Hey Google What Language Is This

Hey Google What Language Is This – Over the past few days, several Pixel Buds Pro owners have noticed that they’ve turned off “Hey Google” and their Assistant headphones no longer say “hands-free.”

Update 10/25. Acknowledging the problem on Friday and apologizing, Google said hotkey detection on the Pixel Buds Pro “should work as most users expect.” However, if it doesn’t fix it, follow these steps:

Hey Google What Language Is This

Hey Google What Language Is This

People with this problem get the warning “Say Hey Google is disabled” after connecting the Pixel Buds Pro. Google says “Voice Match is disabled because this device does not currently support the selected Assistant language.” The recommended solution is “In the Assistant language settings select supported languages” and links to those settings.

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These users have not changed their language (most device reports are set to US, UK and Australian English) to cause this error. Hotword recognition still works on their other Pixel devices (phones and watches).

Google Assistant on the Pixel Buds Pro still uses Touch and Hold gestures, but that may require losing active volume control on at least one of the buds (and remembering which side does what); Pixel Buds app > Touch controls > Change sensor and storage. Of course, that defeats the purpose of hands-free support.

Over the past day, multiple reports have surfaced of multiple owners of the Pixel Buds Pro. Not all users are affected, however, and Hey Google continues to work for the pairs we tested this morning. Some people are reporting that recent updates to Google software may be responsible, and hopefully this can be resolved with a server-side update.

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