Convertible Car Seat Reviews Safety

Convertible Car Seat Reviews Safety – This is a Diono Radian RXT Convertible car seat that I am very excited to give away. I am so excited to share my thoughts with you! I hope this review will help you when making the decision to buy your next or first car seat.

Package You have no idea how excited I am for this package to arrive. Luckily it didn’t take long, Diono delivered very quickly! So when he got there, the first thing I said to the postman was, right? I was very surprised at how compact the box was. So little that I picked him up and cursed him! I actually decided to wait for Kenny to get home. When he got home I opened it up expecting to find a bunch of loose parts, but to my surprise there were no loose parts.

Convertible Car Seat Reviews Safety

Convertible Car Seat Reviews Safety

No spare parts for car seats? That’s what I thought too, but the compartment is actually in the back of the car seat – a neat little storage place for everything in the back of the car seat. There’s even a hook to attach the manual, so if you need it on the go, it’s there (so cool!). Ask where my second manual is – I don’t know! Small details like this make all the difference to me. Another little detail I love is the memorabilia found inside. The return label must be filled out and mailed by you so that you can contact me if the product is recalled.

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Yes, I have installed two car seats so far, the Diono is the third and quite sophisticated. The panel is a very simple straight mechanism – check the weight limit when using the hook system. I found the car seat a little heavy for a car seat made for travel, but I managed.

We installed car seats in two different cars, one of which was a Mercedes Benz B series. We ended up losing the front passenger seat to the Diono Radian RXT. I’m about 5’9 and sitting in the front passenger seat was hardly comfortable with the rest of the legroom. When one of Kenny’s friends, who was a local fire captain, checked the car seat, he suggested that there was a gap between the front seat and the car seat where the arms could slide, leaving less room for the remaining passengers. After the B series, we decided to try the car seat (rear) in the BMW X3. This time it was worse, I couldn’t get into the passenger seat. I ended up driving at 5’6 and squeezed Kenny into the passenger seat uncomfortably. We need to solve this problem ASAP.

The reason why the car seat takes up a lot of space is because the recline angle is too far. This is one of my main issues with car seat angles. This is not practical. After a little research, I found out that I need an angle adjuster (sold separately). The angle adjuster is basically a piece of foam that you can buy from Diono’s website. the regulator goes under the car seat and raises the car seat so that the angle is more comfortable. It provides space between the car seat and the passenger seat. I cannot stress enough that unless you drive a car or large vehicle, you will need an angle adjuster if you want to use the back of this seat. However, it has a cavity, the angle adjuster can support the baby’s head independently or sit independently until now.

Guys, I recommend getting the car seat checked at your local fire station to make sure it’s installed correctly. Here in Ontario, some fire departments routinely do car seat installation inspections, and it’s free! You call, make sure they offer this service, and make an appointment to get started. If you check that the car seat is installed correctly, your child is fully protected.

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* Folding car seat – Can be used for 5L – 45L rear facing, 22kg – 65kg and finally converted into a booster seat for 50kg – 120kg children. This is literally the only car seat you should buy. . I wish I had done my research sooner!

* Built with high-quality materials – the Radian RXT is very heavy thanks to its all-steel frame and aluminum-reinforced sides. I also love the fabric they use, the fabric is soft and baby, sensitive skin and I would love to put everything in this car seat.

*Compatibility – This car seat is compact and perfect for travel and storage. It folds perfectly and you can take the car seat with you on the trip and you can buy a strap. It can be completely flat like no other car seat has ever seen. (so good!)

Convertible Car Seat Reviews Safety

* Harness Kings – The Radiant comes with two harnesses, I love this extra detail, I had bought them separately for the car seat before, this is a big plus for me when Felix is ​​still a baby. additional support and comfort.

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* Safety – When I did my research before working with Diono, one of the reasons this car seat appealed to me was the “safety value”.

* Back – Being able to grow Felix’s back up to 45kg is a big deal to me, as is the amount of legroom he has.

* Neck support – Radian’s head support is easily adjustable for Felix. It wasn’t long before he lifted her into a chair because she was cold.

* Angle – I don’t like having to buy my own angle adjuster when I sit in my chair.

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* Space – Can take up a lot of space in the background. Things to consider when driving a small car.

I recommend the Diono Radian RXT Convertible car seat to my children, friends and family. This car seat definitely met my expectations in terms of safety, comfort, materials, durability, portability and its construction. I started my research on the Diono a few months ago, before I could evaluate it myself, I was impressed with its safety rating and read great things about it. The only downside is the loss of space in the car. With that in mind, if your child can sit and support their head independently, I recommend purchasing an angle adjuster. Thank you very much for taking the time to read my review and I hope this review will be helpful when it comes time to make an important purchase for your child.

Diono radian rxt, rxt car seat, replaceable car seat, car seat review, product review, child safety, car seatCommentSpeaks: The triple seat works from birth up to 80 kilos. Holders on the side of the seat keep the handlebar easy to reach. Machine washable and pad dry. Clothes cannot be read (except the smallest letter). good price.

Convertible Car Seat Reviews Safety

Cons: lower weight rating than siblings (Go & Grow). Fewer seats than competitors; if sitting, it takes up a lot of space in the back seat.

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Note: This seat is a smaller and cheaper version of the Safety 1 Go & Grow – the Continuum uses the same shell and base as the Grow & Go, but weighs only 50 pounds. 65 points with a five point suit. grow up and go.

Other differences: The Continuum has only one cup holder, less fabric and no baby/body pillow. You get an easily removable fabric for cleaning and three seats.

We’ve reviewed the Go & Grow, but we’re less enthusiastic about this chair. Our biggest concern is clothes – we compare Go & Grow’s £65 limit with the £50 limit here. Yes, this chair is $20-$40 cheaper, but that’s probably not enough of a price difference to make the sacrifice. On the other hand, if you intend to use a separate baby car seat, the lack of a pillow to support the baby’s body does not matter much.

If you’re sold on every seat and intend to use it from birth, the Safety 1st Go & Grow is a better bet for an extra $20-$40 investment. Grade: B.

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