Cost To Replace Civic Hybrid Battery

Cost To Replace Civic Hybrid Battery – Bumblebee Batteries’ BeeMax™ is the strongest, most reliable and longest-lasting IMA battery available for your Honda Civic Hybrid. We use new high capacity production cells in all of our BeeMax™ Civic batteries.

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Cost To Replace Civic Hybrid Battery

Cost To Replace Civic Hybrid Battery

Is your Honda Civic battery life running out? If so, you’re looking for a replacement that will give you exceptional longevity. Well, look no further than Bumblebee Batteries. Our inventory of new BeeMax batteries and remanufactured BeeLine batteries is ripe with options that are sure to last your vehicle for a long time. You can trust our expertise, because we not only have professional experience with hybrids – we also have personal experience! As hybrid owners, we want only the best for your vehicle, and our Honda Civic Beamax batteries fit that bill.

Honda Hybrid Used Values Conned By Used Car Dealers

Your options also include our Honda Civic Beamax batteries, which are brand new batteries that are exactly the type you’d expect from the original manufacturers on the market. Within our BeeMax line, you can choose from BeeMax standard batteries—which come with a one-year warranty that can be extended up to three—or BeeMax Performance batteries—which come with a three-year warranty that can be extended up to five. With either option, you can expect to get a replacement battery.

Regardless of whether you live in Gresham, Oregon, local to our shop, or elsewhere, we can provide you with a Beamax battery to keep your Honda Civic back up and running at its best. We do hybrid battery installations in our shop, but we also have a network of shops across the country that facilitate mobile installations. So, wherever you are, you can benefit from the extended longevity provided by our BeeMax batteries.

For more information on the Honda Civic Beamax batteries we offer, contact Bumblebee Batteries today. We want you to experience exactly why we have an A rating on the Better Business Bureau.

The BeeMax™ Hybrid Battery from Bumblebee Batteries not only directly replaces your current Toyota or Honda IMA hybrid battery, but also significantly improves the performance of your hybrid vehicle. Our cells have 25% more flat surface area, allowing for higher capacity and power than a factory installed hybrid battery. Thanks to advances in manufacturing technology, our battery pack can be made more rigid and fit more plate material into the same industrial D-cell battery case.

Honda Malaysia Cuts Hybrid Battery Replacement Prices

The positive and negative collectors have been redesigned to allow approximately 50% more weld points between the plates and collectors. The negative collector is welded to the battery, instead of a pressure contact. This improvement allows for the highest capacity and lowest internal resistance of any hybrid battery cell on the market!

An IMA battery for hybrid vehicles requires 28 to 240 individual NiMH cells. If even one cell has an aberrant discharge rate, it can reduce the performance of the entire battery. Unlike remanufactured batteries that only replace bad cells, the BeeMax™ Hybrid Battery gives you all new high performance cells to ensure the highest possible performance and longevity.

The high quality cells used in the BeeMax™ battery are manufactured using the latest NiMH manufacturing technology for Bumblebee batteries under ISO9002 quality standards. Each cell is analyzed and balanced using Bumblebee’s proprietary 16-bit technology, with extreme cell matching accuracy to ensure they meet our exacting quality and performance specifications.

Cost To Replace Civic Hybrid Battery

For hybrid owners, buying a replacement hybrid battery shouldn’t feel like rolling the dice. Bumblebee replacement hybrid batteries for Honda Insight, Honda Civic Hybrid, Honda Accord Hybrid, Honda CR-Z and Ford Escape Hybrids give you amazing performance and durability and include a fully insured and fully transferable warranty with extended warranty options. Thanks to Bumblebee’s proprietary 16-bit extreme precision smart cell matching technology, the performance and reliability of our BeeMax™ hybrid replacement battery can’t be matched by anyone else.

Ultimate Hybrid Battery Guide 2023

We are happy to provide professional recommendations to improve your driving. What do you think? Call 888-968-5005 or use our helpful contact form to have your questions answered. Be sure to check out our FAQ! With our flat rate mobile installation, our highly trained installers can come to you to replace your hybrid battery at home or at work! Our installers will usually have you back on the road within an hour! Best of all, when you buy a hybrid battery with mobile installation, you don’t have to pay for re-installation if warranty replacement is ever needed!

