China Security Doors In Ghana

China Security Doors In Ghana – Our company is a highly professional manufacturer of steel security doors, fire doors, solid wood doors, PVC doors, steel wood doors, stainless steel doors and PVC and aluminum windows in various styles with a collection of design, R&D, production and sales. is known for its quality product at a fairly competitive price. We are distributors in many countries and also suppliers to many agents and projects. In addition, we wholesale with our own warehouse to provide you with a complete set of quality services. OEM is also accepted. We welcome you to contact us for cooperation based on mutual benefits and a bright and successful future!

Detailed Images High Quality Soundproof Ghana Steel Security Door Main Front Israel Security Door For Sale All our products can be customized according to your door or window idea, you can fully customize the design with size, glass, hardware, color, etc. you. The professional door according to your requirement. 1. Lock: Seven-bolt explosion-proof turn lock with cast tungsten steel core. Surface 304 stainless steel drawn panel. 2. Hinge: Super anti-sinking stock hinge, single hinge stock weight 200kg, service life up to 500,000 times. 3. The following file: stainless steel anti-counterfeit folder, weighs 500 kg. 4. Side lock: four-post anti-side diamond side lock. 5. Door frames: Custom, large, wide edge. 6. Guide piece: 1.5mm thick, stainless steel 304. 7. Surface: Antique handmade tools with wood grain. 8.Lock core: Lotus Six Gene spiral cylinder, national patent, high precision six-sided milling machine, difficult to copy. opening direction

China Security Doors In Ghana

China Security Doors In Ghana

Filled with our honeycomb paper filling, polyurethane, fireproof cotton, rockwool or custom

China Factory Luxury High End Security Entrance Steel Door Entry Door Price Ghana Nigeria Hot Sale For Home

We have a mature packing method to ensure that the product is not damaged during transportation. If there are damages, please contact us. and we will send it to you after confirmation.

A. 50% T/T (you need to pay 50% deposit first, the rest 50% paid before delivery, when we finish the window,

1. What is the delivery time? Our delivery time is 25 to 40 days after receiving the deposit. 2. Can customers order different models and colors in one order? Yes, the order can mix colors and models according to your request. 3. Can we get the sample before ordering? What is the trial policy? Clear. The sample is not free, we need to pay some fees. 4. When do you deliver the sample? About 2 weeks or 20 days. 5. Can I try to place the order first? What is the minimum order quantity? Yes, as a first order, we hope that our customers feel that they are not only buying a product, but also high quality service and credible quality. We have no fixed MOQ, according to customers’ budget. 6. Can you make the door according to our drawing? If we can. Customers must send us the drawing, preferably in CAD or PS format. We can analyze whether we can produce or not. 7. What is the standard size of your windows and doors? Our product is the CUSTOMER TEAM. We always produce windows and doors according to the buyer. We will certainly offer our professional suggestions to customers. 8. What are the payment methods? We accept L/C, T/T, Western Union and others.

A. Please tell us wall to wall size and quantity before submitting your inquiry so we can offer you the best price. Any drawing or more details is better. B. Sample fee will be returned to U after placing large order (at least 1*20GP order). C. Accessory samples are FREE, you just need to pay the shipping cost. (Handle, lock, hinge, etc.) D. Order reach 1*40HQ, we will give you a door and 2% accessories for FREE. (10*40HQ container order, 10 doors free). E. If you introduce new customers and make them for us, we will give you a DISCOUNT on your next order. F. We can test any new designs that have not been shown on our website.

High Grade Quality Ghana Steel Indoor Security Doors Safety

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