Best And Cheapest Cell Phone Plans For Seniors

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We plan to test Google’s iPhone 15 and Pixel 8 once they’re released, and we’ll update this guide with our results soon.

Best And Cheapest Cell Phone Plans For Seniors

Best And Cheapest Cell Phone Plans For Seniors

For seniors, choosing a cell phone is not one-size-fits-all. We talk to people in their 70s and 80s who can’t wait to try out the latest smartphones with high-megapixel cameras. We also talked to people who loved the simplicity of the most basic phones of the 60s.

Best Cell Phone Plans For Seniors

After testing 15 models, we recommend two full-featured smartphones, a simplified smartphone, a phone for people with dementia or memory problems, and a non-simple smartphones. They all offer unique safety, health and accessibility features that many seniors and caregivers will appreciate.

I have been reporting on health issues for almost three decades, mainly in the area of ​​aging and health for the last 10 years. I write stories about health, mental health and age technology as they relate to seniors for Time, Fortune and other major online and print publications. I spoke with consumer technologists, manufacturers, and aging and disability experts. I consulted with seniors and caregivers across America about making the phone “friend-friendly.” I am also a family caregiver and have previously researched and purchased a phone for parents with dementia and vision loss.

I read clinical studies and talked to researchers about the benefits of cell phones for seniors and their families. These benefits include helping to alleviate loneliness and isolation, allowing a person to maintain a sense of independence, and providing caregivers with more peace of mind.

Many of the phones we tested are great for people of any age and with disabilities who need phones with accessibility features.

Best Cheap Cell Phone Plans

We also consider the cell phone purchasing needs of family caregivers to help seniors stay connected, get emergency help, and maintain independence.

The phone offers a large, easy-to-read screen and has some of the most robust health and safety features, including offline SOS and plenty of handy options available in our picks. But it is expensive.

Who it’s for: Any adult who’s comfortable with technology and willing to spend more for a smartphone that has the accessibility features and health and safety features of all the phones we tested.

Best And Cheapest Cell Phone Plans For Seniors

The iPhone 14 Plus has a large screen, but is relatively light. People with small hands or poor grip strength may find it difficult to grip. Image: Mark Williams

Cheap Cell Phone Plans

The Apple iPhone 14 Plus is the standard smartphone, with a large screen, long-lasting battery and many important features adapted to the needs of the elderly. This is one of the iPhones that we recommend for most people.

It has important health and safety features. Of all the phones we tested, the iPhone 14 Plus has everything from crash detection (which automatically contacts emergency services if you’re in a car accident) to offline emergency SOS via GPS ( which allows you to connect to emergency services even if you are not near a cell tower). This phone’s built-in health app has more monitoring options than the apps on all the phones we tested.

It has new and customizable accessibility features. iPhone 14 Plus has features and options that allow people with hearing, vision or dexterity impairments to use the phone:

It has a large screen and is quite light. Compared to the rest of the iPhone 14 line, the iPhone 14 Plus hits the sweet spot, offering a larger screen (6.7 inches) and slightly lighter weight (7.16 ounces).

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It has a good camera. The iPhone 14 Plus has two cameras – one for taking normal photos and the other for taking wide-angle photos. It takes some of the best photos we’ve seen, even in low light. Both the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max add a telephoto lens to the mix, but the size, weight, and price of this phone precludes the lens; This camera should be adequate for most photography situations.

It has strong privacy protection. Apple’s privacy protection and information sharing options are among the best available. Options include blocking ad and email tracking, blocking location sharing, customizing app permissions, and blocking Safari trackers.

The call quality is very good. And the conversation enhancement feature helps eliminate background noise—important for anyone, including those who use hearing aids or are hard of hearing. Calls our testers made and received with the speakerphone were clear and loud.

Best And Cheapest Cell Phone Plans For Seniors

Samsung’s latest phone offers a large, clear screen and quality health, safety and accessibility features. But it’s the most expensive Android phone we’ve tested.

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Who it’s for: Adults who are comfortable with the Android ecosystem and are looking for a smartphone with a great camera and lots of health, safety and accessibility features.

The Samsung Galaxy S23 + is relatively large, so the screen is easy to read. But those with small hands or less strength may find it uncomfortable to hold. Image: Mark Williams

Samsung Galaxy S23+ is the number one smartphone. It has the best screen we’ve seen on an Android phone and one of the highest resolution cameras available. It comes pre-installed with more health and safety features than any other Android phone. But it’s the most expensive Android option we’ve tested.

It has pre-installed security features. The Galaxy S23+ comes with pre-installed security apps that allow others to track the user’s location. Scheduled security checks will trigger an alert to the user and they will then send an OK confirmation; If not, he will contact the emergency services and a designated contact within a certain period. This app is included with other Android models and is a feature that differentiates Android phones from iPhones.

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It has many access options. This phone doesn’t have the same access options as the iPhone 14 Plus, but offers several important features: an “interaction and dexterity” environment (useful for anyone who needs to replace -type on keyboard with touch), voice-. Control capabilities and visual and auditory enhancements (including text-to-speech and audio options). Like the iPhone 14 Plus, you can customize the display and text size on the Galaxy S23+. Bixby’s voice assistant can control apps, send texts, make calls and call for emergency help (we found it to be more accurate than Apple’s Siri, but requires Samsung’s cloud service).

It has a big super sharp screen. Of all the Android phones we’ve tested, this phone’s 6.6-inch screen is the sharpest, and it’s even sharper than the iPhone 14 Plus. This is especially useful for people who have trouble reading small type sizes.

It has excellent call quality and volume. In our tests, the call quality of the Galaxy S23 + is very good, and the speaker volume is the same as the iPhone 14 Plus. However, if you have any hearing loss, you may want to consider enabling some hearing-improving features, such as dialogue amplification or adaptive volume (which detects the appropriate volume level based on your age). Or you can create a customized volume to suit your listening ability.

Best And Cheapest Cell Phone Plans For Seniors

This reasonably priced model is for seniors who want a simple smartphone that offers simple navigation but doesn’t require downloading additional apps. It also offers a 24/7 emergency monitoring option.

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Who it’s for: Seniors who want a simplified smartphone with more health and safety options and don’t mind paying a premium for access to live agents.

The popular Lively Jitterbug Smart3 uses text menus to make phone navigation easier for someone who wants a simplified smartphone. We think it might work well for some people with memory or vision impairments.

It is easy to use. Text-based navigation makes configuration very easy. Selecting additional features is as easy as tapping a list of functions: “Phone Calls,” “Text Messages,” “Camera,” “Web Browser,” or “Maps .” Menus are well labeled with large, easy-to-read type; This eliminates the difficulty of reading what different icons mean or the name of an icon.

It uses voice commands. Audio and voice features help you make and receive calls and messages. This is useful for a visually impaired person or any user who prefers to speak rather than type.

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It provides additional health and safety services. This phone calling plan includes options for additional health and safety services. These services—which include 24/7 emergency response and help with everything from medical emergencies to calling a locksmith—start at around $25 a month, as of this writing. For an additional fee, you can upgrade to receive additional services, including phone access to an on-call nurse and care coordinator, and personal concierge service (which helps you for tasks such as booking a ride-sharing service, searching for phone numbers, etc.). . , giving driving directions or making calls). The service is included as part of Lively’s premium health and safety package.

This phone is specially designed

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