Batteries purchased through a mobile installation do not require a core deposit, as the installer will take the damaged battery as core.

Cell phone service is available in Tennessee, Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama, and Missouri, as well as in western Kentucky, southern Illinois, southern Indiana, and Louisiana. If we do not currently offer cell phone installation in your state, please call or email us to inquire about other options we may have for you.

Schedule your appointment online with a $300 installation plan deposit and pay for your hybrid battery after your installation is complete!

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Don’t Pay Planning Deposit? Please call (901)677-8008 to schedule over the phone and prepare the year, make, model and mileage of your car.

All batteries purchased through Mobile Installation and those installed in our shop include a free replacement warranty that covers parts and labor. Our hassle-free warranty covers the cost of the hybrid battery, delivery and installation. There are no misleading proportionality guarantees. There are no monthly subscriptions or reactivation fees. No expensive diagnostic fees. If a warranty replacement is ever required, the hidden fees are absolutely zero. Read more about our warranty terms…

Premium remanufactured hybrid batteries with reconditioned original Panasonic battery modules. All battery modules are tested and reconditioned using our proven reconditioning process that guarantees reliability and performance.

Cost To Replace Civic Hybrid Battery

All new Honda hybrid batteries have new battery modules. All battery modules are new and unused batteries. The new hybrid batteries come with a 3-year free replacement warranty, with an additional 2-year warranty available as an option (total 5-year free replacement warranty available).

Honda Civic Inverter

Refurbished premium hybrid batteries ship within 1-3 business days. New hybrid batteries ship within 1-4 business days. A $300 lead deposit will be added back to all orders selected by sea as the delivery method. Once the battery core is returned with a prepaid shipping label, the full core deposit will be refunded. Read more about our shipping policy…

Those who want to install their own battery and avoid the core deposit can pick up an old battery core from the store. In-store purchases are available Monday through Friday by appointment only. Contact us directly… One factor contributing to lower prices is the recent fall in the yen against the ringgit, which has reduced the cost of imported hybrid batteries from Japan.

Honda Malaysia is reducing the cost of hybrid battery replacements by up to 52%, extending the warranty period from five to eight years for all hybrid models, and extending unlimited mileage.

Hybrid owners who purchased their vehicles between January 2011 and May this year are also entitled to the longest warranty in the Malaysian auto industry, according to the automaker.

Civic Hybrid Ima Failure

“We have continuously studied the market and taken into account the feedback of our valued customers,” Honda Malaysia managing director and CEO Yoichiro Uno said in a statement.

“We realized that the two main concerns of consumers when adopting a hybrid vehicle are the life of the hybrid battery and the cost of replacing it. Therefore, we have taken a big step to reduce the cost of hybrid batteries and extend the warranty period. .”

A carmaker can lower the cost of batteries and pass the benefit on to consumers for three main reasons:

Cost To Replace Civic Hybrid Battery

“We have reviewed the total cost of logistics and administrative costs and reduced them by improving the efficiency of our business. Secondly, the price of hybrid batteries is gradually decreasing due to the increase in global hybrid sales and the production of hybrid vehicles. Batteries..

Why Do Hybrid Vehicles Have Two Batteries?

“Furthermore, the recent depreciation of the yen against the ringgit has reduced the cost of importing hybrid batteries, which are fully imported from Japan.”

The Malaysian market for hybrid and energy-efficient vehicles is growing, with Honda dominating the segment with 16,800 Honda hybrids sold as of May 31 and a 50% market share.

Honda has become the first automaker in Malaysia to assemble CKD hybrid models, and once the second line is completed at its Melaka factory, its annual production capacity will reach 100,000 units. Return your old battery. Buy High Voltage Battery Replacement for Honda Civic Hybrid: 18 Months / Unlimited Mile Warranty + Free Shipping

Warranty: 2012-2015 Honda Civic Hybrid Battery Pack with High Capacity Cells for 18 (Eighteen) Months, Unlimited Miles, Original Service Purchased.

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