Antique Chess Pieces For Sale

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14″ Brass Chess Table Set – Classic Hand Engraved Soviet Chess Pieces in Velvet Storage Case – Vintage Antique Chess for Gift – Gift for Her

Antique Chess Pieces For Sale

Antique Chess Pieces For Sale

The Classic Engraved Chess Set is a masterpiece among all artistic brass chess sets because of its elegant modern design as the name suggests and the hand engraving of the chess pieces and chess pieces made by expert craftsmen for this form special art – highlighting the gold. background. cut from a black base.

Jaques Staunton Chess Set, Circa 1900

The chess and board are both stored in a velvet storage box, making it very presentable as a great gift for a chess enthusiast/lover.

DESIGN: Hand carved on each square and GRANDE – ELEPHANT HAND carved on each square (takes 5 hours for one square)


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Souvenir Chess Sets From Yugoslavia

Very nice! Really pleased with the quality. Delivery was super fast! Customer service was excellent. The packaging was bulletproof. I cannot fault this purchase in any way. Thank you 🙏

COMBO 4″ Rosewood Gold Staunton Chess Pieces OVERSIZE, Weighted with Extra Queen and 50mm Rosewood Gold Chessboard-

Shipping may have taken a while (he can’t control that), but it was worth the wait! Beautifully made and durable. excellent craftsmanship

Antique Chess Pieces For Sale

LOADING WORKS Combination 16″ Folding Wooden Chess Board and 4″ Red White Camel Bone Chess Set

Best Vintage Chess And Backgammon Sets For Collecting, Playing

A great plate that matches a set of pieces purchased a few weeks ago. High quality, legacy. This set will be enjoyed for generations.

21″ and 23″ Redbud Rosewood and Flat Maple Chessboard 60mm Square Cross Border Giant Handcrafted Oversized Chessboard.

A well made travel kit at an affordable price. Nice, but not so fancy that you wouldn’t take it for a ride.

Staunton Chess Men Handcrafted Gold Rosewood Drawer Flat Wooden Magnetic Chess Board Set + Storage + Custom

Antique Chess Sets For Sale

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Antique Chess Pieces For Sale

Brass Chess Set Modern Classic Series SILVER & COPPER ANTIQUE POLISH KING: 3.9″ Solid Brass Chess Piece | Chess Gift for Him Advertisement by ChessNcraftsIndia Advertisement by ChessNcraftsIndia Store ChessNcraftsIndia Chess2.

Vintage Boxed Set Of Wooden Chess Pieces

Metal Chess Set 14″ ART DECO Designer King 4″ Chess Pieces with Chessboard Modern Home Decor Chess Gift Box and Advertisement by ChessNcraftsIndia Advertisement by ChessNcraftsIndia Shop ChessNcraftsIndia By ChessNcraftsIndia Retail SGD54.

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Buy Reproduced 1880s 90s Circa Lasker Staunton Pattern Antique Chess Set In Ebony / Boxwood

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Antique Chess Pieces For Sale

Personalized advertising may be considered “selling” or “sharing” information under the privacy laws of California and other states, and you may have the right to opt out. By opting out of personalized advertising, you can exercise your right to opt out. Learn more in our Privacy Policy, Help Center and Policy on Cookies and Related Technologies. Why are kits repaired? Having a 32 piece in good condition is generally what collectors and the casual buyer want, they may never use a set but want it complete so it serves its academic purpose, this also goes to the perfectionism that many buyers have (Jaques collectors are very picky for example!). A complete set is worth much more than 31 partial parts. Sets in good condition command a premium over sets showing damage or loss. As mentioned elsewhere on this page, keeping 32 parts together for many years and not getting damaged is a difficult task. As a result, if you see a number of antique sets for sale from a seller that are all in perfect condition, it’s safe to say that some of them have been restored. In general, the more visible and extensive a kit’s repair, the greater the effect it has on the set value.

Buy Reproduced French Regency Chess Pieces In Bud Rosewood & Boxwood Online

So you find an antique set that is complete and you are interested in buying it. Here the problem is for you to try to determine the amount of repair that is present in the kit – this can be determined by the seller or by your own visual inspection. Of course, you can’t take the seller’s word for it (either because he’s not telling you the truth, or because he doesn’t really know if a repair was done by one of the previous owners).

One way to reduce the risk that your inspection will miss work that has been done or substitutions made is to inspect each part individually and check that the shape, size and color are consistent between parts. If possible, do this inspection in good natural light as this will increase your chances of spotting repairs and especially shade differences between parts.

It should be noted of course that in first batches and those made by local turners without advanced lathes there will be some variation in shape and size between parts, this is not unusual. But for 19th-century chess sets originally used in professional workshops, any significant difference between the pieces should be cause for concern.

Even when there is complete consistency in shape, size and color between pieces, this does not necessarily guarantee the complete authenticity of all work, but would at least indicate that any changes made are of a high standard and therefore more acceptable. .

Small Lund Antique Chess Set With Draughts

So what kind of damage do collectors typically experience? Here, in ascending order of severity, are the main problems found in bone, ivory and wood play sets;

This is not a problem as it can be cleaned – however care must be taken not to over clean and thereby remove the patina accumulated over the centuries. This is especially true of very old carved polychrome groups where any cleaning can remove the original colours, the set of carved sea figures (c. 1750) below is an example of a group where little or no cleaning should be attempted.

Of course this can happen over time and in some cases it can make a set more attractive, it generally does not affect the value of the set. The Burmese set (circa 1850) shown below shows some fading, especially on the tower flags and bishops’ faces.

Antique Chess Pieces For Sale

It is true that from the handling of the items, the stain has worn away in spots that expose the natural ivory or bone. Again, this is perfectly normal and as consistency across the set can help show that all parts are original to the set. The Old English ivory set (circa 1800) shown shows uniform wear throughout.

Antique Chess Set With Hand Made Multiple Wood Inlay Game Board

The deep cracks that separate some of the pieces are a serious condition problem and almost impossible to fix.

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