to swell because gas builds up, causing pressure and expansion.

With that in mind, we need to consider the most common reasons for a battery to retain gas. Manufacturer errors may occur. If the battery manufacturer does not make the battery properly, gas can build up slowly during charging. This means that charging the phone long enough can be a problem, especially considering that taking the phone out generates heat.

Heat also speeds up the process. You should make sure that you don’t leave your phone out in the sun too much or near very hot things.

Also, physical damage to the battery can be a common cause of battery swelling. Have you ever dropped your phone? Maybe you accidentally punctured the battery? This can cause the battery to swell. Not to mention, batteries age too. Chemical reactions can change and its components can be weakened.

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By the way, this should not be common. Unless there is a serious manufacturer defect, most batteries should last several years, with most users keeping the device.

It’s even harder to tell when the battery is dead, as phones with removable batteries are rare. We can no longer see our batteries. This makes it very difficult to identify a swollen or damaged battery.

The easiest way to tell if the battery is swollen is to check the device (or the battery, if you can). Is there a wave? You may notice some unusual movement when you place it on a flat surface. Also, look for deformed shapes or signs of disassembly of the phone. Smartphone backplates begin to crack when the swollen battery structure presses on them.

How Can You Tell If Its Your Battery Or Alternator

Although not guaranteed, the smell can also be a sign of a swollen battery. We don’t recommend that you actively try to inhale the chemicals, but it’s something you’ll notice by accident. Does your phone smell weird? People describe bad battery odor as metallic and sometimes sweet.

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Even simple things like battery performance can be a dead giveaway. If the battery charges very slowly or the charge does not last long enough, this can cause problems.

So you’ve discovered something surprising about your phone’s battery. Is it safe to use a swollen phone battery? Absolutely not! A swollen lithium-ion battery can be very dangerous. The pressure can cause gases to escape and cause the battery to catch fire or explode, especially if it is punctured.

The first step should be to turn off your device immediately and put it away. Do not attach or wrap. Put it in a safe place and keep it there, preferably away from anything flammable.

If it is possible and safe to do so, you should probably remove the battery. Be careful not to mess with it too much

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