Cars Similar To Honda Civic Type R

Cars Similar To Honda Civic Type R – If you’re looking for a performance car that can handle a week of track duty and a Costco haul, it’s hard to think of a better tool for the job than a powerful hatchback like the 2018 Honda Civic Type R or 2018 Volkswagen. golf r. The well-known jack of all trades, it combines cargo stability, passenger space, turbocharged power and sport-tuned suspension when you need a car that can do it all.

The Type R is one of the most famous hot hatches and wasn’t even available to American car buyers until last year. Based on the 10th-generation Civic, the Type R hatchback turns the Civic into a track-attack machine, thanks to a 306-horsepower, turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine, a short-range six-speed manual and a unique suspension. Adaptive dimers. With a host of aggressive aerodynamic elements, the Type R looks like it just rolled off the floor of the Specialty Equipment Market Association show.

Cars Similar To Honda Civic Type R

Cars Similar To Honda Civic Type R

In the other corner, with somewhat distinct styling, is Volkswagen’s Golf R. It also started life as a regular hatchback – the four-door Golf – but VW has turned it into a high-performance engine with a 292-hp turbo 2.0-liter. . four-cylinder, six-speed manual and adaptive suspension; A seven-speed dual-clutch automatic is optional, but we only tested the manual Apple-for-apples against the manual Type R. The regular Golf’s front-wheel-drive system is no longer standard four-wheel drive. is on the run.

Honda Civic Type R Makes The Hot Hatch Segment Hot Again

The two hatchbacks share some specifications but represent two different types of what a hot hatch should be. To find out which is the best, reviewers Aaron Bragman, Joe Bruzek and I looked at both performance and practicality, handling, handling, interior quality, trunk space and multimedia system use. With regard to the decision. We also measured acceleration and braking performance at Great Lakes Dragaway in Union Grove, Wis., and South Haven, Mich. In GingerMan Raceway enlisted the help of professional driving instructor Hollie Heiser, where he looked fast on the track. After several days of testing the Golf R and Type R, the key areas emerged where these two pumped-up hatchbacks stood out the most.

The Civic Type R and Golf R use the same suspension technology — front struts, a multi-link rear, and front and rear anti-roll bars — but they feel very different on the 11-turn, 2.14-mile GingerMan tarmac. The Civic Type R offers more grip and better balance, while the Golf R is more nose-heavy with more body roll.

Although the Civic Type R is slower than the Golf R on the straights, the Honda’s quicker cornering pays off to the Golf R’s 115mph on the long back of the track; Halley’s best lap of 1:48.8 in the Solly Type R was around 2 seconds faster than the Golf R’s 1:50.9.

Henley: Wow, that’s fun on the track; From its steering response and brake pedal feel to cornering, the Civic Type R is designed for aggressive heads. Solid high-performance summer tires help the Type R’s performance (the Golf R’s summer tires aren’t too bad), but the Honda also improves cornering power, which is surprising. The Type R is front-wheel drive. And the Golf R has four-wheel drive.

Honda Civic Type R (fl5) Review: The Undisputed King Of Hot Hatches 2024

Bragman: I really wonder how close it would be if the Golf R had aggressive tires like the Civic Type R has. While the Civic is a mess on the track, the Golf is easily the best in my opinion and has more mileage. Better sitting position. What it lacks is the Civic’s sense of directness – its boy-racer character. The Civic feels hungrier to drive than the more refined Golf.

Bruzek: I was asked if the difference in tires will make or break the two. The Continental SportContact 6 in the Civic Type R is just the next generation of the ContiSportContact 5 P found in the Golf R. The Type R’s chassis improves the Golf R’s significantly, with sharper handling and more intuitive steering. Another front wheel drive car – I might even add rear wheel drive in there. The Type R is very natural and begs to be driven hard, and it’s just as happy to get off the track around town as it is on a track like the GingerMan.

When it comes to performance car styling, opinions differ, and the two extremes are on display here: the wild Civic Type R and the lightweight Golf R. We won’t tell you how to design your own – but we will. your way

Cars Similar To Honda Civic Type R

Similar. (Note: Styling doesn’t count toward the overall score, but it’s hard to ignore the stark difference between the looks of the two.)

Honda Civic Type R Review: Better Living Through Technology

MH: In a serious performance car, super-aggressive styling cues make more sense—especially when available, as Honda claims they are on the Type R. That said, Honda’s various other performance-oriented exterior cues—and so on—are. Many of them – above. I hope Honda will somehow modify it a bit (smaller wing, maybe?) to help it look more mature.

AB: I have to admit it: Honda knows its market. And people who buy the Civic Type R will love the way it looks – and are likely to buy it.

As for its looks, well I really can’t blame Honda for making it a bit sweeter. A

However, they are guilty of acting in this way; See all those hexagonal mesh panels on the front and rear bumpers? They are not hollow, they are solid plastic, which means they are purely decorative.

Honda Civic Type R 2023 Ph: Prices, Specs

JB: The Type R is a car I want to drive but not look at – I blame the “Fast and Furious” rear wing. But I’m conflicted, because the rear style without the wing looks out of proportion with the wild front style, but with the wing it’s too much. Honda, why don’t I meet you in the middle?

Manual transmissions are a dying breed, but we still appreciate the level of control and connected feel they offer – especially in performance. The Civic Type R’s stick shift also packs a bit of modern tech wizardry: it has a selective rev-matching function that automatically adjusts engine speed for better downshifts.

MH: The Type R’s six-speed manual is one of the best I’ve driven in a long time. Its throws are very short and it moves between gears with unusual – but remarkably satisfying – mechanical precision. At the same time, the light clutch pedal is a boon for daily driving. There’s something special about a good manual transmission, and the Type R’s stick is the best of them all.

Cars Similar To Honda Civic Type R

AB: Honda has always had great manual transmissions in its sports models, and the Civic Type R is no exception — it’s a real joy to drive, one of those units that reminds you why you drive a stick in the first place. It gives the car a much more engaging drive than an automatic or a dual-clutch or paddle shifter, and I’m glad you can get the Type R with a stick. This will keep the manual alive for a while.

Honda Civic Type R Fl5 In Singapore

JB: I’m not a “save the manuals” guy like Mike and Aaron, but mostly because not all manuals are as good as the Type R. The car’s available dual-clutch gearbox seems to make easy use of the engine’s power and torque. With clutch and gear vagueness, the VW’s manual doesn’t come across as a high-performance stick-shift car, but any high-performance ‘shifts pale in comparison to the Type R’s sophisticated parts.

Trimming fit for the track usually doesn’t make sense for daily commuting – especially if you drive on roads (like ours) that aren’t the best for maintenance. The Civic Type R and Golf R’s adaptive dampers fill this division with varying strengths – and varying degrees of success.

MH: Both hatchbacks have adaptive suspension technology, but the Golf R’s street handling is better than the Type R’s thanks to its more forgiving Comfort mode. This is another way the Golf R’s biggest overall modification has to do with the Type R’s maturity.

AB: Honda has shown that the “Civic” isn’t quite a “decent” sport, but again, I don’t fault it for what it is: exactly what customers want. The Golf R is very nice, refined and livable with a heated hatch. Unlike the Civic, the VW’s stability can be further lowered, allowing for perfectly pleasant yet sporty comfort on city trips.

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SEE: The Golf R is the king of comfort, which is fitting given that it’s not as visceral as the Type R when the steering wheel is turned up. The Type R isn’t invincible, but it shows

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