Antique Chess Sets For Sale In India

Antique Chess Sets For Sale In India – Has a long association with chess. The current (500 years) version of chess is related to an earlier version called Shatranj, which appeared in Indian language around the 6th century AD. C., which in turn is believed to have originated from an earlier game called Chaturanga. India had the materials and skilled craftsmen to make beautiful things, and chess games were a natural fit.

The British East India Company established itself in India in the early 16th century and controlled much of India by the late 17th century. Many goods were manufactured in India and exported to Europe (mainly Great Britain) to meet demand. The low cost of skilled labor in India has allowed goods to be priced competitively.

Antique Chess Sets For Sale In India

Antique Chess Sets For Sale In India

Most Indian sets available to collectors date from the mid-18th century. Most of these collections are targeted and designed for the export market, where demand is high. This influenced the designs and themes of the sets.

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Most of the sets made in the 18th and 19th centuries were decorative ivory carved sets. They were produced in relatively large quantities. A much smaller number of figure sets were also released.

Many of these kits feature pieces made from multiple pieces that are twisted and carved to form the whole piece. This helped to reduce material costs through less wastage of expensive ivory compared to labor costs. Note that most English kits are also made this way, but English kits tend to have longer actual screws, and this can be helpful when trying to determine the provenance of a hard-to-sort kit. Most of the Indian sets are made of Indian ivory, rather than the African ivory used in the predominantly European sets*.

Identifying, naming and identifying the exact region of origin of Indian collections is not an exact science. Much of the current information appears to be based on a minimal amount of data. Below is my opinion based on what the major reference books show and my own observations from seeing and editing dozens of these collections over the past two decades. If you have further evidence regarding the provenance and timing of the collections below, please email me and I will update the article and link to you if you wish.

I believe that the set below is one of the earliest Indian export sets that may have been produced

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Mid to late 18th century. These sets are very well turned and carved and are not overly ornate like some 19th century sets. Also, all the parts are in perfect proportion to each other. King is 5 inches tall. The opposite side is green.

Play set (king 5.5 inches). Note the fluted balusters in each section and the delicate proportion of the pieces to each other. The reverse side is painted black, which is more common than red in the 18th century. When evaluating one of these sets, look for good, delicate fit and consistent quality.

Auction house), you can see some shape similarities between this set and the first two sets shown. I don’t think these kits are as well made or proportioned as the previous ones, the base never seems big enough. to me, given the height of the cuts, and the decoration is a bit mechanical. The next set was probably produced at the same time as the first two sets shown and was originally more expensive due to the additional decoration. The set below is also green and natural. Green and natural sets are slightly more valuable, as red and white sets are more common.

Antique Chess Sets For Sale In India

Below is an example of an article entitled “Pepys”. The title comes from a similar collection believed to belong to the 17th-century English diarist Samuel Pepys. Again, there seems to be no solid evidence for this. The collection below is from the early 19th century. This example is about 6 inches tall. Collections of this style were extremely rare, hence the high prices.

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Another high-end model is called Kashmir/Berhampur. I have seen no evidence that these sets were made in these areas

. Note that these sets are well carved and carefully drilled, with beveled edges on the bases. Because these assemblies have some protruding points, they are often damaged and require major repairs.

The most common Visapapatam sets were made in the mid-19th century and are made of several different materials: ivory painted ivory, ivory and sandalwood, ivory and horn (see horn pieces below). Sometimes they are sold with ivory game boxes and pen-and-ink product packaging. They are good presentation items, but usually the sets are not as nice or large as the ones shown above.

The English-Indian set below is closer to the inspiring English sets. This makes sense given the target market. The set below includes a 4-inch king. You will see them sold in English, the boldly carved knight’s heads being a hallmark of Indian sets, indicating that English sets of this size and type often have well-carved knights. .In general, these sets are more valuable than the complex sets shown above.

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Indian Muslim ensembles do not have figurative images as it is against the Muslim religion to create images/objects that represent living beings. These sets come in various shapes and some may be decorated with gold-plated geometric patterns. They’ve been around for a long time, so it can be hard to find quotes. The collection below is more modest from the 19th century.

Generally, all of these types have variations and no two sets are ever the same. Sizes and quality also vary, with larger sets generally performing better.

I think these sets are still undervalued given their age and size of quality, but prices have started to rise significantly in recent years as the number of games available has drastically decreased.

Antique Chess Sets For Sale In India

The more kits you process, the easier it will be to determine the quality of each kit you offer. You can still get a good quality Vizagapatam kit with 5 inch actual pounds for £2000-3000. From fancy antique shops.

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In the 20th century, smaller sets of lower quality were produced. They should be avoided as much as possible. Bone replicas of Indian collections from the 18th and 19th centuries are being made today and are available at reasonable prices. However, the quality of work is not the same as in previous collections. Be careful, I have seen several sets of copies sold in the 19th century.

OK, now for something a little more controversial, I think Indian craftsmen may have been responsible for some of the sets that used to be called Burmese and were made in Canton, China. The following two sets are examples of the ‚¬Å“BurmeseâƒÂ¢â€šÂ¬Ã‚ pattern. The first one was probably released

, drawings, ivory boxes, etc. considering the style of pierced ivory carving and decoration seen in other Chinese ivory works such as I think the second one was made in India and was inspired by the first collection. I think the carving and surface treatment is Indian. These sets are usually valued for their quality and size, so their provenance has little bearing on their values ​​today. In my opinion, the big Indian replicas are far superior in quality and finish.

Also made in India. I thought Indian manufacturers make kits in any fancy way

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, so when Chinese objects are in vogue, they make sets based on existing Chinese sets. I look forward to receiving emails about this to prove me wrong. In recent years, the prices of these collections have skyrocketed. These are very attractive sets and the larger ones are usually well made with well designed heads. They were produced in much smaller quantities than the Burmese sets.

Most of them were designed as decorative items and never meant for gaming. They are much rarer than games. Construction techniques vary, some are carved from a single material, while others are basic figures attached to bases. These kits were initially expensive compared to most playsets due to the amount of material required and the extensive sculpting.

John Seth, a slang word for ‘John’, was used to describe an East India Company soldier.

Antique Chess Sets For Sale In India

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